How to Password protect folder or files with IObit Protected Folder?

Want to Password protect your folder or your files? You can use much free and premium software to protect your files. Because if you don’t want to share information in your document then you need to protect that file or folder with a password. To protect files with passwords you need to use some software. That software available for free and some you need to buy. Want to know what is the best software for protecting files?

In this article, I am going to show you How to protect a folder or file with a password with help of the IObit Protected folder. With this, you can get all the details about IObit Protected Folder.

Why Should I protect files?

If you are the only person who uses your computer, you need not protect files. If more than one user uses the computer, then it is better to protect your important files with a password. So that no one can access your personal files without the password. You can hide files using Windows built-in options. But anyone can unhide the files. If you password protect folder or file, no one can see or read copy or delete your files.

What is IObit Protected folder?

IObit protected folder(25% Discounted link) is a premium software with a simple interface. If you don’t want to spend money to protect your files, you must read,

Let’s come back to my review. Always free software and services come with limited features and support. Premium software provides you good features and support also.

It comes with the free version also, but that will give you only 20 free trials. If you want to use this software you must buy it.


  • You can hide your files.
  • You can deny read access which will stop running, copying and reading of your files.
  • You can deny write access which will stop moving, modifying and deleting your files. You can use all three options or any one of them.
  • You can add any file to its exclude list.

How to Password protect folder with IObit Protected Folder?

Buy IObit protected folder through this 25% discounted link. Install the software. Immediately it will ask you to create your password. Enter the complex password. Re-enter the password and enter the password hint. It is best to create a complex password. When it becomes tough to maintain passwords and creating complex passwords, use the sticky password(85% discounted link – lifetime license) the best password manager which provides you password generator option also.

Protect folder

Register with your purchased license code using the option at the left bottom.

Click Options at the top right corner to change the options. You can change the options according to your need. Or you can leave them as it was. It is better to disable the Hide option. Anyone can see the file, but cannot open the file without the password. If you hide the file, even you can not see the file in your file Explorer, but you can see and access the file inside the Protected Folder software client.

protected folder options

Now you can drag and drop any file or folder to protect. Or you can use Add option to add the file.

After adding the files or folders close the window.

How to view or unlock locked files?

You can see your locked files in two ways.?

  1. Right click on the locked folder if you disabled Hide option. Select Unlock by Protected Folder.
unlock files using protected folder

It will ask you to enter the password. Enter the password to unlock the file.

2) Open Protected Folder desktop client. Enter the password. Select the file or folder to unlock. Select Unlock.

unlock file with protected folder


IObit Protected Folder (25% Discounted link) is definitely the best protection software for your files and folders.

  • Simple Interface.
  • Less priced.
  • No Lifetime license.
  • The Free version is useless.

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IObit Protected Folder


It is the best protection software.

  • Performance
  • Interface
  • Price
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