How to Upload & Share a private YouTube Video

Want to know how to share a private YouTube video? This tutorial will give you complete details about what is private YouTube video, How to upload a private YouTube video, and how to share a private YouTube video.

When it comes to consuming content through videos for any purpose, YouTube stands first as it is completely free. All the videos which are readily available are created by users and are rewarded in return by Google(By Adsense program i.e Not everyone with a channel).

Content creators had an option to decide whether to make his/her video public or not. Videos that are visible to all are termed to be public. Surprisingly there is an increase in the number of private videos. Even though creating a video eats away time and resources, professionals are sticking to keep some videos private. Let me explain in more detail including how to share a private YouTube video.

What is meant by private YouTube video?

YouTube survives on user-generated content which indexes and ranks videos as per its algorithm. There are three privacy levels in YouTube

  • Public
  • Unlisted
  • Private

Generally, Videos uploaded to YouTube are public and are viewable by anyone. However, YouTube came with a private option which helps content creators to upload them in private and those are not accessible and viewable by anyone apart from the creator. Searching with the exact video title and channel name won’t help as well. All those private videos are visible only to the creator.

Difference between private video and unlisted videos

There is a little difference between Private and unlisted videos.

Unlisted videos: These videos can be private. But anyone with the link to the video can view it. One can’t find these videos by searching on YouTube.

Private videos: These are completely private. Access to others can only be given through email invitation and is limited to that particular person.

It’s easy to use the unlisted option as only people with the link can access it. As link can be shared between people, Prefer private for privacy.

Reasons behind keeping the videos private

No one wishes to waste their work and resources. Right? There can be reasons for uploading a video as private. Most common of them are,

  • Resumes: Video resumes and representations are new trends. There is absolutely no need to make such videos for the public. Why prefer YouTube? It’s free, safe, and is a click away from delete and even changing to public.
  • Demos: There are no boundaries for talent collaborations. Content creators can collaborate. They can simply upload their works to YouTube separately for rechecks. Drive or cloud may be a good option, But there are certain limits to storage.
  • Internal usage: Most of the companies uses video demonstrations. Instead of transferring files to everyone, an email invitation to watch is effective.
  • Portfolio: Photographers and videographers prefer uploading them to private to give an idea about their work to clients.
  • Raw video files: Professionals uploads their raw edits and works to private before making them public for the audience.

Along with these, there are many possible situations which tends us to keep videos in private.

How to Upload Private YouTube Video

When you upload a new video to YouTube, keeping it public, private, and unlisted is completely your choice. The decision can be revised later as well. Here is how to upload a private YouTube video.

Video Tutorial

We provided this article in the form of video tutorial for our reader’s convenience. If you are interested in reading, you can skip the video and start reading.

  • Login to your Gmail account (On Which channel is created).
  • Go to YouTube and click on the profile to choose “YouTube studio”.
YouTube studio
  • Click on upload video from top left.
upload video
  • Upload video file from your system/device.
Drag or upload
  • Fill all the required information such as title and description and click on next.
video elements
  • Now choose private in visibility and upload it.
private option

So now, a video is uploaded to YouTube as private and admin can only access it.

How to share a private youtube video

As said above, only the creator has the right to give access to a private video. Here is the complete guide on how to share a private YouTube video.

Share a private youtube video

This section will tell you how to share a private YouTube video

Total Time: 3 minutes

Sign in to YouTube

Sign in to YouTube with the same Gmail account which was used earlier. Go to YouTube studio from profile page and then click on content.

Check all uploads

Go through all the uploads and choose the private video which you want to share. In this case, I had only a private video.

Go to visibility and give access

Click on private which is just below visibility. It opens a pop up to enter an email address. Now enter the email of the person with whom you are willing to share the private video.

Enter list of emails and send invitations

Share a private youtube video

Willing to share with few of your friends? Click on share and enter one email address per line and send an invitation. This will allow them to view your private video.


  • YouTube


  • YouTube

Materials: Software

Do remember ,

  • The invitation is only for that particular video. They can’t see the other private videos on your channel.
  • Others must have a Gmail id to send an invitation.
  • No notifications were sent to the channel subscribers when a video is uploaded in private.
  • Only the invitee can see the video.
  • Admin can change it to the public or delete it whenever he wants.


Hope I had cleared all the doubts regarding YouTube private video. To share an unlisted video, simply share its URL and anyone with the link can view it. I personally recommend this guide over using cloud services which are limited in terms of storage.

I hope this tutorial, How to share a private youtube video, helped you to share private videos with closed ones.. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

How to share a private youtube video – FAQ

How to mass share a private YouTube video?

Mass share is possible but with limitations. Admin can only mass share the video by sending invitations to other emails. otherwise, change private to unlisted so that anyone with the link can view it.

Why is someone not allowed to see my private video?

It is because of YouTube privacy settings.

How to share unlisted videos ?

Just share the link with the one you want. Anyone with the video link can access it. But it is not available with a youTube search.

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