7 Best Antimalware Software for Mac

Are you annoyed by attacks of malware on your Mac? And are you searching for the best antimalware for Mac to get rid of attacks of malware? Then this is a straight article for you to accomplish your task. Just you go through this article to learn and pick the best antimalware software for your Mac.

Virus vs Malware:

A virus is one of the types of malware. In other words, it is a piece of malware. In real, viruses are circulated through infected sites, emails, and flash drives. Viruses enter your device when you open infected files and applications.

In short, malware is malicious software. And it is intentionally designed to damage PC, OS, data, server, client, and computer network. In reality, Malware enters your device via malicious links when you click on the web, malicious sites, flash drives, email attachments, spam emails, and software or files that you download from web.

Antivirus vs Antimalware: What is the difference between Antivirus and antimalware?

Antivirus Antimalware
It is a piece of software specially designed to detect, block and remove PC viruses.It is also a type of software specially designed to detect, block, and remove malicious software and files.
It also detects and blocks some types of malware but not all. Such as trojans, rootkits, phishing, and more.It detects, blocks and removes all types of newest and current malware. And it more focused on zero-day malware.
It is the best one to crush malware that encounters via flash drives and email attachments.It updates its rules quicker than the antivirus. Hence, it is the best one to crush new malware that encounters while you surf on the web.

7 Best Antimalware for Mac

1.Intego Mac Internet Security: Best Antimalware software for Mac


Intego Mac Internet Security X9 (50% Discounted Link) is the best antimalware for Mac which provides two security applications. VirusBarrier X9 and NetBarrier X9. The former protects your Mac against malware. And the latter protects your Mac against unauthorized access. The latter provides a strong firewall with adjustable three levels of security.

It provides full privacy to you and blocks all online cybercriminals, hackers, and more. This is the notable and additional feature of it loved by all Mac users. If you want full privacy, then this is the right choice for your Mac. Also, it is efficient in blocking malware too.

In the latest reports of AV-Tests, it got top marks in Mac malware blocking. Moreover, it provides a free trial to Mac users like you to test it before you buy it.

Key Features of Intego Mac Internet Security X9 at a glance

Features of VirusBarrier X9:

  • It provides protection both for PC and Mac against malware.
  • It is a real-time and automated antivirus. That is, it silently runs in the background and scans when you open an application, folder, files, and more. And keeps your Mac free from malware.
  • When you connect iOS devices to your Mac.Then it scans and detects malicious files, if any, that are received from emails.
  • When you insert an external device, then it scans all such devices.
  • It informs you via email when it detects any malware on your Mac.
  • It quickly scans your macOS device.
  • And more.

Features of NetBarrier X9:

  • You can set 1,2,3 levels of Firewall security to your Mac to block unauthorized accessing.
  • Here, the firewall performs dual-action. One is, it provides anti-spyware, to protect the outgoing data sent from your Mac. And the other is, it monitors all running apps on your network. And informs you when it detects a new connection.
  • It permits you to block connections to specific domains.
  • And more.

When you want the Mac booster features along with antivirus, you need to go with Intego Premium bundle.

Latest Score of Intego Mac Antivirus in June 2019 AV-Test

  • Its protection score is 6.0/6.0.
  • Its performance score is 5.5/6.0.
  • Its usability score is 5.5/6.0.

Price and Plans of Intego Mac Internet Security

The cost of its premium plan is $49.99 for 1 Mac for 1 year. And is $92.99 for 2 years. You can buy its plan for more than 1 Mac. And you can too buy it both for your Mac and PC.

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2. Systweak Anti-Malware for Mac

Systweak-Anti-Malware- for-Mac-WebPage

Systweak Anti-Malware for Mac gives complete protection against malware. It is easy to use. And yet high in the protection of your Mac against adware, spyware, trojan, and other malware. Just download, install and run it. And you can relax. Then it secures your Mac against all malicious threats. Just go through the features that turn you to use it forever.

Key Features of Systweak Anti-Malware for Mac at a glance

  • 1 click to finish all.
    • Just you give one click to scan your Mac for malware, spyware, adware, and virus.
  • Quarantine all.
    • It is quick in identifying any malicious threats that hide on your Mac. And quarantines all of such threats.
  • All-rounder.
    • It provides all-round malware security to your Mac. That is, it protects your Mac against any type of malware that comes in any way such as via email, online, and more.
  • 4 scans.
    • It provides 4 types of scan options to scan your Mac. Those are Deep Scan, Quick Scan, Scheduled Scan, and Startup Scan.
  • Finish those slow down your Mac.
    • It removes all infected files that slow down your Mac.
  • Security to your Browser.
    • It scans and detects suspicious browser extensions and add-ons if any.
  • And more.

Popularity of Systweak

  • It has more than 266 million users around the world.
  • It provides apps to all devices that support macOS, Windows, Andriod, and iOS.

Price and Plans of Systweak Anti-Malware for Mac

The cost of its premium plan is $49.95 for 1 Mac for one year. You can also buy its premium plan for more than one Mac.

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2. Malwarebytes for Mac:


Malwarebytes is effective to crush the growing threat of Mac malware. Thereby, your Mac is protected and your macOS device runs silky smooth. And avoids hassle on you. Further, it improves your cybersecurity too. Just go through the stunning features of it. These features emphasize to you how strong it is.
It provides 14 days free trial. And after that, you have to upgrade to its premium version.

Key Features of Malwarebytes for Mac at a glance

  • Finish in less than 30 seconds.
    • It finishes the scan of your Mac in just less than 30 seconds.
  • Advanced Anti-Malware Tech in real-time.
    • It uses advanced anti-malware tech to remove ransomware, viruses, and other malware in real-time.
  • Crushes all hassles.
    • It crushes adware and any strong unwanted programs that slow down your Mac.
  • Blocks at the entrance.
    • It blocks all apps that try to bypass the security. And protects your Mac against malware, adware, and more produced by such apps.
  • Light and Lean.
    • Oh! It is so light and occupies a less disk space just like a 3 music files require.

Popularity of Malwarebytes

  • More than 187 million Malwarebytes scans happen each month.
  • Each day it detects and blocks more than 8 million threats.
  • Each day it is installed more than 2,47,000 times.
  • It is absolutely the best anti-malware and anti-ransomware program.

Price and Plans of Malwarebytes for Mac

The cost of its premium plan is $39.99 for 1 macOS device for 1 year. And is $49.99 for 2 macOS devices for 1 year. And is $87.48 for 1 macOS device for 2 years.
It provides 1 and 2 years plans for 1 and more than 1 macOS device.

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3. Bitdefender for Mac: Does Bitdefender remove malware?


Bitdefender is an absolute anti-virus for Mac that provides full protection against all malware threats. It has a notable feature of multi-layer protection against ransomware, which is a terrible type of malware. It is effective to eliminate all major types of malware like adware, phishing, and more. Simply download, install and use it. And you go ahead of your work. Then total your mac is taken care of by it. And it works more than blocking and removing malware.

Further, it provides a 30-days free trial with all its premium features. And it provides a VPN too in its premium plan.

Key Features of Bitdefender for Mac at a glance

  • Time Machine Protection:
    • It provides a Time Machine Protection feature to protect your back up files against ransomware.
  • Strong Vault:
    • It provides an additional layer of protection called ‘Safe Files’ feature. You can use this feature as a strong vault to store your important files in it. And no one can modify and write those files.
  • Multi-Layer Protection:
    • It provides multiple layers of protection against ransomware.
  • Cross-Platform Protection:
    • It detects and removes not only the malware that targets your macOS but also the threats that affect your windows.

Popularity of Bitdefender

  • It has more than 500 million users around the world.
  • It scored 100% in the area of Mac anti-malware protection in recent AV test in June 2019.

Price and Plans of Bitdefender for Mac

The cost of its premium plan is $34.99 for 1 year for 1 Mac. And is $62.99 for 2 years. And is $83.99 for 3 years. You can too buy its premium plan for more than one Mac.

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4. Avast Security for Mac: Is Avast Free for Mac?


Avast (20% Discounted Link) is also a popular antivirus that protects your Mac against all types of malware. It provides a free version with 75% loaded features. If you want 100% loaded features, you can buy its premium security plan. You can use its free version which provides major features to stop the severe type of malware like ransomware.

Just go through its free and premium features to know how it crushes malware to protect your Mac. Once you use it, you can definitely feel that adding Avast for Mac gives full immune to Mac against all types of malware.

Key Features of Avast at a glance

  • Anti-Malware Security in real-time:
    • It not only stops all types of malware like spyware, trojans, viruses, and more, but also scans your full Mac to remove all hidden threats.
    • It provides real-time protection.
    • It provides dual protection to your Mac and Windows against all malware. And avoids the sharing of infected files with your dear ones.
  • Web and Email shields:
    • It blocks all dangerous downloads and all malware that try to inject via malicious sites.
    • By accident, if you open any unsafe website, then it warns you.
    • It blocks all annoying ad trackings too.
    • Suppose if you mistype a URL, then it redirects you to the correct site.
    • Further, it blocks you form sending and receiving of all malicious email attachments.
  • Wifi Security Scan:
    • Suppose if you connect to a weak wifi network that has no strong protection. Then hackers can steal all your personal data. But our Avast Wifi Security feature gives no chance to hackers. And blocks them at the entrance.
  • Wifi Intruder Alerts (Premium Feature):
    • It provides you instant alerts when someone joins your Wifi network. And throws out all hackers who try to enter your Wifi network.
    • And blocks your neighbors too who try to use your wifi without your notice.
  • Ransomware Shields (Premium Feature).

Popularity of Avast

  • More than 400 million users around the world.
  • It provides real-time intelligence to know about new and current threats.
  • It blocks more than 66 million of new and current threats each day.

Price and Plans of Avast Premium Security for Mac

The cost of its premium plan is $59.99 for 1 year for 1 Mac. And is $109.99 for 2 years. And is $159.99 for 3 years. You can also buy its premium plan for more than one Mac.

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5. AVG for Mac


AVG Mac Antivirus is completely free antivirus software that protects your Mac against malware. Though it is free, it consists of major features like real-time protection, online protection, malware protection, and more.

Key Features of AVG for Mac at a glance

  • Triple Protection:
    • It protects not only your macOS device but also your PC and Andriod.
    • It protects all three devices against malware like spyware, viruses, and more.
  • Always-On and never quits:
    • It silently runs in the background. And gives real-time protection.
    • Each time when you open, save or copy a file, then it scans automatically. But you will never know this. That much silent it is.
  • Online Protection.
    • It aids you to surf and email safely.
    • It blocks all malicious sites, dangerous downloads, and dangerous email attachments.
  • You just sit back and relax. As it updates automatically.
  • Though it is a free antivirus, it updates time to time to protect your Mac against all new and current Malware threats.

Popularity of AVG

  • Free Anti-virus support for any device.
  • It has more than 200 million users around the world.

Price and Plans of AVG Antivirus for Mac


Always free products have some limitations. We suggest you go with the AVG Internet Security Unlimited(20% Discounted Link) which give you complete security for unlimited devices.

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6. Sophos Home For Mac: Is Sophos Free for Mac?

Sophos Home-Antivirus-for-Mac

Sophos Home is another popular antivirus that protects your Mac against all malware. It comes in free and premium versions. Its free version consists of all features that are in the premium version. But after 30 days of usage, some of the features will expire in its free version.

Key Features of Sophos Home for Mac at a glance

  • Real-Time guard:
    • It is effective to block all types of Mac malware like ransomware, trojans, worms, viruses, bots and more.
    • It works and blocks those in real-time.
    • It too blocks all potentially unused and unwanted apps.
  • Parental web control:
    • Being a parent, you can control the online view of your children. And you can too restrict the view of some websites.
  • Special in Online protection:
    • It efficiently utilizes the vast SophosLabs blacklist database. And stops connections to compromised and dangerous sites.
  • No more encryptions:
    • It blocks the latest and current ransomware that try to encrypt your drives and files.
  • Don’t bother at all about Privacy:
    • It stops all apps and hackers from accessing your webcam, microphone, and personal data. Oh Great! This is a must for each one.
  • Free plus 3 plus 30 days free trial:
    • Though it is free, you can use it for 3 Macs.
    • And you can too get 30 days free trial. In this period, it consists of all premium features.
    • After 30 days of use, you can switch to its premium version. Or you can continue with its free version.
  • 8 AM to 8 PM:
    • It provides support to you from 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday to Friday, via live email and chat. You can too use its support in your 30 days free trial period.

Popularity of Sophos Home

  • Macworld Editors’ Choice 2019 is given a review that it is the most extensive and up to date approach to fight malware at an unbeatable price.
  • In the AV test, Sophos Intercept X Advanced prevented 99.9% of the malware with 0 false alarms.

Price and Plans of Sophos Home for Mac

The cost of its premium plan is $36 for 10 macOS devices for 1 year. And is $72 for 10 macOS devices for 2 years.

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Bottom Line: What is the best malware removal for Mac?

So far, you have seen six best antimalware software for Mac. Out of these, you can choose Intego Mac Internet Security(50% Discounted Link) as the best antimalware for Mac. As it offers most features to block all types of malware. That too in real-time. You can give the next place to Sophos Home. As it offers premium features in its 30 days free trial version. That too for 3 Macs. If you want the free one, you can go with Avast Trial.

I wish this tutorial about the best antimalware for Mac assisted you to pick the best anti-malware for your Mac. If so, please share it and follow whatvwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more tips.

Antimalware for Mac-FAQ

Are a virus and malware the same thing?

No. A virus is one of the types of malware. In other words, it is a piece of malware.

What are the differences between the virus and Malware?

All types of malicious software like adware, spyware, Ransomware, virus, etc.. are called as malware. Virus is just a part of malware.

What are the different types of Malware?

Viruses, Worms, Ransomware, Adware, Spyware, Scareware, Fileless malware, Trojan horses, Rootkit, and Phishing.

Which is the best Antimalware for Mac?

We suggest Intego Mac internet Security is the best Antimalware for Mac.

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