How to Hack Someone’s Snapchat Account without Them Knowing

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If you don’t know about Snapchat, then ask any teenager out there. They will tell you all about it and why they like using it. If you have seen those pictures with some added features like a funny nose or ears, that’s Snapchat.

While it’s a favorite in the young generation, many have tried to hack it for various reasons. First, you may want to know what your kid or young employee is doing there. Next, Snapchat does not keep the messages for long.

Unless you have a way to hack to get the messages in real-time, most of the things will skip you. The sad thing with trying to access someone’s account is that it’s dangerous. The target may get the security notification, and that’s not good for the hacking business.

So, how do you hack the Snapchat without letting the target know?

1. Hack Someone’s Snapchat with Spyic

There are remarkable apps out there that can help you hack a targeted Snapchat account. Apart from hacking, they will make sure that the target does not get any clue. One of them is the Spyic hacking app that can do a lot.

Millions of users have already used it in more than 190 countries. Most of them are parents and employers who need to hack their subject’s phones without alerting anyone.

This has made the app to be recognized by news outlets such as The Verge and Digital Trends. So, what is Spyic’s secret? It can hack the targeted account while being completely undetectable.

Next, it gives you the results away from the target’s phone. Apart from all the Snapchat activities, Spyic can also hack the authentication credentials too. So, it’s an app worth investing in if your target has an Android phone.

The best thing about it is that you don’t need to root any device to hack it.

If you want to hack a Snapchat account using Spyic, you need to install it once on the targeted device. During installation, it’s essential to activate the stealth mode operation. That’s what is responsible for hiding the icon as you hack.

After the installation, you don’t need the phone again. Everything will be available in your online account via the web-based dashboard. It works with all browsers so, you can use any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

On the dashboard, you can access Snapchat activities via the Social Media option. It will show you all the messages, pictures, videos, and contact details involved. If you think you are missing something, then the keylogger feature is available at the bottom of the panel.

It records all the keystrokes made on the device. So, under the Snapchat log file, you can get all the typed messages and the login details used. You can then use the typed username and password to access the account directly.

In 2020, we know that data security is paramount in every application. Spyic support team knows that. That’s why it doesn’t store the Snapchat information or any other in the app’s cloud. Spyic uses its cloud only to sync the information and make it available online.

So, even during a crisis, the support team will not see your hacking results. With that, let’s see how you can hack that Snapchat account without them knowing.

2. How to Hack Snapchat Account Using Spyic

hack snapchat account

This section will tell you how to hack Snapchat account using Spyic app.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step 1: Get the Android Phone version 4.0 and above

Get the targeted Android phone. Make sure it has Android version 4.0 and above.

Step 2: Register Spyic account

Register Spyic account

Using the same device (or another), register an account on the Spyic website using your email address and a password. Next, choose the Android icon to continue.

Step 3: Make the Payment

Select the best hacking option for you and proceed to make the payment. You will immediately receive a confirmation email with the login details, set up instructions, receipt, and a download link.

Step 4: Install Spyic on the targeted phone

Install Spyic on the targeted phone

Use the sent link on the email to install Spyic on the targeted phone. Make sure you activate the stealth mode by selecting the ‘Hide Application’ option. After that, finish installing and proceed to access your account using another device.

Step 5: Sync the phone

Once you log in and wait for the syncing, the dashboard will appear. You’ll see the phone’s summary on the right and the features on the narrow left part.

Step 6: Hack Snapchat account

hack snapchat account

To hack the Snapchat account, go to Social Media and click to see the dropdown options. There are many social media platforms that you can hack there. Locate Snapchat and click to see all the captured data.

To get the password, go to the keylogger and locate the Snapchat icon. Click on it to see all the typed records under the Snapchat app.

Fetch the typed username and password and use them to access the account directly.


There is a way to go around the issue of hacking and get results without making any noise. Apps like Spyic will greatly help you in that if you choose to invest in them. First, you get the results even when the Snapchat postings disappear.

Next, you don’t need to root the phone to hack the platform, among other things. One more thing, it uses stealth mode to hide. That means you will be hacking the Snapchat account while the targeted user thinks everything is fine.

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4.Hack Snapchat account with Spyic – FAQ

What is Spyic?

Spyic is parental control app that helps to monitor Android or iOS phone.

Does Spyic work on all Android versions?

No. It works only on Android version 4.0 and above.

Using Spyic is legal?

Yes. Monitoring underage children is legal. Anyhow you need to check your country laws.

Does Spyic has refund policy?

Yes. It has 10 days refund policy.

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