How to Add or Change Yahoo Mail Profile Picture?

Want to add a new profile picture to Yahoo Mail? Want to change your existing profile picture on Yahoo mail. Want to know about more options, settings related to profile picture in Yahoo mail? Profile picture in social media (like Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook, etc) has its unique importance in finding the exact person whom you are searching for.

Then this article aid you to change your Yahoo Mail profile picture in an easy way. Along with this article, we have provided a video tutorial for the people who need the procedure in realistic manner.

Why Profile Picture?

A profile picture reveals your identity. So that your family members, colleagues, friends, and others will quickly identify you when you send an email to them. Because when you send an email to anyone, they can see your profile picture along with your Email and Name. So it is a must to use a profile picture. Further, you can easily change your Yahoo Mail profile picture whenever you want.

How to change Yahoo mail profile picture?

Video Tutorial: How to add or change Yahoo Mail Profile Picture (2020)?

If you have 3 minutes of your time, you can watch this video tutorial. Else, simply skip it and continue reading this article.

The procedure to add a new profile picture or to change an existing profile picture in your Yahoo Mail is almost the same.

STEP 1: Login into your Yahoo mail account. Place a cursor on your profile picture which is placed at the top right corner. You will see a small window as shown below.

click on profile

STEP 2: Click on Account Info. Then go to Personal info as shown below.

click on personal info section

STEP 3: Click on your current profile picture as shown in the below screenshot. And select the picture from the photo gallery. (Here you haven’t set a profile picture previously. That’s why you are uploading a new profile picture now. Suppose you have previously uploaded any profile picture, then you follow the same procedure to change it).

click on profile picture

STEP 4: After selecting a picture then options will appear below your selected picture (you can crop it there). Then click on the Crop and save button.
Then your Yahoo Mail profile picture will be updated with your uploaded photo.

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How to Add or Change Yahoo Mail Profile Picture?- FAQ

Can I change the name in Yahoo mail?

Yes, you can change the name in Yahoo mail. To change your name click on Yahoo profile and then go to the personal information section. In that section, click on the Edit option at top of the screen. Then change the name according to your wish.

Can I set the picture from online as profile picture?

No, you can’t set online picture as your Yahoo profile picture. If you like any picture in online then first download it to your device and then upload that as profile picture of your Yahoo mail.

How to login to my Yahoo account if I forgot password?

You don’t need to worry when you forgot your Yahoo mail password. You can reset it by clicking on forgot password option, then enter a new password then you can log in.

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