7 Best Ways to Prevent Android From Hackers

Want to know how to Prevent Android from hackers? Mobiles Became an Integral part of our day to day lives as we are organizing banking services too from home.Usage of a Smartphone in any way outputs some data, let’s call it personal data for now i.e call logs, Banking Data and more.Fact is, No one pays attention to the data which was stored on your Mobile.Do remember, A simple face lock, PIN, Finger Print and other patterns can’t save data from being hacked.

As Said By Mukesh Ambani, “Data is the new Oil” for the future techno startups and all.

Let me explain you the actual reasons for protecting the data. Data can be used in many forms but here is a glimpse of how our data is used.

  • Tech Companies and Applications uses our data to give a better user experience. For example, Google also collects data which is to improve your Browsing.
  • Other is being hacked.No need to drag this more, Hacking your data such as banking pins and all can cause you a financial loss along with a personal loss(We may have already stored our personal data).

As most of the online and personal things are done through mobile we thought of writing a simple guide to protect your data without messing with software and all.Do remember, No one can steal one’s data without victim approval in one way or other.

Tips to Prevent Android from hackers

1.Keep your Mobile up to date:


Ignoring the system and app updates on a smartphone is a quite common thing.There are many reasons to do so…

  • You might be loved the current version.
  • Internal Storage Issues.
  • Not caring your Mobile Phone.

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Whatever may be, One is not ready to do the system updates and all.It’s simply like opening the door for thieves.Updates of the phone are to fix the previous bugs and so one need to update the system to prevent the Bugs included in the last version. Even though it’s not good enough at a user interface do the updates regularly.

Don’t update the system with some online tools and unofficial versions. Do once you get notified on your Mobile.I Suggest you to strictly avoid Rooting for Updates.

2.Double Check While Installing:

app terms

Whatever the Operating System may be, There are tons of applications to get our works done.But only a few of them are original and official.The rest of the app is not dangerous but there is no use of them as well.The app which stood first in a play store search is not always the official Application.Follow the below measures before installing an application.

  • Check the creator of the application.
  • Check Reviews.
  • Double check the terms and conditions displayed before installing an application.It seems legit and agrees with them to install the app.

Never Allow the applications to gain power over your device.Just double check the permissions you are giving for an application.

3.Have a Look at Internal Apps:


The applications which are default installed or apps which are installed previous without any measures are to be rechecked again.

One Need to know the Working of the existed applications and their status.

Head on to Settings-> Privacy and check the relevant information regarding the particular apps.

4.Never Connects to Public Wifi

These things becoming scarier. We generally get connected to the free wifi available in the location.Public wifi is the wireless networks which are not protected with any Passwords and if connected, they are accessed by thousands of people.

These networks are easily identified as they are not represented by a lock symbol during connection.Try to avoid such networks in any case.

If you have to connect with Public Network,

  • Make sure not to open banking applications with that Wifi.
  • Use VPN So that your data will be encrypted.

5.Use VPN service

Using VPN service is one of the best methods to protect your mobile from hacking. VPN services encrypt your data so that no one cracks or hack your online activity. Even your Government can not track your online activity. Almost all VPN service providers give apps for Android and iOS. VPN can unblock any website which was banned in your country. They give many more features like ad blocking, Malware filtering, etc., If you don’t know about the VPN, you can read What is VPN Connection or Service.

You should not go with the free VPN services. They might harm your PC or Mobile with the unnecessary ads. You must go with any one of the Top VPN services. I suggest you NordVPN(70% Special Discounted Link) which is the cheap and best VPN service. Our readers get special discount on NordVPN. You can check Our NordVPN discount coupon page for the latest offers.

6.Make it difficult For physical Access

Till now we had discussed preventing the access online.What if someone theft your mobile or what about data it was lost?

Use all the Security features provided by your Mobiles such as Setup a passcode and all.This is the only way to prevent data theft.However, you can avoid them log in to your applications by changing the password.So these are the steps to follow when it was lost.

  • If there is a chance of accessing it through smartwatch or something else, erase data or track it.
  • Change passwords for all of your accounts which are logged in your phone.

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7.Some Other Simple Tips

Apart from the above ones, You need to follow these simple well-known steps to keep your Mobile safe.

  • Never Show Notifications over the lock screen.
  • Don’t install apps from external sources by rooting the device.
  • Never save the passwords on the device or don’t even keep a file of passwords list.
  • Lock Other Banking and Individual Apps apart from Homescreen Lock.
  • Backup Your Data Frequently.
  • Using Security Apps works to some extent.
  • Disable the Bluetooth and GPS Services when not in use.However, GPS Services can be used to track the location of the phone.
  • Never Use Auto Logins
  • Don’t keep much of your personal and Financial data on phone.
  • Change the passwords frequently.
  • Use Passwords which are hard to guess for brute force attacks.

Over to you:

Hope you had each and everything right. When it comes to online protecting your financial and personal data from hackers is the most important thing that all. Getting back the data after being hacked is almost impossible and so I suggest you follow the listed tips to save yourselves from Hackers.Share it with your friends too.

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