2 Quick Ways to Find & Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone

Is your iPhone struck because of more storage? Want to save space? Existing duplicate photos will also cause to a shortage of storage. You need to delete those. Do you want to want to Find and Delete duplicate photos on your iPhone? Want to save space by deleting duplicates?

There are many software apps in AppStore which you can download on your iPhone and remove duplicate photos from your iPhone. In this article, I am going to show you 2 ways to Find and Delete duplicate photos on iPhone.

What is a Duplicate photo?

Duplicate photos in your iPhone are the photos which look quite similar among one another and use the excess memory of your iPhone by which less storage capacity is available and you can not store a good amount of pictures, music and much more. Duplicate Photos slow down your iPhone’s speed due to more storage of unnecessary Duplicate Photos.

2 Ways to Delete duplicate photos on iPhone

Though many apps available, Some of the best apps are Scan Guard, Power Clean, Photo Finder. These Apps are effective and are very easy to use. Now let us see how to find and Delete duplicate photos on iPhone using Scanguard and Power clean apps which are free apps.

1. Find & delete duplicate photos Using Scanguard App

Scanguard is basically an antivirus product that provides you tune-up features also. But it is free for iOS. It will not give you an antivirus feature for iOS. It gives you a duplicate photos removal option and battery monitor option for iOS.

It is completely free app. It will not show ads.

STEP 1: The first and formost thing that you need to do is Download Scanguard app from your iPhone’s AppStore.

appstore download

STEP 2: Once download is completed, Install it in your iPhone and Open it.


STEP 3: Now you will see different options. Go to Analyze Storage Now and it will automatically start analyzing your stored photos.

STEP 4: After few seconds of analyzing you will see some recommended deletable photos by Scan Guard and also the usage of deletable photos. Here you can check different options.

  • Burst Photos
  • Screenshots
  • Filtered Photos
  • Duplicate Photos
Delete duplicate photos on iPhone

After selecting the individual section above you can easily delete the duplicate photos.

2. Find & delete duplicate photos Using Power Clean App

Power Clean is a powerful cleaner app which can detect your duplicate photos and even large videos. It will also monitor your data usage, tests your internet speed, cleans junk files and boost your iPhone speed.

It is a free app with ads. Ads free version cost you only $0.9.

STEP 1: You need to Download Power Clean from App store.

power clean app

STEP 2: Once the download is completed, you need to install it on your device (iPhone). To install simply click on the open option after installation.

STEP 3: Here you can see your total storage and below this three icons you want to select ( here we selected images).

power clean app

STEP 4: After the process of few seconds it will display different photo categories like Similar Photos, Screenshots, Selfies, Panorama, Burst Mode and much more.

STEP 5: Go to individual section and delete the photos which are quite similar to one another.

By following these simple steps you can easily remove the similar photos on your iPhone and speed up your iPhone speed. If you like this article about Delete duplicate photos on iPhone, please sharing it with your friends. Want more iOS tips, Please follow whatvwant on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe to whatVwant channel on YouTube for regular updates.

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