Guide to Download Music with AnyMusic – Best MP3 Downloader for Music Lover

Nowadays, Music is ubiquitous. You can listen to music for free online. But you may want to listen to music while jogging or driving. In this case, you have to download music for offline listening. Then you find that you have to pay for it! That sucks right? Yeah, it is sad, but is it what we have to face? No, no, no. Where there is a problem, there is a solution.

AnyMusic will be your trouble-breaker in the road of downloading music. How can AnyMusic outstand among many music downloaders? And how can it help you to get music online for free?

Let’s see!

  1. Why AnyMusic is the best choice for music lovers?
  2. How to download unlimited music from AnyMusic?
  3. Making Your Life Better – AnyMusic MP3 Downloader

Music download has a huge market demand; we can easily find any music downloader in the APP store or websites. AnyMusic is an all-around music downloader powered by Amoyshare.

As the rising star among many music downloaders, AnyMusic has its irreplaceable advantages compared with other music downloaders.

The biggest advantage of AnyMusic is that you can find the music resource by simply with keywords. Most of the music downloader doesn’t include this feature. That will save you time in searching for music and give you a more comfortable music experience.

There’re 4 major online resources for you to search for music, which include YouTube, Archive, Jamendo and 4Shared. Moreover, AnyMusic has 1000+ supported websites that can meet all your music preferences.

More than that, AmoyShare AnyMusic has a clean and fresh interface that gives you visual enjoyment. There are no ads, no plugins, and no virus.

Most important, AnyMusic is not only a music downloader but also a video converter. You can download your favorite music video, as well as convert it to a different audio format as needed.

Well, you must want to know how to download free music with the super functional AnyMusic.

Just keep reading!

Comprehensive Guide to Download Music Using AnyMusic

First, download AnyMusic installation package here.

Then open AnyMusic on your computer, like this:


Now, let’s get started!

Follow the belwo steps:

  • Many music downloaders support URL to search music, AnyMusic can do this as well. Just copy its URL and paste it into the AnyMusic search bar:
Paste URL AnyMusic
  • Click on the search icon, and then you can see lots of results as follows.
Music Search Results
  • As I said, the keyword search is one of the biggest advantages of AnyMusic. Simply typing keywords such as song names, artists, and playlists, and then you can easily get the music you’re looking for.
Download Music
  • When you find the music that you want to download, you can preview it before you get it.
  • That will make sure you find the right music and video, also you can check its quality.
Preview the music
  • When you are sure that is the music you want to download, then you can choose the format you like according to your device and demand. AnyMusic offers mainstream formats of video and audio, which include MP3, MP4, M4A, 3GP, etc.
AnyMusic format
  • When you start your downloading task, you can check the process in the Library. You will have a clear idea that which one is downloading and what tasks are finished.
Library AnyMusic
  • All the downloaded music files will be in the “Downloaded” section. Here, you can directly listen to the music.

That’s all about AnyMusic and how to download music with it. With AnyMusic, I think you will never need to worry about where to download free music online. Now get AnyMusic on your computer and grab all your favorite music offline without limit!

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