Delete A Table In Word Is Your Worst Enemy. 2 Ways To Defeat It

Want to delete the table in Word Document? While working with Word documents, you might have used tables in some places. But sometimes, those may not be fitted that word document. Then you came to one decision that you want to delete that table. But deleting a table is not that much of difficulty, you can easily Delete a table in word.

This tutorial gives you simple tips to Delete a table in word. You will also learn how to remove a particular row or column or cell from the table.

How to Delete A Table In Word?

Video Tutorial:

Watch the below tutorial and then read the article for easy understanding. or you can skip the tutorial and understand by seeing the screenshots.

You can follow 2 methods to delete table from word document.

Method 1:

Click anywhere on table.

Delete a table in word
  1. Click “Layout”. It is the last option in the top menu.
  2. Click down arrow mark at “Delete”. You will see the available options.
  3. Click “Delete Columns”, if you want to delete selected columns. Click “Delete Rows”, when you want to delete selected rows. Click “Delete Table”, if you want to delete the entire table.

Method 2:

Click anywhere on table.

How to delete a table in word
  1. Go to “Design” in the top menu.
  2. Select “Eraser”. You will see a change in the cursor.
  3. Select the entire table by holding the left click of your mouse. Leave left click after selection of the entire table. Now you don’t see your table.

How to delete a row or column or cell from word table

Method 1:

You can follow the above method 1 even to delete a row or column. Just you need to select “Delete rows” or “Delete columns” instead of “Delete table”.

Method 2:

Click on table where you want to remove row or column.

How to delete columns in word

Right-click. Click on “Delete cells” which shows that in the above screenshot. You will see a small window shows that in the below screenshot.

How to remove columns in word
  • If you want to remove only a particular cell, select “Shift cells left” of “Shift cells up”.
  • Select “Delete entire row”, if you want to delete the entire row.
  • Select “Delete entire column”, if you want to delete the entire column.

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