5 Best iPhone Photography Apps to Enhance Your Photos

iPhone Photography apps are an additional help to the photographers to take pictures conveniently. And these additional functionalities help them take better photos. Pixpa, a website builder for creative professionals like photographers, has written a guide covering the major photography apps out there. Here are some of the top apps to enhance photos from that list.

Best iPhone photography apps to Enhance photos


VSCO iphone photography apps

VSCO is one of the most popular apps dedicated to photographers. The app has all the features a photographer might need. There is an in-built camera app with manual controls for those who need advanced controls. The photo editor in the app has more than 170 filters with complex functionalities like HSL, and video editing.

The community in the app allows a photographer to connect and share with other photographers. Through the community, one can see the best photos in the VSCO and get inspired. There is a paid feature in the app through which you can find filters related to vintage film along with photography tips and tutorials. The paid feature gives a chance to photographers to be featured on the app as well. 

2.Magic Hours

Magic hour

Magic Hour also called the golden hour. Every photographer knows that sunset and sunrise times are the best for landscape photography. But these golden hours are different in different locations. A photographer, through the Magic Hour app, can find the timings of the golden hours based on location.

With the same app, one can see the weather forecasts of the different areas. The app also can tell you when the full moon is going to appear. The paid version lets you find about the golden hours and full moon on any location you want. The free version only gives you information on your current location. 

3.Pocket Light Meter:

Pocket light meter

Pocket Light Meter app is built for photographers to save time from figuring out the manual settings to get the perfect shot for the first time. Through the app, one can figure out the light quality of the area where it is pointed at. The app can also tell you the quality of light from the reflected surfaces. 

4.Adobe Lightroom:

Adobe lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best iPhone photography apps to enhance photos. It lets users click and edit photos. The advanced built-in camera inside the app enables you to click pictures using the manual settings and has RAW and HDR capability. With the lightroom app, you can correct the color, tone, exposure, and contrast with the Curves setting, among others.

The Lightroom app also provides you with tutorials on various topics related to editing photos in the app. This app is also a great tool for organizing photos by creating folders and albums. Ratings are another feature in the app, through which you can give value to the images. To get additional features in the app, you have to get it through the in-app purchases. 

5. Camera +2

Camera +2

Camera +2 is an upgraded app from Camera + with even more features like focus peaking, action mode, manual controls, and more. Through the focus peaking feature, the app can tell you which part of the photo you are taking is in focus. This reduces the chance of the picture getting blurred and out of focus. The action mode can track the moving subjects; this will allow you to take fast action shots like in sports photography.

The benefit of the action mode is that it will help in getting the moving subjects sharp. The advance camera also allows you to adjust the settings like ISO, Aperture, and shutter speed manually. The camera can take and process in RAW format. To get additional features, you can purchase it from the app. The paid features include the ability to edit the depth in an image selectively. The camera+2 app can also edit your photos through Curves and has other editing features as well.

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