NinjaProxy Review

Are you looking for the best Proxy to access any website at any time and from anywhere? Searching for a proxy that is low in price and high in speed and Bandwidth? There is a Proxy that fulfills all the requirements and serves as you want to. Have you heard about NinjaProxy? This is the one that I’m talking about. If you don’t know much about NinjaProxy, don’t worry, this article will help you know about NinjaProxy.

In this article, we have included the complete information regarding NinjaProxy like features, pricing, pros, cons, and much more. So, read this article till the end and gather the complete information regarding NinjaProxy to know why this is best.

NinjaProxy Review

NinjaProxy Homepage

NinjaProxy is a legendary proxy service that provides services uninterruptedly in various forms like Shared, Private, Premium, Residential, and 4G/5G Proxies. This is the most loved and trusted proxy network across the globe. This is a powerful proxy software that provides its proxy services at budget-friendly prices. The configuration of the proxy is very simple and can be handled easily. It has lots of amazing and outstanding features which made NinjaProxy the top among its competitors.

It has various proxies like Shared Proxies, Private Proxies, Premium Proxies, Residential Proxies, and 4G/5G Proxies. You can choose the best one that fulfills your requirements.

Features of NinjaProxy

Easy Configuration

The configuration of the NinjaProxy app or software is pretty simple and it provides clear instructions to configure correctly. They won’t charge a service setup fee which is a good thing to hear.

99% Network Uptime

NinjaProxy servers are maintained in a professional way and servers are hosted at a speed of 1Gbps. Moreover, it comes with a RAM of 32GB to make the workflow smooth.

Unlimited Bandwidth

NinjaProxy allows users to use proxy at unlimited bandwidth without any restrictions and doesn’t charge any extra money.

Faster Speed

It claims that the speed the user gets is 100 times Faster than the other Residential proxies. So, no need to worry about the speed of NinjaProxies, they are top-notch.

Cheaper Price

The prices of all types of NinjaProxies are available at a very lower price compared to its competitors. Even at a low price, it provides the best perks in each of its proxies.

Money-back Guarantee

NinjaProxy is confident about the working of their proxies and they are ready to refund all the money back within 3 days of purchase if the user is not satisfied with the proxies’ performance.

Pricing of NinjaProxies

NinjaProxies are of 5 types, such as Shared Proxies, Private Proxies, Premium Proxies, Residential Proxies, and 4G/ 5G Proxies. The prices of all five Proxies are provided in the below screenshots.

  • These are the prices of Shared Proxies, Private Proxies, and Premium Proxies along with their perks.
NinjaProxies Pricing1
  • These are the prices of Residential Proxies and 4G/5G Proxies along with their perks.
Ninjaproxies price

Pros of NinjaProxies

  • Best Proxy at lower price
  • No Extra Bandwidth costs
  • Zero network downtime
  • Worldwide Data Centers
  • Fast Delivery

Cons of NinjaProxies

  • No Annual Plans


There are lots of benefits to using Proxies at your workplace. NinjaProxies are one of the best budget-friendly proxies that come with all the top features. They are claiming a 3-day money-back guarantee and this shows how confident they are. So, You can try them without any second thought. Even the prices are low compared to its competitors.

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NinjaProxy Review – FAQs

What does a proxy do?

Proxies act as additional data security boundaries protecting users from malicious activity on the internet.

What are the types different types of NinjaProxies?

NinjaProxies are of 5 types, such as Shared Proxies, Private Proxies, Premium Proxies, Residential Proxies, and 4G/5G Proxies.

Do I need to pay any extra money to use extra bandwidth?

No, NinjaProxies provides unlimited bandwidth to use and doesn’t charge any extra money.

Are proxies illegal?

Using a proxy server in and of itself is not illegal. However, the legality of using a proxy depends on how it is being used and in which jurisdiction.

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