7 Best Cloud VPN services

Are you looking for the best cloud VPN services to store your data and protect it from cybercriminals? Then you have reached the right place to select your desired cloud VPN. In this tutorial, we have the great stuff of cloud VPN services, go through this to select your desired one.

What is a cloud VPN?

A cloud VPN is a new type of VPN technology that, specifically designed for the cloud. It utilizes a cloud-based network infrastructure to deliver VPN services. It provides globally accessed VPN access to end-users and other subscribers through a cloud platform over the public internet.

Cloud VPN nothing but a hosted VPN or Virtual Private Network as a service. The main service of the cloud VPN is to maintain control of and access to corporate assets in a hosted and management environment. It provides high security with a combination of ease of use and cost-efficiency.

Normally, the remote access VPNs connect the workers to the corporate office through a VPN client to be attached to every machine. The users need technical knowledge to access them. Sometimes the VPN server is outside the firewall that means the system may attack by the cybercrime and it can cause to lose the valuable data.

A cloud VPN service removes the need for a VPN client on every server and increases the security. The VPN solution creates a manged tunnel to the public cloud, providing highly secure end-point connectivity for authorized users via the browser-based device of their choice.

Normal VPN vs Cloud VPN: What is the difference between Normal VPN and Cloud VPN

There is always a lot of confusion between different terms used in modern tech and cyber world, those terms look like Chinese for many people and they often mistake one term with others. One of such terms is VPN and cloud VPN. VPN is the abbreviature and stands for a virtual private network. The main differences between normal VPN and the cloud VPN are

  • VPN Clients: Normal VPN used VPN clients in every server to connect with the user. But the Cloud VPN service removes the need of VPN clients on every server.
  • Normal VPN is a small network that connects a small list of devices with the internet in a secure way. Cloud VPN is a big network of servers and computers with each other in the cloud, connected to the biggest network.
  • In normal VPN if you change any part of the document and the information is lost, once upload back to the server, the information is lost forever. You can overcome this problem in CoudVPN service, It saves every part of the document along with the changes and stored for 180 days.
  • Cloud VPN provides prioritized security. so the burden of securing your data is lifted. Normal VPN doesn’t provide strong security when the information is outside of the company’s firewall.

Best cloud VPN services

1. perimeter81


perimeter81 is one of the topmost cloud VPN services. It is a network as a service VPN solution that is used to deploy the VPN instances in-premises or in the cloud. It protects cloud services, servers, and databases along with the devices. This service protects your infrastructure as much as it does your employees.

With the high speed, you can save your valuable time and also it provides high security for your data. You can encrypt your data and protect from the cybercriminals simply connecting a device to the network.

The perimeter81 giving access to 700 servers in 36 countries. servers locations are all around the world, so you can choose your server based on your location. perimetr81 is available on different platforms like Windows, Mac, ios, and Android devices. Along with the platforms, many integrations are available for G Suite/Google cloud identity, Okta identity cloud, and Microsoft Azure AD, etc.

perimeter81 provides excellent cloud service,24/7 live chat, and 30- days money-back guarantee on a free trial.

perimeter81 price & plans:

perimeter81 offers three different plans like Essential, Premium, and Enterprise. The cost is varied based on the way of billing.

  • Essential: $8/mth billed annually
  • Premium: $12/mth billed annually
  • Essential: $10/mth billed monthly
  • Premium: $15/mth billed monthly

perimeter81 Discount

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  • High speed
  • Easy to use
  • 30-days money-back guarantee.
  • High security


  • High cost

2. Windscribe


Windscribe is the best cloud VPN available at a low cost. It provides great features like large networks, great security, simple clients, split tunneling, and so on. The network has servers in over 63 countries and 110 cities. You can experience the best speed no matter where you are located. Windscribe makes your IP address. This gives you unrestricted and private access to entertainment, news sites, and blocked content in over 50 different countries.

R.O.B.E.R.T is another great feature which blocks the Ad’s & trackers and makes user device to browse faster. The main benefits of this feature are reduce tracking, using less data, and reduce the risk of data. It also works on the No-log policy.

It provides stronger encryption with AES-256 cipher with SHA512 auth and a 4096 bit RSA key. You can use config generates to generate OpenVPN, IKEv2, SOCKS configs for all your devices.

Browser extension allows you to block Ad’s, cookies, Double hop on multiple networks, randomly rotates user agents away from the basic finger prints, block WebRTC and spoofs your GPS location.

In the desktop app it provides a great firewall to block all connectivity outside the tunnel to eliminate all types of leaks, turn your device into secure wifi router to connect another devices and create a proxy server on your network for other devices through a flexible connectivity.

Windscribe is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, and ios. Free versions are also available by the windscribes.

windscribe price and plans

Subscription plans include the 1-month option at $9/mth and 1-year plan at $4.08/mth which billed $49 every 12 months. You can also build a plan based on your need which costs $1/mth per location.


  • High security
  • offers browser extensions
  • Extensive server network


  • Limited support

3. vyprvpn


vyprvpn is the best cloud VPN service that puts you in control. It gives you a fast and reliable VPN connection for streaming and downloading from anywhere in the world.

VyperVPN comes with great features like multiple user management, NAT firewall, a dedicated account manager, a kill switch, and a dedicated IP address. The kill switch blocks your device from accessing the web when you lost your connection so that you can stay anonymous even if the connection dropped.

With servers located in 70 countries around the world, with a single click you have over 2,00,000 IP addresses at your disposal to mask your location. When it comes to the security of your data, it provides AES 256- bit encryption, multiple encryption protocols, and DNS. It also offers NO log status seriously and doesn’t share data with any third party.

VyperVPN applications are available on all electronic devices like Android and iOS. It offers 24/7 live chat support so there is always assistance on hand whenever you need it. If you are not satisfied with VyprVPN, you can get your money back in 30-days.

vypervpn price and plans

There are three different plans in vypervpn. You will get an 80% offer with the 2 years plan which billed every 2 years. The price and plans are given below, from that select your plan according to your need.

  • monthly : $12.95/mth
  • 1 year : $3.75/mth
  • 2 years : $2.50/mth

vypervpn Discount

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  • High speed
  • Great security
  • Supports upto 30 devices


  • Can’t pay with cryptocurrency
  • Keep some connections logging

4. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN solution with high blazing speed. It comes with 3000 servers in 160 locations around 94 countries. With unlimited speeds and unlimited server switches, you can connect from anywhere in the world. There are no restrictions to stream or download anything, from any of your servers, anywhere on the earth.

Express VPN hides your IP address and encrypts your data with 256-bit AES encryption, DNS/IPV6 leak protection, Kill switch, and split tunneling. This strong encryption helps you to protect yourself from hacking and surveillance.

It is available on different applications like Mac, Windows, ios, Android, Linux, and routers. It is easy to use on these platforms and also providing browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. There are some other supporting devices Apple TV, Fire TV, smart TVs, PlayStation, Android TV box, and many more.

ExpressVPN is the number one trusted leader in VPN. It offers 24/7 live chat for customers with setup and troubleshooting. It comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee, which means if you are not satisfied with ExpressVPN, they will refund your money within 30-days without any hassle and risk.

ExpressVPN price & plans

ExpressVPN offers the best VPN deals and discounts possible while still maintaining the highest VPN service quality in the industry. The subscription plans include 1-month at $12.95/mth, a Quarterly plan at $9.99/mth, and an annual plan at $6.67/mth. This special deal gives you 12 months of unlimited access to high-speed ultra-secure VPN servers plus an extra 3 months totally free. That’s a 49% discount off the regular monthly price.

ExpressVPN Discount

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  • High speed, Ultra-secure
  • Unblocks sites and servers from anywhere
  • Serious security
  • No ristrictions
  • Works on Windows 10, 8, and 7
  • Comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee


  • High cost
  • No enterprise features

5. NordVPN


NordVPN(68% discounted link) is the words leading VPN solution and it also offers a VPN for business users known as NordVPN teams. It comes with 5000+ servers in 59 countries, You can pick your server among thousands of ultra-fast VPN servers worldwide. Enjoy a fast and stable connection wherever you are.

When it comes to security, it provides a secure connection for your data from cybercriminals with AES 256-bit encryption, top tire, and transmit your data securely via IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN protocols. The automatic kill switch is another great security that blocks your device from accessing the web when you lost your connection.

Cyber sec technology is another unique security feature of NordVPN which provides adblocking, extra malware protection, and also protects you from accessing dangerous websites that host malicious software. It works on strict -no-log-policy which means it won’t track, collect, and share your private data. It is easy to use the app, which means you don’t need to be a cryptographer to use NordVPN. Just pick a server and connect.

The applications are available for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android, and also browser extensions for chrome and firefox. You can connect upto 6 devices on one account and secure them all in any combination. It offers a dedicated P2P server for the best experience and connects to the device quickly. It offers 24/7 live chat support so there is always assistance on hand whenever you need it.

NordVPN price & plans

NordVPN comes with a monthly plan, year plan, and 2 years plans. Now the NordVPN offers a special deal, the 2-years plan available at $3.71/mth with 68% off. The month plan at $11.95 and the quarterly plan at $9.0/mth. You can save upto 24% on a quarterly plan and 68% on a 2-year plan.

NordVPN Discount

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  • No log policy
  • Provides great offers
  • Server locations across the world


  • Limited choice of plans

6. TENCENT cloud VPN

Tencent coud vpn

Tencent cloud VPN connection is a network base tunneling technology that enables data transfer between customer local IDCs and Tencent cloud resources and quick establishment of a secure, reliable, and encrypts tunnel on the internet.

Tencent provides great security with a VPN tunnel that uses IKE protocol and IPsec to encrypt the transmitted data and establish a secure and trusted data connection to the internet, ensuring security during data transfers.

The Tencent cloud VPN connection comes with a wide variety of features like VPN gateway, Peer gateway, VPN tunnel, Gateway traffic control, Traffic alarming, automatic disaster recovery, and flexible billing. with different functionalities.

The VPN gateway has a reliability of 99.95%. Its underlying layer adopts a master/slave hot backup architecture which can switch from a faulty instance to a healthy one in a matter of seconds. No tunnel reconstruction is required during switching, ensuring uninterrupted communication sessions, and making the switching imperceptible to upper-layer applications.

Tencent VPN service can be integrated with other Tencent cloud services such as VPC and direct connect, helping you build a complete end-to-end solution for you in the cloud business.

Tencent Cloud VPN price & plans

The Tencent cloud VPN connection provides a pay-as-you-go service. The cost is based on internet traffic costs and gateway costs.


  • High availability
  • Optimal cost
  • Service integration and visual Management
  • Ease of use


  • Less secure than other services.

7. HUAWEI cloud VPN

HUAWEI cloud vpn

HUAWEI CLOUD VPN is another cloud VPN service that establishes a secure, encrypted communication tunnel between your local data center and your VPC on the HUAWEI cloud. With VPN, you can build a flexible and scalable hybrid cloud environment.

It provides high security by encrypting data based on IKE and IPsec with carrier-class reliability and ensures the VPN connection stability. It is available at low cost because it’s encrypted IPsec connections over the internet provide a cost-effective alternative to direct connect connection.

HUAWEI offers different functions like secure and reliable, flexible, and scalable and easy to manage. HUAWEI proprietary hardware devices used to establish secure, reliable, and encrypted IPsec tunnels over the internet. It allows you to purchase VPN connections on demand. The connections are immediately accessible upon creation.

A 24/7 live chat is available on your hand whenever you need assistance. It offers VIP services and free ICP license services.

HUAWEI Cloud VPN price

It starts at $0.0082 /hour per connection. This is calculated on different aspects of connection router type and so on.


  • High data security
  • Seamless resource extension
  • Low-cost connection
  • Easy to use


  • Less speed.
  • Doesn’t provide ad blocking

Final thoughts: Which is the best Cloud VPN service?

There are several cloud VPN services, among them we have listed some of them great cloudVPN’s in the above article. In this tutorial, I have given detailed information about security, speed, applications available on, and the number of servers of each cloud VPN service.

Before going to access the cloud VPN service go with a test drive to know either it will reach your needs or not. The right VPN solution will empower you with a secure, high-speed browsing experience. I suggest the perimeter81 for you because it provides high security for your data, High speed, and available at affordable prices. When you require a VPN at a low cost, then Windscribe is the best choice for you.

I hope this tutorial helped you to select the best cloud VPN services. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more tips.

Best Cloud VPN services – FAQ

Which Cloud VPN server is the best?

Based on security perimeter81 is the best cloud VPN server.

What is VPN tunnelling?

A VPN tunnel is a link between your devices and an outside network.

Is NordVPN offers free version?

NordVPN doesn’t offer any free version, but it will refund your money within 30-days when you are not satisfied with it.

Which Cloud VPN available at low price with great security?

windscribe is the best choice for great security available at a low price.

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