TOP 20 Most popular YouTube channels

Our Top 20 Most popular YouTube channels list will give the details about YouTube channels Who have 50 million, or 64 million, or, maybe, 128 million subscribers on YouTube.

On YouTube, there are dozens of well-known bloggers and other personalities with a multimillion-dollar audience on their platforms. We have prepared a list of Most popular YouTube channels ranging from Bieber to PewDiePie.

Reaching the audience on YouTube is really huge. More than a billion users are registered on this platform, who watch hundreds of thousands of videos every day. In the course of a social study, it turned out that on average a user spends at least half an hour a day watching funny videos on YouTube. Each person can become a star on their own by creating their own show and content.

Most popular YouTube channels

On YouTube, you can find videos on any topic from historical programs to culinary shows and streams. We have collected the top subscribed YouTube channels or Most popular YouTube channels with the largest number of subscribers. You will see that this is a very diverse list with different themes and styles.

Some of these channels are worth downloading for a personal archive so you won’t need to search online and will have your favorites even if it gets removed from YouTube.

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20. Whinderssonnunes — over 41 million people

Our list opens with a very interesting show that isdedicated to comedy videos. This is Whindersson Nunes, known to many fans.

This channel was created in 2013 and has since gainedmillions of new fans. Thanks to the hard work of the creator of the show,videos gain an infinite number of likes in seconds. In addition to comedy, theauthor of the broadcasting is engaged in other video blogs, publishes reviewsfor films and even writes his own music.

19. Ariana Grande — almost 43.4 million people

The name Ariana Grande is well known to everyone because it is one of the most popular pop stars at the moment. The girl really is at the peak of popularity and tries to maintain pages on all social networks. In her Instagram profile, you can also see millions of subscribers and complimentsfrom fans.

The channel of this pop diva is no different from the similar content of other stars. Here are the music videos of the singer, her interviews and speeches to reporters, as well as tips and appeals to fans.

18. HolaSoyGerman — 41.7 million

The most amazing thing is that nothing new has been published on this channel for more than two years. Despite this, the broadcasting’s popularity does not fall, and new subscribers constantly appear here. It is difficult to say why such passive popularity is gaining momentum, but the fact remains.

The content of this show is dedicated to comedy videos withvarious ridiculous everyday situations. Every day, users share these jokes onsocial networks and support the popularity of the site.

17. Zee TV — almost 51.7 million people

The concept of this channel is fundamentally different from everything else that you see on YouTube. This is an Indian project dedicated to the extraordinary abilities of the Indians. These are quite interesting informative videos that have gained great popularity among users.

In general, here you can also find numerous movie trailers,promotional videos and even interviews with the stars. The creators are doingeverything possible to maintain the popularity of their project and attract anew audience.

16. EminemMusic — 44.6 million participants

Everyone knows the name of the most popular white rapper ofthe millennium – this is singer-actor Eminem. On his channel, you can see bothold and new videos and interviews with journalists. The rapper once againproved that YouTube is not only a platform for bloggers but also an excellentplatform for musicians.

Fans of Eminem’s creativity will find a lot of interestingand useful things here. The musician uploads things that have never beenpublished online before.

15. Badabun — 43.4 million users

Badabun is a Mexican project with various instructionalvideos and other content. There is both useful and entertaining information.

The broadcasting became famous thanks to its show”Exposing Traitors”, where couples openly talk about their betrayals.These videos have millions of views and many fans are eagerly awaiting therelease of new episodes.

14. Marshmello — almost 48.9 million participants

Another popular musician is Christopher Comstock, also knownas Marshmello. His name is known in producer circles and he works as a DJaround the world. Each Christopher’s performance is broadcast live on YouTubeand is gaining millions of views.

On this channel, you will see various commercials and musicvideos collected by style. Not so long ago, the musician began to publishtutorials for playing musical instruments, and also decided to try to conduct aculinary show.

13. Ed Sheeran — 45.7 million participants

Pay attention to the next pop star because this is noneother than Ed Sheeran. This red-haired Englishman with confidence occupies aposition in our list of the top 20 best broadcasts on YouTube. The number ofsubscribers is increasing here daily and Ed’s army is growing along with hispopularity.

On the Sheeran channel, users watch music videos and idolinterviews. A distinctive feature of the site is live broadcasts and liveinterviews with the musician.

12. Kids Diana Show — almost 64.8 million

On YouTube, a special niche is occupied by children’schannels. There are hundreds of such shows with similar themes and success inthis style can be difficult. This task was brilliantly handled by a girl namedDiana. Hundreds of users are happy to follow her life because it helps themremember beautiful moments from childhood.

The content is devoted to a review of the characteristics oftoys, unpacking Kinder surprises and dolls lol, as well as a detailed overviewof children’s events and amusement parks. Just a few years ago, such a formatwould have caused shock and bewilderment, but at present, it is a very popularstyle.

11. Like Nastya Vlog — almost 61.7 million participants

And here is another children’s broadcast with similarcontent. In this case, the main character is a girl named Nastya and her dad.Here you can hear different songs, watch training videos: about what you needto obey your parents or how important it is to wash your hands before eating.This is one of the most popular YouTube channels for children in Russia.

The girl’s parents opened another YouTube channel called“Like Nastya” – he already has about 15 million subscribers. The content ofthese two channels is slightly different, but the main characters remainunchanged.

10. Dude Perfect — 53.6 million subscribers

Dude Perfect is a sports channel created by five young guysfrom the USA. Here you will see entertaining videos with a sports bias. Thefirst videos were dedicated to basketball, but over time, the guys expanded thetheme. At the moment, this is one of the most popular sports channels onYouTube.

Now the scope of the content has become wider, but the sport is still a priority niche of the channel. Users watch sports equipment reviews on this channel and learn useful information and life hacks.

9. Zee Music Company — 62.7 million subscribers

For fans of different styles of music, we have a specialchannel Zee Music Company. This is the second Indian channel on our top listand it deservedly occupies this position.

On the channel, you will find numerous music videos andvideos from popular films and TV shows. According to preliminary data, you willneed at least 200 hours to see all the channel content.

8. Justin Bieber — almost 57.4 million

The pop industry has repeatedly received further development thanks to YouTube. A living example of this is the work of Justin Bieber. Not everyone knows, but the young singer began his journey precisely thanks to youtube. That is why we included his channel on our list.

This channel is filled with the usual content for musicians- interviews, video clips, and promotional materials.

7. WWE — 67.3 million people

Remember the name World Wrestling Entertainment because of itis the most popular sports channel in the history of YouTube.

This channel is known worldwide and has hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world.

This channel has various sports reviews, broadcasts of football and basketball matches, hundreds of videos of past sports events, and much more.

6. Canal KondZilla — almost 60.8 million people

Another music venue with millions of subscribers isKondZilla created by Conrad Dant.

If you did not know, then Conrad is the owner of theKondZilla Records brand and a well-known music producer. He publishes videoscreated by his team on his own YouTube channel.

He devoted himself to the funk genre, whose popularityshowed itself well in the framework of YouTube. The channel also published rarematerials from the filming of clips and reviews of some music projects.

5. 5-Minute Crafts — 68.7 million people

This channel appeared in 2016 and almost immediately fell in love with hundreds of thousands of users.

There are tips for all occasions: how to wash the stove,what to make from an old sweater, how to quickly make a cake, etc. Each videolasts no more than five minutes and has a pleasant visual design.

4. SET India — 84.7 million people

Did anyone hear of Sony Entertainment Television? They alsohave their own YouTube channel and it has tremendous popularity with viewers.

The channel regularly publishes full and partial episodes ofpopular television shows, music videos, and movie reviews.

3. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes — 95.1 million users

Did you know that not only adults but also young childrenwatch YouTube? The popularity of the Cocomelon channel proves this best. Thisis a great way to distract your young children for a while adults are busy withimportant things. The automatic playback function at the same time helps a lotin this matter.

The channel contains hundreds of children’s songs andeducational videos. All cartoons are categorized for easy search.

2. PewDiePie — 107 million users

This is one of the most famous YouTube channels in theworld. PewDiePie creates reviews for computer and console games, shootsdetailed walkthroughs and makes live broadcasts.

Arvid Ulf Kjellberg also works with other bloggers andadvertisers like most YouTubers do.

1. T-Series — 156 million users

PewDiePie has maintained its leading position on YouTube fornearly 2,000 consecutive days. However, this continued until the T-Seriesrecord company appeared on the scene. They easily overtook the leader and lefthim far behind. The number of T-Series subscribers continues to increase dailybringing popularity and profit to its creators. PewDiePie is constantly tryingto regain its leadership position, but so far he has failed.

On the platform, you can find the most diverse and really high-quality content. Here is a huge collection of music videos produced by the T-Series. The platform also has trailers for the expected films, unique interviews, and movies. PewDiePie fans are looking to the future with the hope that their pet will return to its former glory. But at the moment, the T-Series does not give a single chance.

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Top 20 Most popular Youtube channels-FAQ

Which is the best channel for music?

T-series is the best YouTube channel for music among the other. It can also provide expected movie trailers, unique interviews, and movies.

Is there a channel for children?

There are many youtube channels for children that provide rhymes and cartoon shows. We suggest the cocomelon YouTube channel for children.

Is 5minute craft is a best channel?

Yes. 5-minute craft is an amazing channel that gains millions of users’ hearts. It gives more tips on reusing old materials and others.

Can i find a channel for POP music?

Yes. In this article, we have given two great channels for pop-up music they are Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran.

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