What is Dashcam? 5 Best Front And Rear Dash Cam For Car

Are you looking to purchase a Best front and rear dash cam for your car dashboard?  Then, you are on the right page. Here we have provided the best Dashcams with their pros and cons which might help you while purchasing.

Dashcam is a small and compact device, offers extra features. It is not like other gadgets you find in cars to provide any entertainment or comfort or make it safer to drive but the main purpose is to record everything that goes on around the vehicle that helps you to find out if something might go wrong around you when you are on the road.

What is Dashcam?

Dashcams are the small video cameras that are installed on the dashboard of a car and it also can be attached to the windshield or it can be placed somewhere else. Any portable camera or recording device can be used as a dashcam,but the purpose built devices run on 12V DC which means that the device can be hardwired into a vehicle’s electrical system and the device will be always on recording mode whenever the vehicle is started or driven, and the device will always record the data but if it has excess data then the device itself overwrites the old data and records the new ones.

Dashcams can record the video constantly and they are designed to removable storage media like SD card, flash drive or an internal storage unit. Also, there are dashcams which include a camera to record the interior of the car in 360 degrees which is located inside a car, usually in a ball form and can automatically send pictures and video.

5 Best Front And Rear Dash Cam

1. Mio MiVue 766:

Best Front And Rear Dash Cam

Mio MiVue 766 is a small dashcam consist of a large 2.7-inch touchscreen at the rear for simple control. It has a 1080p full HD video quality, 140 degrees viewing angle lens which captures the excellent actions. It has built-in GPS which helps to take care of the speed and the location of the video and it also has built-in Wi-Fi to share the images and the videos to the smartphones and other devices. The record begins when the engine is going. Using this you can share your drive with friends/ relatives just by Facebook live stream.


  • It has an all-around package.
  • It captures crisp video footage.


  • It is expensive.
  • One has to buy SD card separately.

2. Thinkware TW-F770:


Thinkware TW-F770 is another best HD Dashcam. The video quality of this device is 1080p Full HD and has 140 degrees viewing angle lens. It has a 2.19 MP Sony Exmor CMOS sensor that provides excellent video quality from this sleek device and also had additional features. It is designed to be mounted beneath the rearview mirror, it doesn’t have any external screen but only a few small buttons. It has onboard Wi-Fi so that it can link to a smartphone that enables us to send footage quickly and easily to smartphones and other devices.

It has a Super Night Vision feature that helps to capture the image or video at night time or low light and when the vehicle is parked, the neat Time Lapse feature acts as a CCTV camera. It has an onboard GPS tracker will provide the speed and the upcoming red traffic signals warnings.


  • It provides crystal clear footage or data.
  • It can capture the footage even in the night mode.
  • It is included with MicroSD card and internal memory.


  • It has no rear camera.
  • It is operated with buttons not smart touch.

3. BlackVue DR650S-2CH 32G Dash Cam:


BlackVue DR650S-2CH 32G Dash Cam is the perfect choice for regular or professional drivers.BlackVue has a dual camera that covers many bases and supports many additional features that justify its price tag. To get the detailed parking surveillance, BlackVue doesn’t require any hard wiring to the car supply because itis providing with an OBD II port converter, which plugs into most onboard diagnostics ports with ease.

It offers 1080p full HD video quality and 129 degrees viewing angle lens to capture the excellent quality of video footage with the front camera and rear camera has 720p.

The BlackVue has Over-the Cloud abilities which help drivers to watch the live footage from the car with your smartphone, laptop or PC, even when it is parked.

This device is a small and sleek and looks trendy latest vehicles. It requires smartphone tethering to adjust the device settings because of the lack of screen and limited buttons.


  • It is the perfect solution for professionals.
  • It offers full HD recording.


  • It is very expensive.
  • The initial device setup is difficult.

4. Z-Edge Z3:


Z-Edge Z3 is simple to use with razor-sharp images and offers ultra 2K HD image quality with 145 degrees viewing angle.Z-Edge Z3has have been voted as one of the best devices in its class. The razor-sharp footage is because of the CMOS sensor and advanced image processor which makes it easier to read the license plates of the vehicles with better clarity.

It has 3-inch touchscreen display makes easy to interact with the camera and its set up process and its functionality is designed for ease of use.

It is similar to the other devices as it starts records the footage when the ignition of the vehicle is started and stops recording when the vehicle turn off the power.

Its memory is managed through loop recording function and incident detection ensures vital clips aren’t erased.

It is a great choice for the people who want a camera without fuss and delivers quality images without any difficulty.


  • It offers high image quality.
  • Easy to operate.


  • It doesn’t have a GPS tracker

5.Cobra CDR 840:


Cobra CDR 840 is not only good with the smouldering looks but it is one of the fewer units that is designed with the aesthetics in mind.

It has a small rear touch screen but it is sharp and easy to navigate because of its simple joy-pad style switch interface and it has a red button for manually saving the important clips.

It has built-in GPS that will take care of the speed and location and its sensor will automatically save the clips. If the satellites are difficult to reach or if the weather is in adverse condition and with the weak signal the GPS is a little touch and go but it’s another unit is very quick to set up with the minimum required attention.


  • The device is stylish.
  • Affordable price.


  • It will be difficult to record the footage in low light.
  • Unreliable GPS.

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These are the Best Front And Rear Dash Cam s for your car. If you have any queries regarding the same do let us know in the comment section below. Please share this article and follow whatvwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

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