Intego ContentBarrier review: Best Mac Parental Control Software

This Intego ContentBarrier review gives you complete details about its interface, Malware protection software and how to use this barrier properly. 

Do you want to protect & save your Mac from malware and malicious web links? Do you want to block some chats? Want to schedule your child internet usage time? Want to monitor Internet Usage. Want to protect your child from dangerous content? Then you must read this Intego ContentBarrier review.

Intego ContentBarrier review

ContentBarrier X9 scans perfectly and provides a safe path for a safe surfing environment to be created by filtering inappropriate web content. ContentBarrier has the key feature of recording screenshots and keystrokes. The major feature with ContentBarrier has it’s Parental Controls and the ability to block streaming media.


User Configuration is more customized; it allows you to tailor different user accounts for each user. The Intego’s ContentBarrier interface has two tabs – Activity and Configuration.

Activity: It monitors to see what your child has been doing online on the internet.
Configuration: It controls to filter what your child can do shortly.


Special Features:


ContentBarrier offers an excellent and better solution for that as well with its scheduling tool available in it. It allows you to map and schedule for how much time you plan your child to spend time online on the internet like specific days, specific days of the week, one week, etc. Whenever the specific time limit has been reached, then the child will not be able to access anything. A warning alert window will display informing that they cannot access the internet.

Blocking Websites

ContentBarrier performs a very good job of blocking websites that are restricted, and it even prevents access to sites with very deem offensive. For the sites which are social networking, you need to enter the details of the site manually using the Custom settings. The Parental Controls makes you restricted access to a specific list of sites mentioned based on the user account.

Filter Websites based on categories

The filtering option exists with ContentBarrier to filter website categories. These include Sports, Shopping, Sex/Pornography, Violence, Gambling, Finance, Racism and more.

Filter Email or Instant Messages

In addition to the Web site filtering, ContentBarrier also has filters for instant messaging and e-mail checks. ContentBarrier blocks e-mail altogether, or you can filter e-mail by keyword category.


Intego’s ability to protect against phishing attacks and frauds is perhaps even more important than Intego’s anti-malware protection because hackers are increasingly exploiting the human factor, rather than attempting to breach operating systems. It is adamant in security and a robust kind of program in detecting the threats.


Continuous and Consistent monitoring of Internet use. Objectionable chat content and context are monitored and restricted by Anti-predator chat monitoring.

The Settings can be easily personalized.


Monitoring & Controls:  

It monitors the specific websites with particular keywords and blocks in accessing them that includes the Objectionable chat content and context. Monitors and verifies if any site requires HTTPS security. Allows the sites that are permitted to access.

The access privileges are tailored and organized well so that one account for the user and more limited features to the child. All the history for the websites visited by different user accounts will be blocked/allowed based on the history list monitored.

Parental Controls can be overridden wherever and whenever necessary. View the history of recorded chats, including the content of the conversation and the ID of the chat partner. All the inappropriate emails will be blocked.
It blocks the peer-to-peer connectivity (i.e BitTorrent,u Torrent).

Consists of a “monitor only” mode that records a user’s activity but does not provide any protections/perform any blocking. Updates will be given at regular intervals for all continuous protection against objectionable and abuse content.

Reports will be provided for Email Activity i.e. the websites that are blocked, blocked chatting, the number of attempts made to access encrypted sites.

ContentBarrier will have access to Web Admin Console from anywhere and anytime (view blocked network applications and allow exceptions, activity monitoring in the web, access to specific sites).


Identity & Privacy Protection:

Rogue applications will be blocked from accessing the network. Accessing specific domains will be blocked.


Support & Convenience:

Built especially for the Mac experts. Technical Support will be free. Clean, easy-to-use interface. Automatic notifications will be notified with the protection details against the latest and dangerous threats. So mean & while you always be safe and stay secure with the Content Barrier.


Price & Discount

Intego ContentBarrier’s price is around $49.99. WhatVwant readers will get an exclusive 30% discount. Please check WhatVwants Intego Discount Coupon page for a 60% coupon code.

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS should be 10.8 or higher versions
  • Languages supported are English, Spanish, Japanese, German & French
  • Hard disk space should be 1.5 GM available
  • Internet connection for any security updates must be there
  • Operating System Supported Mac OS 10.8 or higher
  • 1.5 GB of available hard drive space
  • Any officially-supported Mac OS X compatible computer
  • Internet connection required for NetUpdate security updates
  • Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish


  • Can create custom filters.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Flexible scheduling features.
  • Parental controls were installed with website and application blocking.
  • Protects sensitive personal information.
  • Mac Cleaner speeds up and organizes your Mac.
  • Antivirus, anti-phishing and anti-spyware.


  • Cannot edit preset keyword category lists.
  • Scheduling behavior is very buggy.
  • Support and help are not provided 24/7.
  • This software only works on Macs.


The modern and well advanced independent security test labs such as the Safe Mac and the Security Spread have certified Intego Content Barrier is the best and suitable for blocking websites that are restricted and has flexible scheduling features.

It filters websites based on the category of  Sports, Shopping, Sex/Pornography, Violence, Gambling, Finance, Racism, and more. Intego is the only Organization that extremely focused on security for Macs and award-winning security software for both expert and novice Mac users.


  • 95% of the score achieved for quality and quantity of filtering and blocking tools.
  • 90% of the score made for quality and amount of recording tools.
  • 95% of the score made on how easy each product is to install and use.
  • 90% of the score achieved for the quality and quantity of the manufacturer’s customer support options.

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