2 Ways to Extend C drive Partition on Windows 7,8,10..

Does your C drive full? Want to Extend C drive? It is a must to have enough free space on C Drive. Otherwise, your PC will work slow. Don’t worry you can increase your C drive space without losing data.

When you install any program, that will take some amount of space in your C drive. As time passes, one day it will get full. Even if it is not full, you will see some degradation in your PC speed. Your OS must have some free space in your C drive. When you don’t have enough space, your OS will not work properly.

How to Extend C drive?

Here I am showing you two ways to extend C drive space. The first method is, by using the inbuilt Windows disk management feature and the second one is, by using third-party software.

1. Using Windows disk management feature

Caution: If you don’t use this feature properly, there is a chance that you may lose your data. And the Windows disk management feature has limited functionality.

1.Open file explorer by pressing Windows + E.

2. Right click on This PC or My Computer depends on your OS version.

3. Select Manage option.

extend windows partition

4. Select Disk management option in Computer Management window.

Extend C drive

Look at the above screenshot. I have C, E & F drives in sequence. If you want to increase C drive space, you must have unallocated space right to C drive. So you need to delete the drive which is right to the C drive. Before deleting the drive, make sure you have transferred your data to another drive or to other external hard drives.

5. Right-click on E drive or any other drive which is just right to your C drive.

6. Select Delete Volume. If your drive is big, use the Shrink Volume option to shrink the volume of the E drive. For Example, your E drive volume is 150 GB, and you need only 50GB to add to the C drive. If you use Delete volume option, you could add 150GB to C drive. So shrink it to 50GB, you will get an unallocated 100GB drive right to E drive. Rename that drive with some other letter. Now delete this 50 GB E drive.

After deleting E drive, you will see Unallocated space right to C drive.

7. Right click on C drive.

8. Select Extend Volume. Select Next and Finish.

By using Disk management option, you must delete volume next to C drive. Because you can not create unallocated space left to any drive by using Shrink Volume option. You can create unallocated space only to right of any drive. To Extend C drive volume without deleting any drive, you need to go for third-party partition tools.

2. Using Macrorit Partition Expert Pro

I use Macrorit partition Expert Pro. Because it is very easy to use the software. It comes with a lifetime license. It is very inexpensive compare to other softwares. It is very fast. It is even available in a portable version. And it gives many features other than resizing partitions. You can also read my Macrorit Partition Expert Pro review.

Buy Macrorit Partition Expert Pro. Install it. Register with License Key.

  • Select E drive.
  • Click Resize/Move Volume in the left menu.
macrorit partition expert pro
  • Just drag from the left side to create unallocated space left to E drive. And click OK.
macrorit partition expert pro review
  • Once again you will be on the main screen. Now select C drive. You will see another window where you can drag towards the right side.
  • Click OK.
  • Click Commit at top. It will boot your PC and within 10 minutes, you will have free space in C drive.

I think now you can Extend C drive without losing your data. If you like it, please share this article with your friends. Want more tips, Please follow whatvwant on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe to WhatVwant channel on YouTube for regular updates.

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