3 Solutions For “Unable To Load..Torrent Is Not Valid Bencoding”

Can’t download required file from Torrent? There may be different reasons for torrent invalid. In those reasons Torrent Is Not Valid Bencoding” is one reason. There is an easy solution for the error “Torrent is not valid bencoding”. In this tutorial, I am going to discuss the reasons and possible solutions for the error “Unable to load Torrent is not valid bencoding”.

The Best way to download movies or any other content from the Internet is, by using torrents. In recent days, it is getting tough to download content from torrents. There are some reasons why you get this error.

Why I am getting the error: Torrent is not valid bencoding?

There are two reasons for getting this error.

  1. ISP corrupting torrent file: Today ISPs are corrupting torrent files because of government restrictions. It is not the case in all countries. But it is the main reason in many countries.
  2. Probably, You have downloaded a corrupted file.

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Solution for  “Unable To Load.. Torrent Is Not Valid Bencoding”

Here I am showing you three solutions for this issue. The First solution is the best one for everyone. When the first solution fails for you, then you may try the remaining two solutions.

Solution 1: Use magnet link

When you download a torrent file to your computer, there is a chance that ISP corrupts the file. When you download directly without downloading the torrent file, there is no question about ISP corrupting your torrent file. Almost every torrent website provides an option to download through a magnet link.

If you are downloading torrents through kickass(kat.cr). You can see the magnet link just left to download torrent button shows that in the below screenshot.

torrent is not valid bencoding

Just click on the magnet download link. It will start downloading from your browser download manager. In this case, you may see two issues. Those are, browser downloader will not support resume ability and download is slow.

If you want resume capability you need to use a download manager. I suggest you use an Internet download manager(IDM). IDM is the best download manager in the world. Of course, it is premium software, but it is worth to buy this software. Because you can download anything from the Internet faster than usual.

When you don’t like to spend money, you can go for free download manager(FDM). It will have resume ability. And it accelerates your download speed. That means you can download torrents as in BitTorrent client software.

Solution 2: Download the same file from another website

There is a chance that you have downloaded a corrupted file. That means torrent website may have corrupted file itself. Just try to download t same file from another torrent website. It may work.

Solution 3: Use VPN

When the above two methods failed and you are serious about downloading torrents, then you must use a VPN service. VPN hides your IP, unblocks any website, and provides security. No one knows about your computer IP and it’s physical location when you use a VPN service. Even ISP cannot find your IP and it’s location. So there is no chance to corrupt your torrent files. There are many best VPN service providers available.

I will suggest you to use NordVPN(68% Discounted Link) which is the cheap and best VPN services which provide the tightest security. You can also check our NordVPN discount coupon page for the latest offers.


Using and downloading pirated content is illegal. Torrent sites host pirated content. So it is illegal to browse torrent sites. Before browsing torrent sites, make sure you browse the internet anonymously. VPN service makes you anonymous or you can read my 4 methods to browse torrent sites anonymously.

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Torrent is not valid bencoding – FAQ

What does bencoding mean?

Bencoding is an encoding method used by peer-to-peer file sharing systems like Torrent for storing and sharing data.

What is not valid bencoding?

When your ISP corrupts the file or when you download the corrupted torrent file, you will get a torrent, not a valid bencoding error.

How do I download Magnet links?

You can directly download magnet links using your browser downloader. But it takes too much time. We recommend using Download mangers like IDM.

How do I fix torrent is not valid bencoding?

You can use any one of the three methods. 1) Download using Magnet link, 2) Download the same file from another website, and 3) Use VPN service.

24 thoughts on “3 Solutions For “Unable To Load..Torrent Is Not Valid Bencoding””

  1. thanks so much Jinka! it is my first time to get this error message and im quite bewildered since i’ve used torrents without failed so many times before

  2. A VPN doesn’t help this problem. I am on a VPN right now, and have the Bencoding error on KAT. Also, use a different site is not actually a great solution.

    • You can try magnet link to download directly with FDM or IDM. If it does not work, probably the torrent file might be corrupted.
      which VPN you are using. If you use free VPN services there is no guarantee for that.
      You need to use premium VPN services like NordVPN. When you use VPN you never get an issue while downloading torrent files unless that torrent file is corrupted.
      Still, if you have an issue, change your country location with a VPN and try.

    • The torrent file from KAT is not corrupt. Use magnet link as he suggests in solution # 1. Thank you very much for for your help jinka.


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