2 Ways To Create Secret Message With Offline OR Online Encryption Tool

Want to safe from the hacking of your messages then You need to create a secret message by encrypting your text messages before sending them to others. This article will give you a free method to send encrypted messages.

For instance, you may be sending sensitive messages which you would not like other people to know. Messages about your company crucial data or something secrete you are planning should be safeguarded at all times. Sometimes it becomes risky sending such messages over different platforms due to the different security issues. You can now send the messages comfortably after you encrypt them using the Secret Messages. The tool allows you to encrypt any message before sending it to the recipients.

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What is Secret Messages?

Secret Messages is a tool which works both online and offline to help you encrypt any message before sending. The AES 256 encryption tool is very reliable. It is easy to use and can guarantee you the best encryption ever. Some of the benefits of the tool include the following:

Free of charge

You do not have to worry about making payments. The tool is available free of charge for you to use in sending encrypted messages. You can apply it to encrypt unlimited messages which you will then send to different people to keep the information secure.

Fast encryption tool

You need a tool which is fast and easy to apply. The Secret Messages has been built to allow you send messages fast and securely online. It has an interactive user interface which you can easily apply to send the messages online.

Safe way to send messages

It does not matter the type of messages or files you would like to send. The tool has been built with different features which make it very effective in assuring you safety when sending messages. It employs the latest technology to make the messages very secure.

How to Create Secret Message

1.Online AES encryption tool

With Secret Messages, there are only three steps to encrypt text or messages. Enter the messages or text to be encrypted. Then enter the key to encrypt them. After that, click “Encrypt” button and process the encryption progress. You will find the encrypted messages in the “Result” box. Now, you can send your encrypted messages or text safely.

If the receiver of the messages has owned your key, he/she just visit Secret Messages website site and enter the key correctly, and copy the encrypted messages to the textbox. Click the “Decrypt” button to decrypt and read the original messages.

Online AES encryption tool

2.Offline Secret Message tool

It is not a must to have internet connection before you can use the tool. The Secret Message provides an offline AES 256 encryption tool which comes with an inbuilt mechanism. This will allow you to encrypt message even if you do not have internet access so that you can always remain safe when sending the messages.

It provides the software to encrypt messages offline. You just need to download the Secret Messager software from the official website.

offline secret message tool

The tool can be applied to hide messages in images as well as encrypting them so that you can always send them securely. For the recipient to receive them, they should apply the secret key you will send to them so that they can decrypt text. The tool has several benefits such as high level of security. There is no fear of viruses because the tool is scanned for viruses from time to time. The fact that you can apply to tool even offline makes it of great help. It does not matter where you are located, you can always send the text messages securely online.


The Secret Messages is a tool that has been built to allow you to send sensitive messages. You can decide to hide text in the image before you send it. The receivers of your messages will have to provide a secret key before they can be allowed to read the messages. The tool makes your work easy if you handle sensitive messages. You can download it free and start your trial today.

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