Read this Ivacy VPN Review for its features and performance. Online privacy and data security are the burning questions from the IT industry today. From academics to developers, tech magazines to software vendors, everybody has a say in cybersecurity. I began searching for a reliable solution. Ivacy VPN was packed with many powerful features so I subscribed to it.

Ivacy VPN Review

Ivacy Core Features:

Ivacy VPN features

It offers smarter downloading, unblocks geo-restricted content and is able to connect me on more than 200+ servers over 100+ destinations in the world. With a blazing fast connection speed and military-grade security, it soon became my ultimate solution to online freedom.

Rock-Solid Security:

From what I know, Ivacy uses 256-bit encryption security which currently is the best technology out there. Furthermore, it allows me to change my VPN security configuration with ease. I can switch between “IKEV” for blazing fast connection speed and “IPSEC” for maximum security on my iPhone.

Zero-Log Policy:

Unlike other VPNs in the market, Ivacy maintains a Zero-Log policy. I believe this makes the lives of third parties a living hell. US Senate allowed local ISPs to collect and sell our personal data without our permission. I’m not enlightening the scary aspect of the NSA or the FBI tracking everything that we do or Facebook and Google tracking our online activities; there is all of that, however, the threat of hackers or competitors who put in great effort to track you, find dirt and then use it against you for their personal benefit is intolerable, hence leaving us with no other choice but to secure our online privacy with an authentic VPN which leaves no trail behind.


Ivacy VPN Connectivity

Ivacy offers security on multiple devices (max 5) simultaneously which is great. It supports flexibility with multiple protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN & the revolutionary Stealth as well. I claimed back control of my online presence with this P2P friendly software which allowed me to be here, there, anywhere! I can now download torrents and watch HD movies or TV shows while enjoying total anonymity over the web.

Exclusive Features:

The app itself is very user-friendly. With an attractive interface, Ivacy was loaded with exceptional features like Quick-Connect, Split-Tunneling, Internet Kill Switch, On-Demand List, Manual Dialing as well as an In-App Support Center comprising of live chats, FAQs, supporting articles and tickets to resolve all my queries.

Pricing & Discount

Ivacy VPN (90% Discounted link) has been featured by Tech Crunch, Life Hacker, Geek Time and Tech in Asia as well, on various occasions. With a 7-day refund policy, Ivacy offers its services for a mere $9.95 per month only. Now frankly that is nothing when it comes to securing myself from online threats. They also offer a 6-month plan for $7.49 per month only, however, I would suggest you purchase their yearly plan at discounted rates. By that I mean, on the purchase of their 1 Year Plan at $4.08 per month only, you will be able to enjoy another year with absolutely no hidden costs. So technically that is 2 years at the price of one. Now that is your silver lining right there! You will get an overall 83% discount on the 2 years plan which costs you $2.04 per month.

Occasionally they run special discounts of more than 83%. Please check this Ivacy VPN discount coupon page for the latest offers.


To sum up, I believe it is a great product and my positive experience with Ivacy led me to come up with this review. I tried making it as informative as I could as Ivacy has proven itself to be an exceptional help to me by taking away my worries of connecting to unsecured networks in public places. In my opinion, it provides great value for money and I’d suggest you to get your hands on this spectacular service right away!

  • Less priced with 2 years plan.
  • Good Security.
  • 7 Days Money back guarantee.
  • Only 5 Simultaneous Connections.

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