Top 5 Best Free File Sharing Sites To Send Large Files

Want Best free file sharing sites to transfer larger files? We recently curated a list of Top 5 File Sharing Programs and some of you requested us to cover the top 5 Best free file sharing sites as well. As you certainly know that file-sharing sites are a great way to store and share files. Gone are those days where you need to buy external hard drives to store your files and constantly worrying what if it stops working suddenly. If it stops working, then you would be in big trouble, right? File Sharing Sites solves the problem, just upload and forget worrying about it. Your files are safe with them and some offer encryption as well in case if you are storing confidential data.

Every free service has a certain limitation. No free service supports a huge file size. When you want to share larger files, We always recommend using the premium File-sharing site iDrive(75% Discounted link). When you don’t want to spend money, then you can try these free file sharing sites.

As mentioned above there are dozens of file-sharing sites out there, which makes it even more difficult to find the best one. You can find a wide variety of features which differ between sites. We went through all the trouble of trying the best file sharing site out there and make a list of “Top 5 File sharing Sites”. The ranking is giving according to the ease of use and features of the program. In case if you are using any of the mentioned software then do let us know your experience via comments below.

Top 5 Best free file sharing sites

As mentioned above we covered a recent article, We covered paid software in that one. So we thought of making a list with better alternatives. Free doesn’t mean useless or unworthy. They are great sites backed by real companies that offer you data protection with the help of their complex algorithms and encryption. These free file sharing sites are must-try ones if you don’t want to shell a monthly or yearly subscription. They offer great storage options and features which is a great thing as well. So let’s dive into our guide on Top 5 free file sharing sites.

#1.Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular file-sharing sites from the search engine giant themselves. It comes bundled with your Gmail so there is no need to create a separate account which is a great thing. They offer 15 GB of free file storage which is more than enough for normal day to day users. In case if you want to store more data then you can buy their plans which offers unlimited data as well.

Google Drive

One of the great features is that you can simply share the documents or files with your friends to their Gmail address. The files get shared to their drive account instantly. You can even allow the content of the files and keep track who made those changes if the file is shared with multiple users. If you want to keep your file private then you can do that as well. As it is from Google you can get industry standard protection for your files.



We covered DropBox many times on our site and we don’t hesitate to recommend once again. If you are an individual and looking to store your files on the cloud then DropBox is a viable option. DropBox is helping users to store their files and help them with their pc backup as well. The only thing we didn’t notice is end-to-end encryption which is necessary for today’s standards.

The most loved feature of DropBox is “Sync”. You can sync files between computers and another interesting thing is that you can edit any doc which is being synced between computers. It will get updated automatically on all computers in an instant. So there is no need to inform your friend that you made a change to a file. So don’t forget to give DropBox a try.


4Shared is one of the oldest file-sharing sites in the market. It is free to use and one of the most used as well. 4Shared lets you store all kinds of files ranging from music to those heavy zip files. It has a huge database of files that you can search for as well. You can make your files private so that they aren’t indexed in their search engine. We found many old movies which aren’t available on other sites.


If you are running any site and want to host download files, then 4Shared is a great option. They offer many features so that users can embed their download links on forums and websites. Anyone with the file link can download the files easily without any hassles. They have a trending page as well which shows you trending apps, music, Video & Books.


MediaFire is the oldest file-sharing site similar to 4Shared. In a way, you can say they are friends who have grown together. MediaFire is a more polished version of what it is in past. It came a long way with many changes to its UI and options. It makes a great free file sharing site as well. They offer 10GB of storage which can store all your documents without any issues. They also offer unlimited downloads as well.


Unlimited Downloads for you and anyone which means you can download all the files anytime you want without any restrictions or wait times. In case if you don’t want to allow repetitive download, then you can use their one-time link feature which will only work for the recipient. You can upload a file with a maximum size of 4GB and total upload space is 10 GB which is great for day to day usage.


iCloud is from Apple and is one of the best file-sharing software. It also supports document sharing across all devices and is accessible from anywhere. The site requires an Apple ID and password to access the files and iCloud enables automatic downloads in your Windows Explorer when the iCloud for Photos and iCloud for Windows is enabled. It offers sophisticated security features as well to ensure the security of the device.



Google Drive is the best among free file sharing sites. If you need to store or share a larger number of files, then you must go with the premium file-sharing site iDrive(75% discounted link).

These are our top picks for the “Top 5 Best free file sharing sites”. Hope this article helped you to choose the best one. In case if you are using any other service then do let us know via comments below. Don’t forget to share the article on Facebook & Twitter. And don’t forget to follow whatvwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more tips.

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