What if Apple brings iMessage On Android phones?

Rumors indicate that Apple would be considering bringing its messaging application from iMessage to the Android operating system.

There only two months to go for celebrating, Apple’s annual conference that starts from this June 13. And last year’s conference helped us to know that Apple Music was going to officially reach Android, this year could be the turn of iMessage, the native messaging app that according to rumours could begin to be available in the Google Play store, You can still make use of some tricks that let you use iMessage on pc (windows) and Android unofficially by the use of third-party emulators and remote access tools.

And what would that mean? If the rumor became reality, iMessage would become a universal messaging application available to both iPhone and Android users. Encrypted messages, a completely free service, and a multi-platform use; Yes, what comes to be a Messenger or WhatsApp. But, with certain nuances.

iMessage on Android, for what?

The key of iMessage lies in its simplicity: the application is natively integrated and its operation does not deviate at all from the SMS of a lifetime.

In India the apple’s iMessage (Messages) has been seen from the outset eclipsed by third-party alternatives but, in the United States, it is a service widely used by users of an iPhone, iPad or Mac who want to communicate without complications with their friends or family. Such is its popularity that, back in February, the company’s top officials claimed that the application had peaks of up to 200,000 messages sent every second.

Seen this way, it is not unreasonable to think that the arrival of iMessage to Android could be born from the idea of continuing to maintain a link between Apple and users who decide to change the operating system. Since a user makes the decision to switch to an android mobile, why not guarantee at least that they continues to depend on an Apple native service?

iMessage Vs. the alternatives, what would you offer?

In addition to end-to-end encryption (that is, the end-to-end encryption that we can find in –for example- WhatsApp), the Apple Messaging application does not lack any options. We can forward messages, mark messages as favorites, mute conversations and, of course, attach files (as well as share the location).

Whether or not Apple will bring this app to the Google Play store is an issue that will be resolved next June 13. Until then, the Apple tab in the Google store will remain timidly starring three applications: Move to iOS, Apple Music and Beats Pill + (the latter designed to control the speaker Beats Pill +, available for $204 on Amazon).

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