Dashlane Vs LastPass: Comparison And Differences

Are you confused with LastPass and Dashlane? Want clear information about which one to buy? Just read this Dashlane vs LastPass tutorial for the details.

Dashlane and LastPass are the best password managers that offer a plethora of security and protection options to the Users. If you are confused about choosing the right password managing tool then, we are here to help you through this guide. Here, we have compared the features and benefits of Dashlane and LastPass. Just pick out the best one after checking out the comparison article below. Have a glimpse!

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Still, want to know the difference between Dashlane and LastPass, continue reading this article.

Dashlane vs LastPass

What is Dashlane?


Dashlane is one of the best password managers available for the users. There is a free version of Dashlane available on the official website. The paid version is pretty expensive for the users who are seeking to purchase it. We have witnessed several updates for Dashlane app in recent times. It is undoubtedly a superior tool to most of the tools out there. In Short, It is an excellent tool that provides strong and powerful passwords.

It is extremely hard to crack or break the passwords set through the Dashlane tool. Dashlane even provides suggestions to the users regarding their weak passwords. It tells you if you use the same password in multiple websites which is strongly not recommended. It allows the users to change the passwords comprising numbers at once. There are numerous features of Dashlane such as emergency contact, accessing it on multiple devices and more.

What is LastPass?

Lastpass- Simply you online life.

LastPass has gained immense popularity among the users for its top-notch features and services. It offers a simple to use interface with abundant beneficial features. The add-on browser of this tool is designed in a convenient and easy manner. You can find both the free and premium versions of LastPass software on the official website. There is a topmost browser extension tool of LastPass available for the desktop users. The compatible browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and more. Using the LastPass Vault, the users can easily store their passwords.

Whenever you visit any of the websites, it fills in your login credentials automatically. Through this tool, one can easily organize their sites and services into folders. If you want to access some confidential website such as net banking site then, you need to ask for a master password to add an additional level of security for your credentials. If you share your PC with others then, it is the best feature. LastPass saves your password database to the cloud. It means that you need to lose your original device and make available all the passwords to the new device. The free version of Dashlane helps to remember all the passwords of different sites.


We have come up with a list of the beneficial features of Dashlane and LastPass password managers for your device’s security. Check it out below!


  • Dashlane is an excellent option for changing multiple passwords on different websites.
  • Dark Web Monitoring is the best feature that scans the dark web through the account details secured in your vault. Once it finds anything, it notifies the user to change their password.
  • Dashlane secures all your accounts and sends you alert notifications whenever it finds something bizarre happening.
  • The premium plus subscribers of Dashlane can get credit monitoring.
  • It provides a virtual private network for premium users.
  • Some other best features of Dashlane include multi-device synchronization, automatic password changer, unlimited password storage, YubiKey compatibility and more.


  • LastPass password manager is the best tool that primarily emphasizes managing the passwords.
  • You may not find a virtual private network on LastPass tool.
  • One can store several items on this tool. Some of them include bank account details, passport and insurance policy details.
  • The users can access the security challenge through the vault.
  • It displays a complete security rating for all the passwords in the vault.
  • The users can change their passwords for different compatible sites.
  • It is compatible with unlimited entries and provides file and folder sharing abilities.
  • Some other best features of LastPass include multi-device synchronization and multi-factor authentication.
  • There is an exclusive app for 2FA that works similar to Google Authenticator.


When speaking about the pricing options of the Dashlane app, it is available for free of cost. Besides the free version, there is a premium version available for $3.33 per month. Through the premium version, the users can access dark web monitoring, secure VPN and handle unlimited passwords on unlimited devices.

dashlane pricing

On the other hand, LastPass also provides a free version for all the users through which one can access their password vault as a single user. The premium version that provides a single user priority support is available for $3.00 per month. For those who are seeking to purchase the family version is available for $4 per month. Through this version, about 6 members of a family can access the passwords and other content on LastPass.

lastpass pricing


Both the password manager tools such as Dashlane and LastPass offers an excellent interface to all the users. If you want to know in-depth details about the user interface, just check out the below guide.


Dashlane offers the best interface to all the users. One can download or install either the desktop app or a browser extension. The users can access the vault via the user interface. There is a possibility to import the passwords right from the browser. It is compatible with different browsers that include Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and more. The users can easily organize their vault with numerous categories. The compatible websites include Reddit, Box, Adobe and more. With better functions such as password generation, auto-fill and more, Dashlane enhances the usability of the people.


LastPass offers a desktop variant so that you can download it with much ease. It offers a streamlined mode to the users and provides user-friendliness whilst accessing this site. Just by tapping the browser extension, the users can access their vault. One can scan their vault in an easy manner through the tools. Using the tools, you can alter the tiles size and organize the stuff into lines. You can find a specific category for each and every item such as the passwords, addresses, and notes on the left-hand side of the menu.


Short But Important Part of the Review. It’s Better to Select one by having your Own Analysis By Comparing the security Levers of These Tools.  Top Notch Security Features are common for Password Managers.


It Uses AES 256-bit Encryption which Took More than Years to Break with a Super Computer. So one can Term it as a Strong Encryption. On the Other Hand, none of your data I mean Master Password and all aren’t stored by Dashlane. The irony is you can’t even get your own account if you forgot the Master Password for your Vault. It Needs to Meet Certain Criteria to get Back.

There are no data breaches in History.


Firstly, It had Two Data Breaches in 2011 and 2015 in which no user data is leaked.

Email Address and Master Password Hints were leaked in these data Breaches and User data is completely Safe. It uses the same Encryption AES 256-bit used by Dashlane. Master Passwords of the Vaults are to be stored in the Server in an Encrypted Form which is said to be the reason for Breaches and the same is different in Dashlane.

However, it too had Strong Security and There are no user data leaks till date.

Final Words

Here ends the complete review and comparison of Dashlane Vs LastPass. After the overall comparison, we conclude that Dashlane offers extra security through its features compared to LastPass. But both of them are somewhat expensive and no one offers a lifetime license. So one more time I recommend you to take Sticky Password Lifetime license (85% Discounted Link).

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