7 Best Ways to Transfer Files From PC to PC

Want to Transfer files from PC to PC? Sharing Files is always a necessary feature for all devices including Computers. Reasons may be many such as someone wants to transfer files from his old to a new computer and some other want to share the files with his friends through computer and more.Anyway, Sharing of files is much easier now.

For Example, I love traveling and so I had thousands of pictures while traveling which are safely stored in one of my friends PC.Someday I gifted a computer myself and thought to have that complete data on my desktop.Yes, there are many sharing services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and iDrive(75% Discounted Link) which consumes both data and time.Moreover one needs to download all without a fail, Right?

No matter how much data is to be transferred, One wants to do it in no time without losing any part of the data.There are a number of software and methods which help in sharing files between computers and following are some of the traditional methods which were popularly known to all. According to our experience, this list was at its best.

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Methods to Transfer files from PC to PC

Here are some of the more popular and easier ways to transfer files between two computers in no time.

1.Using External Storage

Probably this was the way most people do.It’s so simple, Pin a pen drive to your friend’s computer and copy the necessary data.Pin the same storage device using ports to your computer and paste the copied data.

Using a Pen drive / Hard disk or any external storage device is similar.The only things involved in this method is ,

  • How much data is to be transferred and did our storage is good enough!
  • Copy Paste

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One can use any depending on the size of Data.This is also a quick process but does remember the speed decreases for transferring large bytes of data.

harddisk and pendrives

2.Using Transfer cables

Using Disks and drives takes time as copying and pasting are involved. Data need to be transferred between 3 disks for above method.Transfer cables reduce the time and work here.

If you are willing to share with a window-window computer, then getting a transfer cable would be better.Simply connect the PC’s using a transfer cable and share the files.PC’s with Same ports or with USB Port 3.0 works faster.

It’s same with Mac Users too which can be done with Apple cables.Get a Mac Supported Cable instead of windows One.

transfer cables

One need a crossover Ethernet cable to share files between Windows And Mac Or Linux 

3.Using Online Sharing Services

online cloud services

It’s not that necessary to add this to the list. This Method involves Uploading, Sharing and Downloading which usually consumes a lot a data and time as well.Moreover, you must need a good working Internet Connection.Google Drive, Dropbox, and iDrive(75% Discounted link) are some of the examples.Usually, these are used to share files between group members and so it’s not suggested for One-One Transfer.Ignore it.

(Not recommended for any in this case)

4.Sending Files via FTP

share files with ftp

Sharing Files via FTP is an Old Working Method which is more similar to email working.This Process might be a bit messy for the beginners as transferring through FTP is like having a private cloud. To be frank its a bit technical and Beginners can stay away if you don’t mess with technical stuff.

5.Windows Work Group

windows work group

Windows Work Group, You might remember it as the most technical messy thing in past.But somehow Microsoft managed to simplify the process to transfer between windows computers.This method is widely used in Home and small networks.It’s More simple Now.

  • Search For HomeGroup using Windows default search
  • Create a HomeGroup and allow the permissions according to need.
  • It displays a password which is to be shared with the other computers.
  • Start Sharing between the home and small networks on Windows computers.

6.Sending Files via Bluetooth


I think we used it in smartphones Right in 2000’s! Nowadays most of the devices are included with inbuilt Bluetooth feature and hope it wasn’t the most unused feature which is a good sign too.Yes, one can transfer files between computers using Bluetooth Feature

Remember, Both computers must be included with the Bluetooth feature and the fact is sharing via Bluetooth is really slow when compared to all methods.

Bluetooth enable settings may vary depending upon the devices and this method of transfer is not recommended in any case.

7.Sharing Files using Softwares

Bluetooth was the only method to transfer file in smartphones then.However a lot of apps like share it came into existence by solving the problems with Bluetooth.Most of these software works well with all Operating systems and best of them are as follows.

7.1.Share it


One of the most popular software by Lenovo group to transfer files in no time.More might use this to transfer files between your Android and computer.Surprisingly it works well for sharing between two computers.

It had a simple and straightforward interface.The PC’S must be connected.

  • Install SHAREit application on both PC’s
  • After installation, Open the application and click on “Connect to pc” (Connect to a computer to which you need to send).
  • Accept the request in another computer.
  • Once Connected, You are ready to share.

Sadly, It was not available for Mac.



Feem is second on our list which has capable of transferring files in less time period.It’s an add supported software which has a good security policy.It works on all devices and operating systems.Moreover, it shares files by enabling hotspot on its own.

  • All transferred files are encrypted with TLS.
  • No role of other servers.
  • Computers must be on the same network.
  • Install feem on both PC’s and they can detect each other automatically.
  • Uses Drag and Drop which is pretty awesome.

The free version is limited to devices and Detecting PC takes time.

7.3.Any Send

Any Send is more similar to Feem. It uses Wifi to share files between computers and It is currently unavailable for iOS version.

  • launch any spend on both systems.
  • Copy Required files and folders.
  • Open Any spend from the address bar and share with other PC.
  • Accept the files on Other PC and you are done.

It is a bit slow when compared to above software methods.

7.4.EaseUS Todo PCTrans

EaseUS Todo PCTrans

EaseUs Todo PCTrans is free software that helps you to transfer files from PC to PC. It has a premium version also which will help you to transfer files between multiple PCs (i.e., more than two PCs). You can use WiFi or the Internet to transfer files. You can transfer folders, files, videos, documents, pictures, etc., It will not only help you to transfer files, you can also transfer programs from PC to PC.

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Over to you:

Hope you had a good choice of methods to select over. All the above-listed methods are personally used and so shared here.Sometimes it completely depends on the type of files and devices as well.Do double check before using any tool.Do use it as per your requirements.

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