16 Must-have software for Windows Computer

Here is the list of Must-have software for Windows PC. Every one need is different. Irrespective of different needs, everyone must have some basic software. This article gives the list of free as well as premium software, every computer must need.

I am telling you about the software that I am using and what I have used. It includes free and some premium software. Because you should not compromise on your PC security. So you should not opt for free software for PC security.

Must have softwares for Windows

1.Windows OS

microsoft windows

Of course, you may know that the Computer does not run without an operating System. That is why I have included Windows OS as the first software in Must have software for Windows computers. If you buy a laptop or desktop from any manufacturer, you will get a pre-loaded device with Windows OS.

When you don’t have OS on your computer and need to buy Windows OS if you are confused about which edition to buy? Just read the below topics before buying Windows OS. You will get a clear idea.

If you have decided to buy Windows OS, I recommend you to buy Microsoft Windows OS only from Microsoft store. Because you may not get support from Microsoft if you buy OS from any other eCommerce stores.

2. Microsoft Office (Premium)

ms office

The second most important software is the Microsoft Office suite. As you know Microsoft office 365 is a must-have software. But it is pricey. Microsoft has changed one-time to purchase Microsoft Office to monthly subscription-based Microsoft office 365. I recommend you to take any plan. Because with their plan you can use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, Publisher, Access, Skype, and 1TB One Drive cloud storage. You can store, access, and edit your files from any device anywhere.

3. Open Office (Free alternative to Microsoft office 365)

When you can not offer money to Microsoft office365, you can go with Open office. It is free software. It will provide many features to create and edit documents. You can use it as a free alternative to Microsoft office 365. Download Open Office

4. VLC player(Free)

Playing media files like video and audio is another important work which we do with computers. VLC medial player is the best medial player ever. You can play almost all video and audio formats with this software. Moreover, it is completely free software with regular updates. Download Vlc player

5. Foxit Reader(Free)

You may have to open and edit PDF files on the computer. Of course, you may have adobe reader to open PDF files. But I recommend you to use Foxit Reader. It is a free PDF reader software. It will provide some editing features also. It will also give printer software. With this, you can convert any other documents to PDF files. You can save any online documents as PDF files. Download Foxit Reader. If you need complete Acrobat reader features for the less price, I can suggest you Wondershare PDFelement.

6. Format Factory(Free)

format factory

Format Factory is wonderful software. It converts your video or audio or image from any format to any other format. You can convert video suitable for any device like a mobile or tablet. When your TV does not support a particular format, it may not play video. At that time use format factory to convert the format of video suitable to your TV. Download Format Factory. If you need a premium one with better features, I can suggest Wondershare Video Converter.

7. CCleaner (Free & Premium)


Any Pc will not be completed without Ccleaner software. It cleans cache, temporary files, and many more to improve your PC speed. If you want to keep your PC speed, you must use this software. It is available in free and premium versions. The Premium version comes with complete cleaning and support. The free version comes with basic cleaning options. If you buy Ccleaner Professional Plus, you will get File recovery as an additional feature, so that you can avoid buying data recovery software. If you can not offer money, you can also use free software which helps a lot. Download Ccleaner.

8. Bullguard Internet Security (Premium)

Bullguard Internet security features

Nowadays Internet Security is a must-have software on any computer. If you don’t have Internet security, your PC will get affected by viruses or malware and it will become slow. You need to reinstall OS to clean the affected PC.

Though there are many Internet security software available, I recommend BullGuard Internet security(Special Discounted link), because I am using it. I love this software very much because of the below reasons.

  • Its price is very less compared to other security products.
  • Bullguard has included the PC TuneUP feature in Internet Security. It has improved my PC performance a lot.
  • Its scan is very fast.
  • It shows malicious URLs even in Google search. So that you need not open them.

When you have BullGuard Internet Security on your computer, you don’t have to use other PC TuneUp software. You can also uninstall Ccleaner. Because Bullguard Internet Security does everything. You can also try AVG Ultimate(20% discounted link).

9. VPN software (Premium)

Internet Security can not provide complete security. If You want to be protected completely, you must use a VPN along with Internet Security. VPN helps to unblock any website which is blocked in your country. It will encrypt your data so that no one hacks your computer. Even the government can not see your computer activity. You can change your IP and country which is visible to everyone.

I can suggest you top-class VPN service ExpressVPN. If you need a less priced alternative, you can go with NordVPN(70%  Special Discounted Link)

10. GIMP (Free Photoshop Alternative)

When you want to edit photos, you need not buy photoshop or photoshop elements. GIMP gives almost basic features of photoshop. You can easily edit photos and any images. It is a completely free software. Download GIMP.

11. Google Drive (Free & Premium)

You never know how important is to take a backup of your PC until you lost important files. It is always good to take computer backup. Google Drive gives 15GB of free storage. You can use this space to store at least important files. Download Google Drive.

When you want to take the complete backup, I recommend you go with iDrive (75% discounted link) which gives you unlimited storage space.

12. Recuva (Free & Premium)


Recuva helps to recover deleted files. If you have accidentally deleted files. You may get them from the recycle bin. If the file was deleted from the Recycle bin, you can not recover without data recovery tools. Recuva is a free tool that recovers files free of cost. It is available in free as well as the Premium version. The Premium version comes with support and more options. If you buy Ccleaner Professional Plus, you will also get File recovery as an additional feature, so that you need not to go with Recuva. Download Recuva. You can also try Wondershare recoverit.

13. Download Manager

Every browser comes with the download manager. But they are not speeding. And they don’t have a resume feature. If you want to download big files, if your download interrupts due to internet failure or power issues, you need to download your file from starting. To avoid these issues, you need to use a download manager.

  1. Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the best download manager in the world. It is very fast and it is secure because it scans files while downloading. It has too many features. It is a premium software. But it is worth spending a one-time fee for a lifetime license. You can also read my complete review about Internet Download Manager.

2.When you don’t like to spend money, you can go with Free download manager (FDM). Free Download Manager is a download manager which improves your download speed. It will do multiple requests to download multiple parts of a file simultaneously. I am sure that, it will improve your download speed. Download Free download Manager.

14. uTorrent (Free)

Downloading movies is another important thing that you do with a computer. You can download any movie with torrents. To download the movie with torrents you need a bit torrent client. uTorrent is the widely used bit torrent client. Some countries have banned torrent sites. If your country has banned torrent sites, you must use any one of the top VPN Services like ExpressVPN or NordVPN(70% Discounted Link). It will unblock censored sites. Download uTorrent.

15. Browsers(Free)

Internet Explorer is the inbuilt browser in Windows. But that is not enough. You must have at least two to three browsers on your computer. I recommend you to use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. These two are the fastest and feature-rich browsers. Some people like Google chrome while others like Mozilla Firefox. Try these two browsers and decide which you like. I like Google chrome. Download Google chromeDownload Mozilla Firefox.

16. Zipper(Free)

You may receive many Zip files. If you want to see files you need to unzip them. When you want to send multiple files, you need to create a zip file. When you want to compress files, creating a zip file is one of the best methods to compress files. To do all these things you need zipper software on your computer. I recommend 7-Zip. It is free software with premium features. Free software compress files up to a certain level. When you need a high-compression level, you need to go for WinRar which is a premium software. Download 7-ZipDownload WinRar.

These are some of the software that I use on my computer. What are you using? Do let us know through the comment section.

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