How to Create a New Yahoo Mail Account (With Images)

Still don’t you have a Yahoo mail? Do you want to create a new Yahoo mail account? Want to know the difference between the Email and Yahoo mail?

Today it is a must to have an Email id. You can have an Email from Gmail or Rediffmail or any other Email service provider. In this article, You will learn about creating a Yahoo mail account. If you want, you can read How to Create a New Gmail account?

What is Email?

Email (Electronic mail) is a mode of communication with your friends, businesses, relatives, etc through the internet. It is essential for Business Communications. And you can share any attachment with friends, relatives, professionals, etc instantaneously.

The main advantage is its instantaneous process of delivering any attachment and people no longer send postal mail. Another main advantage is no cost, unlike postal cost.

What is Yahoo mail?

Yahoo Mail is one of the well-known mail service launched by American Company  Yahoo!, now a subsidiary of Verizon. It offers mainly four types of email plans. Three for personal use ( those are Basic, Plus, and Ad-free) and one for business use. Users are able to access and manage their mailboxes (Inbox, Sent, draft, Archive, etc) using a webmail interface, accessible using a standard web browser.

Why YAHOO Mail?

Yahoo! for a long time is popular among businesses, professionals, educational organizations, etc. And it offers mail, browsing, search engine, current affairs, etc. And you can find different options over Yahoo like lifestyle, Flickr, movies, celebrity, and much more.

How to Create a new Yahoo mail account?

STEP 1:  Open your internet browser and go to the Yahoo homepage.
STEP 2: Go to Mail at the top right side of your screen as shown in the following screenshot.

click on mail

STEP 3: After this, the below page will appear. Then click on the Create an Account option.

STEP 4: Next you need to enter your details like first name and last name. Next, do the following:

  • Choose a username for Yahoo mail and type it over Yahoo username.
  • Enter the password for your Yahoo mail account over the password field.
  • Enter your mobile number over a mobile number (where you can receive text or voice calls).
  • Choose either male or female.
fill up details

STEP 5: Read Yahoo mail’s privacy policy and terms of use, and continue to verify your phone number by selecting Text me an account key or call me with account key.

STEP 6: Type that code you receive and verify it. This is required to let Yahoo know that you are not a robot.
STEP 7: Now your yahoo account has been successfully created and you will be redirected to Yahoo in 6 seconds.

STEP 8: Now after redirecting you will automatically be shifted to the Yahoo homepage where you can access mail, news, and other services.

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