How to Clean Up Mac Hard Drive Using CleanMyMac

Want to clean up Mac hard drive? Want to boost your Mac speed? There are so many ways and many softwares are available to clean the Mac. Earlier we have discussed 4 tips to keep Mac clean and Healthy. In this tutorial, we are going to show you How to clean up Mac hard drive using CleanMyMac which is the best Mac cleaner application.

Any system must be cleaned once in a while to remove junk/unnecessary files. Any object/product must be taken care of regularly to increase its liability and lifetime. So in case of Computer/Mac hard drive where data will get stored must be scanned and clean files that are not required. So CleanMyMac will scan and clean the Mac most efficiently.

What is CleanMyMac?

CleanMyMac is the most powerful cleaning tool by MacPaw. It is used frequently by Mac users to make the Mac more efficient and faster by cleaning the unused files and data.

Here are some best features of CleanMyMac

1. It will scan and find the files which are not used mostly and useless.
2. Selective scanning can be performed on specific modules to clean only those.
3. It can perform the scanning and cleaning even if you just drag and drop the files that should be cleaned.
4. It will scan the mail attachments to check if any junk data exists.
5. It clearly displays the modules in which cleaning is required and not required.

You must read CleanMyMac Review for its complete features.

CleanMyMac single license will cost you $39.95. If you take multiple licenses, you will get the discounts. MacPaw occasionally run promotional offers. You need to check Our MacPaw discount coupon page for the latest offers.

How To Clean up Mac Hard Drive Using CleanMyMac

Here are the steps on how to clean mac hard drive Using CleanMyMac tool, You can follow the below steps to clean mac hard drive Using CleanMyMac tool.

CleanMyMac will scan and clean the System, Photos and iTunes junk files that the Mac contains, and it will even scan the extensive files that make the System slower.

1. Once the app is installed, please select the app and open it.
2. Enter CleanMyMac in Spotlight Search and select it.
3. Once it is opened, you can go for Smart Scan. Once you click on the Scan button, it will automatically start scanning the System Junk, Photos Junk, Large Files, etc.

CleanMyMac Smart scan-Intro

4. Once scanning is completed, it will display the screen which module has junk data to be cleaned. Just select the Run option to clean the data.

CleanMyMac Smart Scan - scan complete

5. CleanMyMac allows you to scan and clean selective modules separately. Select the option from the left menu. Once again select all options or anyone option. Then click on Run button at the bottom of the CleanMyMac screen.

Now you know how to Clean up mac hard drive Using CleanMyMac. If this tutorial helped you, please share it. Want more tips, Please follow whatvwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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