13 Best Project Management Apps For iPhone, Android, & Desktop

In this tutorial, you will learn about what is project management, why project management is necessary, and what are the Best project management Apps for iPhone & Android, and Project Management Tools for Windows, & Mac.

We always create a To-Do list of things which we need to complete them within time. There will be some tasks on that list, which may not be completed immediately and also need a few more people. Then such tasks are somewhat similar to the project, and it needs to be done carefully. Then you need a tool that helps you to achieve it.

What is a project management:

A project is an individual task or a set of tasks to achieve a particular target.

Project management is the application of an individual or set of individuals’ knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements is called project management.

The project management has the following activities to do initiation, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing.

Why project management is necessary?

Many of the people have a doubt whether the project management is necessary or not. Well, the upgoing project without a project management gives you the negative result. The good project management avoids the overburden of the budget or we can say it avoids unnecessary burden.

It also gives the knowledge of the following things like Integration, ScopeTime, Cost, Quality procurement, Human resources, Communications, Risk management, Stakeholder management etc. the above factors tell you how important the project management is.

Now let us discuss the above major topic of 5 Best project management apps or tools for your need.

Best project management Apps for iPhone, Android, & Desktop



Wrike is one of the best project management tools. It will give you apps for all platforms like iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac. Top global companies like Google, Hootsuite, Verizon, etc., use Wrike. You can easily integrate your existing tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Apps, Microsoft, etc., to Wrike.

It is easy to collaborate through the use of tasks, collaboration amongst teammates is effortless as everyone is notified of every project detail. It has Seamless Integration by which it can integrate with your email and allows you to quickly tag other team members and send updates on tasks or projects.

It deals with the Multi-Projects Assignment, which makes it possible to relate one task to multiple projects without duplication. Which is very useful when a task applies to concurrent goals or when due dates are applicable to multiple projects. It provides Gantt Charts, which are built in with Wrike.

They provide solutions to Creative, Marketing, Project development, Product development, and for all other teams. They have unique plans starting from Free. The free plan supports 5 users. Their premium plan starts from $9.80/User.

2. TeamWork:


Teamwork Is used to break work into sections to achieve the goals specified. It has Tons of Features which has Time tracking, Gantt charts, subtasks, reports, etc.  It is Easy to Integrate which can Communicate and even send tasks via email. Also integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCal. It has Robust Document Management which provides Document management systems link with NTFS, FTP, SVN, SV3, Dropbox, Google Drive. It has Mobility which provides mobile application is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones, giving users access from anywhere with internet access.

It is Free for 2 projects and unlimited users. It Upgrades for File storage and 300 projects starting at $10/user/month billed annually. You can easily integrate your existing tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Apps, Microsoft, etc., to Teamwork.

3. Easy Projects

Easy Projects is very useful if you want to complete the project within the limited budget. It is mainly for marketing and IT projects whose team strength equal or more than 10 members. It provides you the collaborative emails, attractive dashboard, tasks division and assigning, discussion board and many more features.

online project management tools easyprojects.,

It makes it very easy to understand what is happening in the project at any point of time. It provides you the latest and actual time progress on every task of the project. It is available for $24 per month for teams.

4. Asana:


Asana offers almost all features available on the desktop version. It Pushes notifications. Its drag-and-drop interface. It instantaneously updates to the cloud. Asana is the easiest way for teams to track their work and get results. You can easily integrate your existing tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Apps, Microsoft, etc., to Asana.

They offer almost all features available on the desktop version. It offers a sleek design, easy file sharing, and really does away with unnecessary emails. The free plan supports 15 members. Their premium plan starts from $10.99 per user per month.

5. LiquidPlanner

Project management tools Liquidplanner.

LiquidPlanner allows you to track your time. You can track the time among many tasks, sub-tasks, and many more. It gives you the workflow of the total project which is very helpful for managers and every team member. It links every conversation with the respective task. So, you can find the task easily by looking at the respective conservation.

It’s Dashboard helps you to visualize the status of the project and even charts play the key role here. It is easy to explain others using Charts. LiquidPlanner allows you to integrate with Zapier, Dropbox and other tools which you already use.

You can share many files across your project. It is possible to attach files to separate tasks. You can manage your project from any device and it is available for Android and iOS as well. Professional plan starts from $45/user per month with the virtual team of 25 members. It provides 14 day’s free trial.



Trello gives you a perspective on all projects It has Visual Progress as it is easy-to-navigate boards make it feel like you always have everything you need sitting right in front of you. It is simple to Access as it Invites outside members and creates closed boards, or add public boards. It is horizontal this “horizontal” tool is multi purpose, meaning you can handle everything with it; It has task Calendar which makes all of your tasks can be set to a due date and once set all tasks sync with your calendar for each board. It provides Seamless Integration by which Paying users can integrate with Slack, GitHub, and sales force.

  It is Free for Unlimited projects and users. It has Upgrade for larger attachments, custom backgrounds, and extra power-ups for $9.99/month per user. You can easily integrate your existing tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Apps, Microsoft, etc., to Trello.

7. Basecamp:


Basecamp is a popular project management software. It views client commentary and approvals. It is simple, intuitive interface. It is quick data sync and real-time communication. It Provides outstanding customer support. You can easily integrate your existing tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Apps, Microsoft, etc., to Basecamp.

It requires iOS 9.0 or later for effective use. You can find the app free in the app store there is no limit of users in Basecamp. If you want to use Basecamp 3 with a team, it’s a flat rate of $99/month after a 30-day free trial, regardless of the number of users or projects.

8. Clarizen:


Clarizen is the best enterprise level management app it is the best app to use when you are dealing with Project portfolio, It is Robust billable and non-billable time tracking system, It gives Permissions management, It Sorts and filters your projects and tasks, It Uploads expenses into a template with your phone’s camera.

It requires ios 8.0 for effective use. The app is free in the AppStore. After a 30-day free trial, and scales up with more added features, the price is about $45 per user. You can easily integrate your existing tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Apps, Microsoft, etc., to Clarizen.

9. OmniPlan:

Omniplan is the best suitable app for project management software for Mac. It is designed end-to-end for Apple users, It is networking diagrams, tasks, and subtasks, It is scheduling and tracking reports, It is task hierarchy designation, You can easily integrate your existing tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Apps, Microsoft, Mac, etc., to Omniplan.

It requires iOS 11.0 or later for effective use. It has a free two-week trial. After a free two-week trial, the price is about   $74.99 which offers the services such as Pro upgrade, which offers services such as change tracking, and Microsoft project import/export. You can also continue to use the app just for document viewing for free.

10. Smart Sheet:

Smartsheet is one of the most popular desktop project management tools. There are No monthly pricing. You are committed to six months at a time. There is no Pricing for Team and Business plans is not available to the public. There is no Kanban view. Smart SheetYou can’t zoom or quick jump on the mobile sheets, making it difficult to view and navigate data-rich charts.

Smart sheet requires iOS 10.0 or later you can find the app free in the App Store. The price is $94.99 for a non-renewing six-month subscription, after a 30-day free trial.

11. Podio:


Podio is used to build a customized project management tool. It provides Communication Tools, which is used for instant messaging and video chat give users the outlets they need to quickly and efficiently communicate about projects and tasks. It facilitates with Content sharing and feedback workflows with clients provides Smart Tracking which in turn gives Automated progress reporting and calculations provide an insight into your operational efficiency. It is Complete Compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad Apps are available so you can access it no matter where you are.

It is Free for Core features for 5 users It is used to Upgrade for Dashboards and advanced integrations starting from $9.80/user/month for up to fifteen users. You can easily integrate your existing tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Apps, Microsoft, etc., to Podio.

12. Clubhouse:

Club House

Clubhouse allows you the access to keep up with progress across your team with the clubhouse has Concept of Epics by which it can link Cards. It provides Flexibility Without Complexity, which makes. It quick and simple to set up the workflow for your company to make tasks move as fast as possible. It has Customizable Dashboard which provides all work across multiple projects and epics or drills down quickly using a wide range of filters.

It has Free Plans Up to 10 Users for Unlimited Projects with Unlimited Integrations and API Access. For Standard–$8.50/user/month/billed annually or $10.00/user/month with Priority Support with Unlimited Projects with Unlimited Integrations and API Access. You can easily integrate your existing tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Apps, Microsoft, etc., to Clubhouse.

13. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects allows you to divide the complex tasks in order to subtasks, which can be prioritized and completed in time easily. You can even visualize the comparisons of tasks which are in progress to the tasks which were assigned. It is easy to know who is engaged and who is free with the resource allocation chart.

best project management tools Zoho projects

As you browse the feeds in your social media, Zoho projects allow you to look at the feeds which mean the latest information of your project and the status. It also links back to important posts from time to time. It allows your team to fill the time sheet and share documents with everyone, and it assures you get the latest version every time. It also has the bug tracker and integrated with Google Apps. It is available for Android and iOS as well.

It is free for one project with 10 MB Storage and the premium starts with â‚ą350 per month with the limit of 20 projects and 100 GB Storage, and there are other plans as well.

Conclusion: Which is the Best project management tool?

Everyone need is different. You can read the details and select the best one according to your need. We Just suggest you to go with Wrike.

That’s all my friends hope you have known about the Best project management Apps for iPhone, Android, & Desktop. In case of any issues, then do let us know via comments below. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends and family. Please follow whatvwant Facebook and Twitter, and YouTube for more tips.

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