10 Must-have Mac apps

Here is the list of must-have Mac apps one needs to try once to improve their productivity. Moreover, most of them are free.

Mac was one of the impressive product from apple. This quote “Once you use a mac, you never come back” which is popular among the mac community is a fact. The interface, features, and the inbuilt apps that apple offers are damn great and powerful. Want to make it more powerful by adding some more must-have Mac apps? I bet they help you seamlessly in their segment. Here is the list of applications that take your usage and productivity to the next level.

Being a windows user from the past 5 years, I was amazed during my initial days with mac. Googled like hell to find the must-have mac apps and ended up with landing on some posts. I personally thought to write one after using mac for almost 10 months. So here is the list of applications for mac users.

List of Must-have Mac apps

Most of the listed applications are completely free and are directly available from the mac store. If you are downloading from the internet you might get a pop up saying that file is downloaded from the internet. Do the needy and start the installation.

1.Google chrome


Google chrome is a well-known browser that is supported on most of the devices. Apple had it’s own browser “safari” whose default search engine is Google. Moreover one can change search engines as per their requirements.

Although it’s better to have chrome as their browsing need for its performance and the extensions(Number of extensions are available when compared to other browsers). Moreover, we people are more familiar with Google chrome than others. Frequent updates and web apps are additional features.

2.Intego Mac internet security

intego-must have mac apps

Intego Mac internet security(50% discounted Link) is well known for its privacy and security. But I can’t stop you from doing things. we all can make mistakes and might fall as prey for the virus. Here comes the need for security software.

Intego is a Mac security and anti-virus software from 1997 which makes it the most trusted one. It comes with a bundle such as VirusBarrier, ContentBarrier, and more. Cleaning up large files, removing malware from downloaded files, regular scans, blocking websites are some of the important tasks by Intego. Security and privacy must be overlooked.



NordVPN (68% discounted link)is a popular VPN which was designed to provide internet freedom with a single click. It enables private browsing and encrypts traffic which helps in streaming censored content.

NordVPN is good at speeds and had a good number of servers all over the world. Launch it on mac and choose your desired country and browse without hassle.

4.CleanMyMac X


CleanMyMac X is a product from MacPaw that clears all the junk files, large files, and useless old files from the mac. Removes broken downloads and logs as well.

It also helps in removing unwanted applications and malware that speedup the mac. In short, it optimizes the mac well. CleanMyMac X is available in both free and paid versions. Needless to say, the paid version can give access to more number of features.



LastPass is a password manager tool. Well, we do register ourselves at a number of websites for various purposes. Using the same password for your all online accounts is really a bad choice and it doesn’t mean to use your number or names and all.

It is suggested to use a strong password i.e combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Remembering them is surely a tough job and password managers are introduced to solve. It can store all logins including card information as well. Moreover, we can sync data to any device we need. All data is encrypted and protected with a master password which is not readable by LastPass as well.



Bean is a lightweight word processor for mac which is completely free. If you are a windows user and avid user of MS office then buying office costs you a lot of money.

If you are too familiar with the office and is looking for an alternate then bean might be a choice. It does have most of the features such as live word count, header and footer, page layouts, full-screen editing, split-screen editing and more. It’s no wrong to bean instead of the office.



Anydesk is a lightweight remote desktop software that is free for personal use and paid for business use. It is used to take the remote access of any desktop i.e a mac user can take remote control of a windows user and the same windows user can take control of mac desktop too.

Anydesk can be accessed from a computer and mobile as well. Sessions can be recorded and sharing files through a file transfer option is very much possible.

8.The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver is a simple utility application for Mac that is readily available from applications stores too. It unarchives RAR, ZIP, Tar, 7-Zip, Stuffit, CAB, MSI and EXE files. I am personally using this tool from a month and was completely satisfied. Give it a try if you deal with ZIP and RAR files frequently.



Dropbox is an ideal option to share files with others. Users simply drop the files into the dropbox folder and share it with people who ask for it. Actually it is available for free but only gives 2GB of storage. For more space, you need to buy it. Choose the plan as per your requirements.

You can also go with iDrive(75% discounted link) which is the best alternative to Dropbox.



Growl is a smart tool to control all the mac notifications from one place. It makes things easy. It provides a new kind of notification experience on mac. However, saying to get the tool is just a suggestion.

If you have a number of apps and leaving notifications, then growl helps to control them from one place and one can know about what’s happening with applications.


I had listed all the must have mac apps to improve the overall experience. This is just a basic list of apps during the initial stages. However, there are tons of apps for hardcore users as per their needs. Do have a look and try most of the apps from the list and write down your experience in the comment section.

I hope this tutorial helped you to install must-have mac apps. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more tips.

Must Have Mac Apps – FAQs

Why is App Store different on Mac?

Most of the iPhone applications are not available for mac desktop. This is the only reason for the app store is different on mac.

Can we run iPhone apps on mac?

If apps support on mac, then it will be a cakewalk. If they are not supported then one can’t simply run iPhone apps. Because they do have tight restrictions.

How can I download free apps on my Macbook Pro?

Go to app store from the dock or from finder. Simple filter out the free apps and install the needed.

How can I get Snapchat on my Mac?

Access to mac store from the home dock and search for Snapchat. Install and launch it. It is same with all the free apps. Payment is needed for paid applications.

How do I install unidentified apps on my Mac?

First, Do check whether they are from a legit source or not. If yes, Go to system preferences from the apple drop down and then click on security and privacy and then go to the general tab.

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