Right Way to Print a web page in all Web Browsers

Want to Print a web page. Almost every browser gives an option to print web pages. When you search on the internet, you may find any page that you would like to print. In that case, you can follow this procedure.

Web pages may not fit in A4 sized paper. So Before printing, it is a good idea to check the print view option. Because some times webpage may fit in the portrait page, sometimes it may fit in Landscape mode.

How to Print a web page?

You can print a web page by using any web browser. Here I am showing you to print a web page using Internet explorer. You can also follow the same procedure to print web page in any browser.

How to Print a Internet page in Internet Explorer? 

1.Open Internet Explorer.

print webpage

2. Open web page that you would want to print.

3. Right-click anywhere on the web page. You will see the below screen. You can check the Print Preview option. If you don’t get content in Portrait view, you can change that to Landscape while printing.

print webpage

4.Select Print option. You will see Print dialog shows that in the below screenshot. You will see options to select the number of copies, number of pages, page orientation, and select a printer. You have to select these options.

Print a web page

5.Select preferences option. Select page width and height and letter size is shown in the figure below.

print a web page

6. Click Apply button. Now you can print a web page.

You may see the Print option on some web pages. If you see that option, you can click on that link. That will open print dialog shows that in the above images. You can print the entire web page by selecting the All option.

You can also press the Ctrl key and press P. It will also open a print dialog box. You can start printing.

How to Print entire page in chrome

Open the webpage that you want to print. Press Ctrl+P on your keyboard or else select the Three dots at the top right corner and Print print option from the Drop-down menu.

Print Window will appear on the screen. Click on the Down arrow beside the destination option. Click on the “see more” option you will find several printers in the list. Select the printer that you want.

Select the number of pages and number of copies that you want to print. Select the down arrow beside the layout and select the page layout as your wish. Select the “Portrait” option to print the page from top to bottom and landscape to print side by side. Select how you want to print color or black & White by selecting the Color option.

Click on “More Setting” to change the additional settings to print the page. You will find several options like “Paper Size”, “Paper per Sheet”, “Margin”, “Quality”, “Scale”, and “Options”. Change the option as your wish. Finally, click on the “Print” Option.

That’s it… A pop-up will appear on the screen. From there the print process will begin.

Other browsers

When you try to print a web page in another web browser, you may see a different print dialog box. But the options are almost the same as discussed in the above procedure. You just need to select the Printer through which you want to print, No. of pages, No. of copies, and page orientation.

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