8 proven tips to Speed up android phone

Is your android running slow? Want to speed up your android? You can Speed up android phone if you follow some tips. It is a known fact that every device will become slow after using some days or months or years. There are too many reasons to make your android slow.

In this tutorial, I am going to discuss each reason and their solution to Speed up the android phone. If you follow these steps, you must Speed up the android phone. But remember, “old is old”. Old mobile never get’s speed like new mobile. You can only improve the speed.

Speed up android phone

1. Clear cache

Not enough cache memory, is the first reason to make android slow. Clearing cache memory is very important to keep up your device speed. Use CCleaner app.


You can set it to clear cache automatically for one hour. Set it once, it will clear cache memory every hour and keeps cache memory available.

Screenshot Image

Once you install the app, open the app icon. Go to the settings from the top right corner. Set “Automatic cleaning” to on. It will clear the cache automatically.

2. Use Antivirus


Any device becomes slow because of the virus. I can suggest you to use Avast. You can use the free version. It also gives an anti-theft feature in the free version.  You can download Avast mobile security from the play store.

3. Increase internal memory

When you have less internal memory, your phone will become slow. To free up internal memory, You need to,

  • Uninstall unnecessary apps.
  • Move installed apps from internal phone memory to external SD card.
  • Move photos, videos and any other stuff from internal memory to external memory.

I have earlier covered about above three tips in details.

4. Don’t use live wallpaper or live widgets

Live wallpaper and live widgets consume your phone resources like RAM, cache, and processor. So it will cause us to slow down mobile. You don’t have to use live wallpaper or widget. Just use any image as wallpaper and use only necessary widgets.

5. Close Unnecessary running apps and free up RAM

Even if you close the app, there is a chance that the app will run in the background. They will consume RAM. You can close these apps manually.

  • Go to settings
  • Select Apps.
  • Select the “Running Apps” tab.
  • Select any unnecessary app and tap on “stop”.

Immediately you can see available RAM.

6. Disable data,wi-fi,bluetooth,auto sync, gps and any other unnecessary feature

If you keep the above features on, they not only affect mobile speed, they will also consume battery. Keep them off. You can enable them when you need them. You can use Battery Booster Lite app. It will give you a simple widget. With a single touch, you can enable and disable all the features.

7. Update android

If your mobile suitable for to latest android version, you can update it to the latest version. The latest version always has better features. And it must improve speed. Before updating, it is best to take a backup of your phone.

If you want to update follow below steps.

  • Go to settings.
  • Go to “About Phone”. Here you can see which version you are using.
  • Select “Software Update”.  It will update your software when your mobile supports the latest version.

8. Reset to factory settings

If the above steps fail to improve your android speed. The final step is, you need to reset its factory settings. Make sure before going to reset, you must take a backup of your phone. Because you will lose everything on your mobile. To reset the phone follow the below steps.

  • Go to settings from your apps menu.
  • Select “Backup & Reset” option.
  • Select “Factory data reset”. It will erase everything and it must improve speed.

Note: Based on the mobile phone company and versions you may find slight changes in the name of that option.

format factory

Thanks for reading my article about Speed up the android phone. If you know any other methods to Speed up android phone, please let us know in the comments section. If you like this article, do me favor by sharing it with your friends.

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