Instantproxies Review: Cheap Private Proxies that Works

Just read our Instantproxies review before buying these advanced private proxies. We give you complete details like its features, interface, speed test, pros, and cons.

Instantproxies Review

InstantProxies has been around since 2013 and is best known for a dollar-per-proxy pricing, fast servers, and instant set-up. It offers advanced private proxies for social media, web scraping, sneaker botting, and other uses.

Are these cheap proxies worth buying? Here’s our review:

Website and User Interface

Instantproxies has a straightforward website. It’s simple and easy to navigate. Very user-friendly.

Test proxies before buying

Free trials are not available. But fret not, they allow users to test proxies before ordering.

Just simply choose the number of proxies and purpose.

Voila! You can see results instantly: proxies’ response code and total cost. You can test it yourself, easy peasy!

For payments, they accept Credit Cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin. Very smooth checkout process. After completing the purchase, the proxies are delivered via email in less than 5 minutes. Other providers have longer wait times, kudos to InstantProxies for its fast delivery. This feature is especially helpful for rush and time-sensitive projects.

Proxy users need to authenticate their IP address in the proxy panel. InstantProxies allow a maximum of 10 IPs. Once authenticated, you can load the proxies in any application, browser, or tool.

Proxy Locations

InstantProxies have servers across the globe. You cannot choose the locations up front, but simply contact support and make a request. Customer service is very responsive.

We did a test order and most locations we got are from the US, with 2 cities and 4 subnets. The number varies depending on your chosen plan. You can refer to their pricing table for reference.

How’s the Speed Test Performance?

Aside from their cheap pricing, InstantProxies are also known for their fast servers.

Speed is a crucial factor in many activities. Whether you’re scraping or botting, a high proxy speed helps achieve success.

We tested the private proxies using and we’re impressed by the results. Most of our US proxies got 40+ Mbps with the slowest at 38 Mbps.

InstantProxies and Jarvee

Social media tools and private proxies go hand in hand. The proxies must be compatible with our preferred marketing tools to maximize our team’s productivity. Aside from speed and anonymity, we also need unlimited bandwidth and high network uptime. Having a 90%+ reflects the business’ commitment to providing quality service. Maintaining this status involves constant monitoring and continuous upgrades.

The proxies used for Jarvee had an average response time of 2-3 seconds. All 10 proxies were also valid at the first attempt. Here are the results after loading InstantProxies to Jarvee’s proxy manager:

What we like:

✔️ Cheap proxy pricing that works

✔️ Reliable proxies for all-purpose

✔️ Ability to choose proxy purpose upfront

✔️ Guarantees replacement if the proxy doesn’t work for your purpose

✔️ Fast connection

✔️ No downtime

✔️ Multiple cities

✔️ Non-sequential IPs

✔️ Location can be easily requested

✔️Free monthly refresh

What we didn’t like:

No SOCKS proxy – Not a big issue since InstantProxies’s focus on HTTP/HTTPS proxies and they work well. They are also compatible with browsers and tools that support the protocol. SOCKS are good if you’re into torrenting or streaming. In our case, we do not use SOCKS much but considering other proxy types, we can say that InstantProxies is a one-stop provider for all your proxy needs.

No free trial – As mentioned above, InstantProxies only offer testing before purchase. Free trials are commonly offered by expensive providers. Since InstantProxies have cheap pricing, pre-purchase testing is a great alternative to ensure that buyers get a working proxy. They have a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy.

No discounts – This is understandable since Instantproxies is already one of the cheapest proxy providers in the market. Even without the discounts, they also offer an affiliate program with recurring commissions. This is a great way to save on proxy expenses and a great source of passive income.

Other features:

InstantProxies offer more features than what we mentioned above. Here’s a quick look:

✔️High anonymity

✔️Advanced control panel

✔️24/7 customer support

✔️Knowledgebase & helpful articles

✔️Public tracking of network uptime

✔️7-day money-back guarantee

✔️Instant delivery


Therefore, using InstantProxies, you will experience the best anonymous internet browsing that too at high speeds. It provides its services at a very cheap price compared to other proxies. Go, buy and start using the InstantProxies.

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InstantProxies Review: Cheap Private Proxies that works-FAQs

What does unlimited bandwidth mean?

Unlimited bandwidth means no restrictions on bandwidth usage and no additional charge for GB consumed. Some providers use bandwidth and thread as the basis for pricing. Other providers charge more when a user exceeds the allotted GB. InstantProxies have a $1/proxy pricing. Each proxy enjoys all the features without additional charge.

Do they limit threads/connections?

No, they do not limit threads/connections.

Do they only work on social media tools?

InstantProxies works with browsers and tools that support HTTP/HTTPS protocol. Some examples include Jarvee, Google Chrome, Firefox, ScrapeBox, and more.

Are the proxies rotating or static?

The private proxies are static.

Where can I use their proxies?

InstantProxies work for different users. It’s good for web scraping, social media sites, sneaker botting, and anonymous browsing.

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