How to Adjust Mac screen brightness (Automatic or Manual)?

It is very easy to adjust Mac screen brightness. Mac OS gives you the option to change your screen brightness automatically or manually.  If you set it automatically, Mac will automatically adjust the brightness based on the lighting in the room. If you want, you can change it manually.

It is must to adjust the display brightness according to your room light. Other wise your eyes will get damaged quickly. When you see a computer, it will give you blue light effect on your eyes. The blue light effect will have an impact on your sleep. You can also use f.lux software to control your screen brightness. You may also read How to reduce blue light effect to get good sleep. So you must adjust Mac screen brightness according to your room light. For that follow instructions given in this tutorial.

How to Change Mac screen brightness?

You can adjust Mac screen brightness in two methods.

Method 1: Using Keyboard Keys

If you use MacBook, you can use the F1 and F2 keys to adjust brightness. You will find these keys at the top left corner of keyboard.
If you use Mac desktop Computer, you need to use the F14 and F15 keys at top right corner to decrease or increase brightness.

Usually, you will see the sun logo on these keys. When you press any of these keys you will see a screen where you can check your brightness level.


Method 2: Using display settings

I think you Mac may have ambient light sensor. If it has,

1.Select Apple symbol in top left corner as shown in below screenshot.

2. Select System Preferences shows that in below screenshot.

Apple Menu

3.Click Displays shows that in below screenshot.

Displays Option

4.Click Display. Then select “Automatically adjust brightness.” checkbox to adjust the brightness by automatic.
If you don’t find the “Automatically adjust brightness” checkbox, you can adjust brightness manually. Just drag the slider to adjust brightness.

Adjust brightness through System Preferences

I hope now, you can adjust your Mac screen brightness. If you benefited from this article, please share it with your friends. If you know any other method, please add in the comment section.

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