Top 3 methods to scan email for malware on Mac

Scanning is an important step to keep an eye on the downloaded files. Here are the top 3 methods to scan email for malware on Mac.

Do computers really need an anti-virus is still a big question with different answers? Keeping it aside, no matter what you are using, a computer can be affected. Apple is more secure and is a fact as it takes most of the security precautions. But in the end, the knowledge of the user matters the most. We do operate thousands of things online through email and hence I thought one should know about the methods to scan email for malware on Mac

Apple had a gradual growth in laptop shipments which confirms they are being for real business too. Although it is a bit secure when compared, your own knowledge to find things in equally important.

Important: Keep yourself updated with the latest virus attacks on mac. Things had evolved really well and the way of spam too. Always keep the major sources of the virus in mind. They may be in any form say some malware while installing an adobe flash player or something similar.

Can opening an Email install malware?

Well, this is true. Emails are not about only the text. They are inbuilt options to attach multimedia and many more which are to be downloaded for better understanding. Such multimedia files can be fed with the virus which actually harms laptop after it’s being viewed/downloaded. Yes, such codes are not visible and can be hidden.

Asking for text-only emails may not work to run work that smooth. So there is no other way apart from being a bit careful and all.

Here are some methods to Methods to scan email for malware on mac.

Methods to scan email for malware on Mac

Never ever click an email link until you know the result. This software is essentials for a laptop to scan the attachments. The first is to scan email attachments using CleanMyMac X.

1. How do I scan an email for malware on Mac with CleanMyMac X? 

CleanMyMac X is a mac software that can do a bunch of things. Privacy scanner, larger files scanner, system junk cleaner, malware remover are some of them.

  • Download CleanMyMac X from its official website.
  • Launch it on your laptop.
  • Click on malware removal which is on the left sidebar.
malware removal- Methods to scan email for malware on mac
  • Now it will scan your Mac and compare them with its own database of malware to find any.
  • If everything is alright quit it.

It is good to scan all the email attachments once in a while. Here is the procedure regarding that. It had 2 uses.

  1. Removes large data files
  2. Finds malware within the email attachments.

It works will all the email companies on your mac including apple mail, Gmail and more.

  • Launch the app using finder or dock
  • Click on mail attachments from the sidebar.
mail attachments
  • Scan it. Clean is used to remove all the attachments, Use accordingly.
  • One can review the attachments before cleaning them. Tap on the emails which were needed and clean the rest.

All the checked files will be cleaned and the malware with those files will be pushed to trash. Empty it for a good cause.

2.By using Bitdefender on mac

Bitdefender is second from our list. Noting it’s cleanup rate Bitdefender is also a great choice to scan mail attachments and other related data from the disk. The process is similar to the above one.

  • Download it from the official website.
  • Make sure you had given all the required permissions to access the disk.
  • Launch application that later welcomes you with a dashboard after permissions.
  • Check out the scan options there and do it accordingly. I prefer system scan and make use of safe files as well.
  • The above scan will remove all the infected files from the system.
  • You will be safe it nothing is sorted out. If any just do the removal process as shown on screen.

3.How to scan email for malware on Mac with Intego mac internet security – Recommended

Intego Mac Internet security (50% discounted link) software is well known Mac internet security software for more than 15 years. If you want complete protection for your Mac, you must install it.


Here is how we can scan email for malware on a mac using VirusBarrier which is a part of Intego Mac Internet security.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Install and launch intego

allow access

Download Intego mac security from its official website and launch it on your mac. Do all the formalities and allow permissions for the VirusBarrier.

Allow permissions Disk data

full disk permission

This is to scan each and everything which is stored on your mac. Give permissions as per the instructions displayed on the screen. In simple, open security and privacy and give full disk access to VirusBarrier


Go for a full scan once you launch the app. This scans all your stored data on mac. Once the scan is over, it displays all the infected files which include email attachments as well.

Schedule your scan


Schedule your scan as per your need and usage. Set it up directly from the VirusBarrie dashboard.

Conclusion: Which is the best way to scan Email for malware on Mac?

I hope these three are good enough to do needy regarding infected files and malware. Needless to say, the email attachments were scanned automatically under any of the above methods. However, I personally use and recommend Intego mac internet security for its price and features. Don’t be in a state of that mac is secured in every way. It is secured but not about the things which we download.

I hope this tutorial helped you find the methods to scan emails for malware on Mac. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more tips.

Scan email for malware on Mac – FAQs

Do mac need antivirus software?

Yes, mac’s are secure but they still need security software to find the corrupted files and data from your disk.

Does Mac have a built in virus scanner?

Yes, it had. But it works as the windows defender which scans all the apps and files with the known bad resources. However, people are finding a lot more ways in no time to push virus to mac

How do I manually remove malware from my Mac?

Download any app such as CleanMyMac X and scan the disk for a single time. All the infected files stood out. Simply remove them. You can’t remove all the hidden files manually. Some visible files and apps might be possible.

Do Macs need malware protection?

In short, Yes they do need malware protection.

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