Rayobyte Proxies Review: Why Rayobyte Is One of the Best Proxy Sites

This Rayobyte Proxies Review will give you the details about Why Rayobyte Is One of the Best Proxy Sites?

Whether you’re taking on a massive scraping project, trying to access a site that’s not available in your region, or simply wish to browse the web with a bit more privacy, many Internet users get a ton of value from private proxy service providers.

Today, we’ll be reviewing one such provider: Rayobyte, LLC.

Rayobyte Proxies review

Rayobyte proxies is a leading proxy service provider with an option to buy unmetered proxies. Their proxies support SOCKS, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols, a fact that adds to their popularity. Their enhanced Dashboard makes it easy for customers to authorize, allocate and replace proxies.

Rayobyte was founded in 2015 and has steadily grown to become a significant player in the proxy services market. With a large client base and an experienced support team, their proxies are reliable and also affordable.

One thing that sets them apart is that Rayobyte gives proxies that have a 1 Gbps unmetered bandwidth. This makes browsing with their proxies secure as well as fast.

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Services Offered by Rayobyte

Virgin IPs

Most proxy providers generally sell proxy IPs that have already been used before by a user. But getting a “used” proxy IP can come with some serious downsides. Any malicious activity conducted by the previous user of the proxy can come back to bite the new user.

To address this danger, Rayobyte provides Virgin IPs to their customers. Virgin IPs are addresses that have not previously been used by anyone. The use of such IPs ensures the security and privacy of their customers. You can buy proxies from Rayobyte without worrying about their previous use.

Proxies in Multiple Countries

When it comes to choosing the location of your proxies, your options are usually limited. You can often only buy proxies from the United States and the United Kingdom, which limits your ability to hide your geographic location, specifically to these countries.

But Rayobyte proxies give you the luxury of choosing proxies from 13 different countries. They have proxies in Canada, the USA, Brazil, Japan, the UK, Germany, India, Australia, and Vietnam. Depending on your needs and use cases, you could easily buy proxies based on any or all of these locations.

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Different Proxy Types to Choose From

Some of the popular proxies that Rayobyte offers are –


These proxies are distributed among a maximum of 3 users. It means that if the other two users are using the shared proxy, the speed you will get will be considerably less. If all three of the shared users end up using the same site, it might also result in the IP address of the proxy being banned. This might prevent you from gaining access to the websites that have banned your proxy.

The price of Rayobyte’s Semi-Dedicated Proxies is much lower than the Dedicated Proxies – almost 66% cheaper. The discount makes this solution more affordable for users on a budget and gives anyone the opportunity to make their online activities anonymous.

Dedicated Proxies

These proxies will only be used by you and won’t be shared. Dedicated proxies will give you access to high-speed usage and reduce the chances of getting banned from a site as only one user will be using the dedicated IP.

Though there are numerous advantages, the pricing of Dedicated Proxies is expensive over Semi-Dedicated Proxies. That said, unmetered bandwidth on the IP will be solely available for you to use, letting you enjoy high streaming speeds.

Rotating Private Proxies

This type of proxy is considered the most advanced and secure of the proxy plans offered by Rayobyte. It gives you a single IP with multiple ports. As soon as the connection is established with one port, traffic is automatically directed to a proxy IP. This means that your proxy IP address will keep changing on a regular basis, giving you maximum security and privacy.

Unmetered Bandwidth Speeds

With an unmetered bandwidth of 1 Gbps, there is no cap on the speed of using the proxy. They do cap usage at 200GB. Whether you are on a Semi-Dedicated or Dedicated proxy, you can enjoy streaming at high speeds without any interruptions. All the proxies purchased from Rayobyte come with unmetered bandwidth.

The 1 Gbps bandwidth cap offered by Rayobyte is larger than most other proxy providers. They do not oversell their proxies, which ensures high speeds for the users while using their proxies.

24/7 Support

Their customer support is one of the excellent features of buying proxies from Rayobyte. They have an in-house dedicated support team that is available round the clock – 24/7, all around the year. Right from helping you to start setting up a proxy to ensuring replacement, the support team is always there to help you.

In addition to that, they have more than 20+ videos on their Youtube Channel, many of which are tutorials to help you get started. Many FAQs are also available to answer any queries that you might have. If these fail to help, you can simply contact their support team.

Benefits of Using Rayobyte Proxies

Everything is Owned by Them

Rayobyte owns all the hardware resources that it uses. Unlike other proxy providers, it is not a reseller but supplies proxies directly to consumers like you. This allows them to provide greater flexibility to their customers. Since they own all the hardware, it is easier for them to troubleshoot and upgrade their systems in a short period of time.

Affordable Pricing

Price is a crucial consideration whenever you’re buying proxies. Some websites promise to provide high-quality proxies but charge exorbitant prices. On buying from them, you realize that their services are not as promised, and you just ended up with a big hole in your wallet for nothing.

Rayobyte Proxies prices start from as low as $0.80 for the Semi-Dedicated Proxies, $2.00 for Dedicated proxy, and $3.00 for Rotating proxy. They care very much about making their plans cheap and accessible to a large number of users. This philosophy is reflected by their rapidly growing customer base. The price may be varied based on the location.

  • 1-Month Subscription
Rayobyte Proxies 1-Month Subscription
  • 3-Months Subscription
Rayobytes Proxies 3-Months Subscription
  • 6-Months Subscription
Rayobyte Proxies 6-Months Subscription
  • 12-Months Subscription
Rayobyte Proxies 12-Months Subscription

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Replacement of Proxies

Rayobyte Proxies provides you with an option to replace your proxies once every month. This means that if you buy ten proxies from Rayobyte, you can replace the ten proxies with ten newer ones, once every month. With this feature, Rayobyte makes it more intimidating for their customers to buy proxies from them.

Affiliate Commissions

Apart from buying proxies, Rayobyte can also be a way for businesses and individuals to generate some extra revenue. They offer 15% affiliate commissions for referring customers to their platform.


Proxies are a great way to hide your identity on the Internet. With their automatic replacements, affordable options, and self-owned resources, it’s not hard to see why Rayobyte Proxies has become a leading proxy provider in such a short period of time. They take their business seriously and care about their customers. We’re happy to recommend their products!

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Rayobyte Proxies Review-FAQ

Why do I need to use a proxy?

To protect your IP address and location from others you need to use the proxy. Rayobyte proxy is the leading proxy for all those purposes.

How many types of proxies may Rayobyte provide?

Rayobyte provides three different proxy types. You can choose any one of them.

Does Rayobyte proxy limit the bandwidth?

The Rayobyte proxy doesn’t limit the bandwidth.

Is Rayobyte legit?

Yes, Rayobyte is indeed a legit and well-known proxy provider.

What is VPN or Proxy?

While a proxy works with a single app or site, a VPN secures your network traffic – meaning you’re safe on every site you visit and every app you use.

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