Top 5 Apps to Tap a Cell Phone Remotely

Do you want to know how to tap a cell phone remotely? Do you ever wonder if it is possible to tap a cell phone like in the movies? Although it may not look as glamorous as in the movies, it is possible to tap a smartphone. Some apps make tapping easy for everyone.

Although multiple apps claim to offer such services, finding a reliable one is a challenge. The best app to tap a cell phone should let you access your target smartphone remotely.

Technology is making it easier for developers to come up with noble ways of tapping smartphones. Some apps even make it possible to tap an iPhone without installing any app on the target iPhone.

Besides the multitudes of phone tapping apps, we have come up with the top 5 apps to tap a cell phone. Read on to know how these apps work and which is the best to tap your target cell phone.

1. Top 5 Apps to Tap a Cell Phone Remotely

1.1. Cocospy – The best app to tap a cell phone

If you want to get yourself a reliable cell phone tapping app, go to Cocospy. It is a web-based phone tapping app that supports Android and iOS devices. Not only can it tap on cell phones but also on tablets and iPads.

cocospy- best cell phone tracker.

Cocospy comes with over 35 cell phone tapping features. It can tap into everything from messages, to location and social media apps among others. So, Cocospy is a comprehensive phone tapping app.

Before we can start showing you how to tap a cell phone with Cocospy, let’s consider some of its features.

1.1.1 Cocospy features

Since we can’t highlight all the features, here are some of the features you get with this app: Remote tapping capabilities

With Cocospy, you can tap into your target cell phone online. As a web-based cell phone tapping app, Cocospy lets you tap your target via a browser. To your target, you only have to log into your Cocospy dashboard.

On iPhones, Cocospy lets you tap them without installing the app on the target. The app uses iCloud credentials of your target to tap on all the activities on their phone. No rooting or jailbreaking solution

To tap a cell phone, Cocospy doesn’t require rooting Android or iPhone smartphones. You can tap on them without using the latest technology that eliminates the need to compromise the target phone.

Taking into account that most phone tapping apps require rooting or jailbreaking cell phone, Cocospy is exceptional. The app through the use of technology has overcome the need to manually tap your target.

Jailbreaking or rooting a cell phone leaves your target vulnerable to malicious attacks. So, your target’s security remains intact when you use Cocospy to tap their phones.

Above all, to jailbreak or root a cell phone requires technical knowledge most people lack. With Cocospy, you don’t have to worry about the technical details that go into rooting or jailbreaking a phone. Tap your target in stealth

Cocospy delivers all its taping capabilities in stealth. All the activities take place in the background to avoid interfering with phone performance. Also, the app uses very little cell phone resources like storage.

For instance, the Android app is only 2 MB. After installation on the target, the app automatically deletes its icon to ensure your target never suspects. Also, it disguises itself in installed apps.

After you you’re done tapping your target Android smartphone, Cocospy lets you uninstall the app remotely. This is possible in a single click on your dashboard with no questions asked.

Since Cocospy lets you tap iPhones without installing the app, you don’t have to worry about your target discovering your activities. The app taps on everything on your target’s iCloud backup.

Cocospy affords you unrivalled remote and discreet tapping experience. Tap cell phone location

With Cocospy, you have the ability to your target cell phone real-time location. The feature is among the most coveted in this app. So, you will always know the whereabouts of your target cell phone.

The app lets you know where they visit by giving you their addresses and coordinates. Cocospy also comes with a geofence feature to get notifications when your target crosses the set boundary. Safe and secure

Cocospy is a darling for millions of users around the world. The app doesn’t compromise the target cell phone and ensures their privacy is guaranteed. For instance, Cocospy does not have access to third-party app data.

So, it never saves such data on its server neither does it share your target’s data with other apps. Tap social media apps

With this app, all the popular social media apps are at your disposal. Cocospy lets you tap Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and LINE among many others.

It is amazing how much Cocospy lets you tap on your target’s smartphone. The app can tap messages, chats and posts on these platforms. Whatever your target share on his or her platform is also at your disposal.

The app also lets you access deleted messages on your target cell phone. Cocospy backs every message before the target on its server. So, you won’t have to always access your dashboard to tap on your target cell phone messages.

1.1.2. How to tap a cell phone using Cocospy

How to tap a cell phone

To tap a cell phone using Cocospy takes a few easy steps.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step 1: Signup to Cocospy

Signup to Cocospy

First, visit the official Cocospy website to sign up for an account. Also, subscribe to a plan that you feel will meet your cell phone tapping needs.

Step 2: Configure your target cell phone

If your target is an Android cell phone, you will need physical access to install the app. During installation, the app will take you through the rest of the process.
For an iPhone, no need to install the app. However, you need the iCloud credentials of your target. Provide the credentials and verify.

Step 3: Sync the phone

After configuring your target cell phone, give the app a few minutes to sync. Then click Start to finish the configuration process.

Step 4: Tap a cell phone

How to tap a cell phone

Lastly, log into your Cocospy dashboard to start tapping into the different areas of your target.
Here, Cocospy allows you to access different cell phone tapping features. On the left panel, you can tap into anything on your target. Just scroll and choose what you want to tap.

1.2. Spyic

Spyic sets itself apart as one of the best cell phone tapping apps. Like Cocospy, Spyic is a web-based app that lets you tap iOS and Android devices. To tap your target, you do so via your Spyic dashboard.


The app lets you tap your target cell phone without jailbreaking iOS or rooting Android smartphones. Cocospy also works in a way that it doesn’t interfere with your target’s phone performance.

Like Cocospy, Spyic has millions of users across the world. It delivers a convenient and effective way to tap on your target cell phone. The app relies on advanced technology to tap on your target’s cell phone in stealth.

1.3. Spyier

Another great cell phone tapping app is Spyier. The app supports iOS and Android devices. Spyier is a web-based app that allows you to tap your target cell phone online.


The app capitalises on web browsers to tap your target cell phone. The process of tapping a cell phone in this app takes place in its dashboard. You only need to log in.

Spyier ensures your tapping activities fly below your target’s radar. Like Cocospy, Spyier is a no-root and no-jailbreak solution. Its capabilities arise from the use of cutting-edge technology.

1.4. Copy9

Copy9 is a cell phone tapping that works only on Android devices. It comes with decent features. However, for the app to work, you have to root the Android devices.

Besides rooting being a risky manoeuvre it leaves your target vulnerable to online attacks. Also, it is an inconvenience most users can do without. Also, the fee for using Copy9 is prohibitive considering it only works on Android devices.

1.5. PhoneSpector

PhoneSPector is a decent phone tapping app. It comes with great features. However, its dashboard design is not the best. Also, installing the app on the target cell phone tends to affect its performance.

Even though it allows you to spy on iOS and Android platforms, PhoneSpector has glaring drawbacks. For example, it cannot tap messages on Tinder, Skype, and LINE.

2. Conclusion: Which is the best cell phone tapping app?

Taking into account the different cell phone tapping apps highlighted, Cocospy stands out. The app taps on virtually all aspects of the target cell phone. It can tap social media apps, shared files and much more.

The popularity of this app has attracted the attention of international media outlets such as Forbes. Also, Cocospy has an excellent customer approval rating of 96% making it a trustworthy app in the surveillance industry.

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3. Best apps to Tap a cell phone – FAQ

How can I tap a cell phone remotely?

Yes. Just by using mobile monitoring apps, you can tap any cell phone.

Which is the best cell phone tapping app?


Why should I tap a cell phone?

To monitor your child behavior on mobile phone.

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