How To Add Signature To Yahoo Mail (Step By Step Guide)

Do you have a Yahoo mail? Didn’t added signature yet? Need to add a signature to your Yahoo mail? Don’t know how to add a signature? Want to know How to add signature to Yahoo mail?

This tutorial will give you a simple guide to create your signature which appears at the end of every email you send. If you don’t have a Yahoo mail account, You need to create a new Yahoo Mail account.

What is a Signature in Email? Why Should I Add It To My Email?

mail signature

An email signature is a great way to convey your professionalism to your customers, site visitors, clients, readers, etc. And give them the information they require to contact you. An email signature is placed at the bottom of every email that you send to your customers. This aids leave the best and great impression and makes you stand out from your peers.

In this digital world, the email signature plays a very key role. Because with this, you don’t need to provide contact details and website each and every time to every recipient, whenever you send mail to them.

Once you set a signature, it appears at the end of your every Email. You can use this signature to promote yourself or your organization. Just look at the above screenshot for the WhatVwant admin’s signature.


STEP 1: Go to the Yahoo homepage and select the mail icon shown at the top right corner of your screen.

STEP 2: Sign in to Yahoo mail with your username and password, if you already have an existing account. Otherwise, create a new Yahoo email account.

sign in

STEP 3: After sign in, go to the Settings icon shown as a gear logo, click on it, and then go to More Settings.

STEP 4: Choose the Writing email shown on the left side of your screen. Then you can see the Signature option. If you didn’t add a signature earlier, then it would be in a disabled state. Now click on it to enable.

enable signature-to-know-how-to-add-signature-on-yahoo-mail

STEP 5: When you enable the Signature, it shows you an empty box to write your contact details. These details will appear at the bottom of every email when you send an email to anyone.

add signature

STEP 6: You can also see the preview signature at the right of the screen. STEP 7: Once you add your desired signature content, then it will be saved automatically. And whenever you will compose your new mail, your signature will be seen at the end of the mail. Further, if you want, you can edit in the future.

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