Top 5 Best Smart Watches To Buy

Are you searching for Best smart watches to buy. Want to buy a best smart watch and here are the 5 best  smart watches to buy.

Well, we are in a generation where technology plays the major role. Watch!! It’s a more professional thing which we wear it on our wrist to maintain time. We sometimes just dream of the watches which work like mobiles such as having applications, giving us notifications about weather and health, etc. Exactly those types of watches are into existence for a few years and are called as smart watches. Everyone may dream of using it even once in his lifetime.

List of 5 Best  smart watches

1.Apple Watch

Best smart watches Features:

  • Screen: 1.32-inch, 272 x 340 color touch screen
  • Battery life: 18 Hours
  • Price: $299
  • Can support: iOS.

No need to explain about its quality and brand. Right? Apple watch was the most customizable watch from our list which allows you to customize maximum as per your creativity. The display is clearly available in the sunlight which is the main problem of the smart watches. It notifies you with vibrations on your hand when you have some call, Text message or something on your mobile. Nearly 10,000 applications are available for this kind of apple smart watches.

2.Pebble watch

pebble watch Features:

  • Screen: 1.26-inch, 144 x 168 grayscale e-papers
  • Support for: Android, iOS
  • Price: $78
  • Battery Life: seven days

It’s the cheapest and best smart watch from our list with maximum features. The display attracts you much than anyone. It was included with 6000 applications and can support both Android and iOS. It allows you to read newspapers from your wrist, and the best part is you will love its display in the sunlight. As usual, it delivers the mobile notifications and the fitness health notifications.

3.Moto 360 Android Smart Watch

moto 360 smart watch Features:

  • Screen: 1.37 inches / 1.57 inches, 360 x 360 color touch screen
  • Battery life: 1.5 days (Depends on upon your usage)
  • Support for: Android and iOS
  • Price: $299.99

It was the best of the Moto smart watches and was recently updated with some more features, and this makes me list it here in the third place. You are gifted with online moto maker to make maximum use of your creativity. It runs on both Android and iOS devices by having an android wear for the iOS. One more thing, the next update of this watch is with GPS system.

4.Pebble Time Steel

pebble time steel Features:

  • Screen: 1.25-inch, 144 x 168 color e-papers
  • Battery life: ten days
  • Price: $249.99
  • Support For: Android and iOS.

If you are the one who always run with a busy schedule, then this one suits you as its battery lasts long. This was the best one from our list regarding battery life. It looks professional with its metallic design and display works well in the sunlight. It delivers the mobile notifications through vibrations or more as per your requested mode.

5.Nixon Mission

If you are a careless user of things, then this one is the good one for you as it still stands for your activities. It gets popularized due to its water resistant feature. It even sends you notifications. If you are underwater too (100m).It comes with AMOLED Gorilla display and with its app. It is going to provide you some more features like customizable features through its app and site. It was yet to join the party, and features will be updated after its release as well.

nixon mission


Smartwatch adds beauty and technology to your hand. Having this makes you more professional such that you will never miss your works, calls from your mobile. The above are the list of 5 best smart watches, and so I hope you are satisfied with the list. I wish you are going to have one soon.

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