7 Best Free Spanish English Dictionary Sites

Best free Spanish English dictionary online sites will give you both English to Spanish dictionary and Spanish to English dictionary. If you want to learn Spanish from English or English from Spanish, this article is a straight article for you. Just go through it and learn about 7 best Spanish English dictionary online sites. Then pick the best one.

Why is it important to learn Spanish?

  • Spanish is the second most spoken language in Business and in the USA.
  • It is the third most spoken language in the world.
  • If you learn Spanish. Then it easy for you to understand and learn Italian and Portuguese. These languages add weight to your Resume. And your career chances increases.

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7 Best free Spanish English Dictionary Sites

The following are the 7 best English to Spanish dictionary or Spanish to English dictionary sites for you. All these aids you to learn more words of Spanish. And you can build vocabulary in a fast and easy manner.

1. SpanishDict: Best English to Spanish dictionary

Best spanish to englisg dictionary.

SpanishDict is the world’s largest Spanish dictionary. It is purely English to Spanish or Spanish to English dictionary. And it is a free and great way for you to learn Spanish. It is the leading platform for students to learn Spanish. Every year, it aids millions of students around the world to learn Spanish. Along with translation, it aids you to build your vocabulary and grammar in Spanish.

Key Features of SpanishDict at a glance

  • Translation:
    • Just type your sentence in English without grammatical mistakes. Then it translates your sentence to Spanish. And vice versa.
    • If you want to type sentences in English without grammatical mistakes. Then you have to install Grammarly on your device. It checks the sentences and rectifies any mistakes. So that you can get exact Spanish translations.
  • Pronunciation:
    • You can listen to the pronunciation of the Spanish words.
  • Conjugations:
    • It provides conjugations for each Spanish word.
  • It too aids you to build your vocabulary and grammar in Spanish in an easy and fast manner.
  • Through its ‘Word of the Day’ option. You can learn the meaning of a new word each day.
  • Oh Great! It provides quizzes too in Spanish to test and build your vocabulary fast.
  • If you want you can download its app from play stores. Its app is available for both Android and iOS.
  • And a lot more.

2. Linguee: Best Spanish to English dictionary

best Spanish to English Dictionary-web-page-to-learn-Spanish

Linguee is a popular free bilingual dictionary. It is an effective dictionary for Spanish-English, French-English, and other language pairs. As it is effective in translation from English to Spanish or vice versa. And it provides many examples. So, it is accessed by millions of people around the world.

Key Features of Linguee at a glance

  • Fast Translation:
    • Just type your sentence in English. Then it translates the sentence into Spanish in a fraction of seconds. And vice versa.
  • Billions:
    • Oh! It has the capacity to translate billions of words from English to Spanish. And vice versa.
  • Example Sentences:
    • It provides many example sentences. So that you can understand the different circumstances where you can use the Spanish word.
  • You can listen to the pronunciation of each Spanish word.
  • Wow! You can download its app on your Android and iOS mobiles.
  • Oh Great! Its app can work in offline mode too.
  • And more.

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3. English-Spanish dictionary – bab.la


bab.la is another popular bilingual dictionary site. It is the best and free platform for language-lovers like you. Here you can learn the world’s leading languages up to 28 like Spanish and more. It is effective in the translation of Spanish -English, French-English, and other pair languages.

Key Features of bab.la at a glance

  • Translate:
    • It is fast to translate the sentences from English to Spanish. And vice versa.
  • Synonyms Side by Side:
    • It provides all the possible translations of your word. And it displays these translations in English and Spanish side by side.
  • Examples:
    • Further, it provides many examples in both languages.
  • Further, you can listen to the pronunciation of each Spanish word.
  • Oh! It provides quizzes too in Spanish. So that you can practice them to test and increase your vocabulary.
  • It provides you word games too. Here one English word is displayed. And you have to fill the provided blanks with a suitable Spanish word.
  • And a lot more.

4. Google Translate

Google Translate-web-page-which-is-the-best-for-English-Spanish-translation

Google Translate is a free multilingual translator and dictionary offered by Google. It is an ultimate online translator to translate one language to another. You can upload your document too to translate it. So, you can use it to translate sentences in English to Spanish. And vice versa.

Key Features of Google Translate at a glance

  • Super Fast Translator:
    • Just type your word or sentence in English. Then it translates the sentence into Spanish in a lightning-fast manner.
  • Pronunciation:
    • You can listen to the pronunciation of each Spanish word or sentence.
  • You can know the related terms of your word.
  • You can add it as an extension to your chrome.
  • You can download it as an app for your Android and iOS devices.
  • Oh Great! It can convert your speech into text. And then translates it into your desired language.
  • And more.

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5. WordReference


WordReference is another popular online bilingual dictionary site. It is ranked in the top 500 most visited websites in the world. And it is in the top 100 websites list in Spain, France, and more.
Further, it is regarded as the top site for top bilingual translations. Just like English-Spanish, English-French, and more.

Key Features of WordReference.com at a glance

  • Good Translator:
    • It is effective to translate your words or sentences in English into Spanish. And vice versa.
  • Conjugations:
    • It too provides conjugations of every Spanish word.
  • It provides more examples. And more related meanings.
  • Oh! It provides compound forms of Spanish words too.
  • You can also view additional translations of your word in Spanish.
  • And more.

6. Cambridge English–Spanish Dictionary


Cambridge Dictionary is another popular online dictionary site. You can use it as a dictionary. And as a translator too. That is, it is an efficient English-Spanish translator. You can instantly learn unknown Spanish words.

Key Features of Cambridge English–Spanish Dictionary

  • Translate Mode:
    • During this method, it just translates words in English to Spanish.
  • Dictionary Mode:
    • But in Dictionary mode, it translates the words into Spanish. And it provides more example sentences too.
  • Interjections:
    • It provides examples of injections too.
  • And more.

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7. Collins Spanish Dictionary


Collins Spanish Dictionary is the world’s most trusted complete Spanish to English and English to Spanish Dictionary. It is the most used site for people like you who want to learn Spanish. Millions of language users visit this site. Now you can too.

Key Features of Collins Spanish Dictionary at a glance

  • Two Modes:
    • It too provides two modes. Namely, Translate and Dictionary modes.
  • Synonyms and Examples:
    • It provides many synonyms in Spanish and examples too.
  • Quizzes:
    • Further, it provides quizzes too in Spanish.
  • Spanish Grammar:
    • Oh Great! It permits you to learn Spanish Grammar too.

Conclusion: What is the best online Spanish English dictionary?

Now to pick the best online Spanish dictionary. You should consider factors like the number of translations, examples, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and quizzes. In all these categories the winner is SpanishDict. So you can give first preference to it. Later, you can give preference to Google Translate.

Don’t forget to use Grammarly to check your English grammar and spelling.

I hope that this article helped you to pick the best Spanish English dictionary. If so, please share it and follow whatvwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more tips.

Spanish English Dictionary FAQs

Is SpanishDict free?

Yes. It is a free online English to Spanish Dictionary. And vice versa.

Is Google translate Spanish accurate?

Yes. It is more accurate to translate any language into Spanish. And vice versa.

Is there a website that can translate English to Spanish?

Yes. There are many websites like SpanishDict, Google Translate, and more.

What is the best online translator for English to Spanish?


Can Google translate entire documents?

Yes. Just upload it, then Google Translate translates your entire document into your desired language.

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