9 Most Useful Software for Your PC

This article will give you the list of Most Useful Software for Your PC. A computer without software is like just a stuffed up box which is of no use. The backbone of a computer is software and when you get a new PC and installed Windows on it, you need a series of programs to run it properly or run it in a better way. Therefore when you get a new computer or format and reinstall one, the first thing you need to do is install essential programs for your PC.

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The Most Useful Software for Your PC

The most useful programs for PC should be as follows, though not in a particular order they are all needed for the smooth functioning of your PC:

1. Cloud storage:

Cloud storage is important because as you store your important documents, images, etc. in your computer you should be able to store them in the cloud because you might need to access them from anywhere you go. The best one recommended is Dropbox where you can get 2 GB of free data storage and also with a little more payment you can get extra storage space. When you want more, I recommend you iDrive (Over 75% Discounted link). You can also read our complete review about iDrive.

2. Internet Browser:

Windows already comes with an Internet Browser but you need to browse faster and much safer. Therefore, Google Chrome is recommended for you.

3. Music Streaming:

Every 9 out of 10 human beings are fond of music. Therefore, when you sit in front of your PC, working for a long time, you need time to relax too, a music streaming program would be very helpful for you. Programs like Google Play Music, Apple Music, or even Napster could be a good choice.

4.Image Editor:

image editor

When you are in the world of PC, one thing you definitely need is an image editor. Photoshop is a good choice but it costly, rather you can use something closer to Photoshop like Paint.NET and there are plenty out there which come free and easily usable by an average user. If you need a premium alternative to Photoshop, I can suggest you CyberLink PhotoDirector (Over 70% Discounted link) and PicMonkey.

5. Security:

It is a good move for you to use an antivirus program on your computer. These days a virus is a deadly threat and to deal with them you need to pick up one. Avira Antivirus etc are available for free, Windows Defender is also good. Also, you can use paid antivirus like McAfee(50% Discounted link) or AVG Security (20% Discounted link) or Bullguard(Over 50% discounted link).

6. Office Suite:

Although Microsoft Office is a preferable one and some people think that it is the ultimate one, but there are other Office Suites that are as compatible as Microsoft Office like WPS or free LibreOffice.

7. Media Player:

These days most of the videos are viewed online, but still, one media player should be there with you on your desktop. Though Windows come with Media Player, it doesn’t support most of the formats; therefore, VLC media player is recommended mostly.

8. PC Management:

Useful software for PC

As the time passes, Windows gets lots of useless files, which takes up a lot of space; CCleaner would take care of them.

9. File Compression and Extraction:

A program to compress and extract is needed on your PC, PeaZip and 7-zip are good free Softwares. WinRAR is the best premium one.

You can also install other programs for better running of your PC. Yep! The download is a very good place to search for most of the programs you might need.

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