26 Useful Internet Explorer keyboard shortcuts

You must know these Internet Explorer keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are helpful to do work without a mouse. These Internet Explorer Keyboard shortcuts are useful for improving typing skills and to concentrate on typing.

Internet Explorer is one of the most well-known internet browsers in the world. It comes installed on many windows computers when the consumer buys it. If you don’t have IE in your PC, you can download IE latest version from here.

Internet explorer keyboard shortcuts

      Shortcut Keys—————————————-Description

  1. Alt + Left Arrow———————————–Back a page.
  2. Backspace——————————————–Back a page
  3. Alt + Right Arrow———————————Forward a page
  4. F5—————————————————-refresh the current page, frame, or tab.
  5. F11 ——————————–Display the current website in full-screen mode
  6. Esc————————————Stop page or download from loading.
  7. Ctrl + (- or +)———————-Increase or decrease the font size, pressing ‘-‘ will decrease and ‘+’ will increase.
  8. Ctrl + Enter————————Quickly complete an address. For example, type computer hope in the address bar and
  9. .Ctrl + D——————————–Add a favorite for the page now opened.
  10. Ctrl + I————————-Display available bookmarks.
  11. Ctrl + N————————-Open New browser window.
  12. Ctrl + P——————————Print current page or frame.
  13. Ctrl + T————————– Opens a new tab
  14. Ctrl + F4————————–Closes the now selected tab.
  15. Ctrl + Tab————————-Moves through the open tabs.
  16. Spacebar—————————-Moves down a page at a time
  17. Shift + Spacebar——————–Moves up a page at a time
  18. Alt + D or Ctrl+P——————– Print the current page.
  19. Ctrl+S——————————–– Save the current page to your computer.
  20. Ctrl+O——————————-– Open a file from your computer.
  21. Ctrl+U——————————-– Open the current page’s source code. (Not in IE.)
  22. F12——————————– Open Developer Tools
  23. Ctrl+H——————– Open the browsing history.
  24. Ctrl+J–——————————— Open the download history.
  25. Ctrl+D–—————————- Bookmark the current website.
  26. Ctrl+Shift+Del–———————- Open the Clear Browsing History window.

Advantages of IE

  • Comes installed already on the computer
  • Faster with Windows computers because it is integrated
  • Some websites can only work with Internet Explorer
  • Universal
  • Some applications are optimized for IE

Disadvantages of IE

  • No add-on support
  • Slows down with newer versions, such as IE7
  • Maybe less secure than other browsers
  • Becomes buggy easily
  • Targeted by hackers

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