5 Top Video Sharing Sites: Best Video Hosting OR Upload Sites

Are you looking for the Top Video sharing sites? Then, here you are in the right place. Most of the people Know only about one video sharing site i.e, YouTube. People use YouTube more than TV because they can watch everything over there. Other than that there are other video sharing sites which help people to watch and upload their Videos.

Although, YouTube is one of the best sites, however, due to its privacy policies, for instance, it prohibits users to upload duplicate, explicit, third-party content without owner’s permission etc. and one may not upload all the videos which they like. To overcome this issue we have collected top 5 video sharing sites which are absolutely free.

Top Video Sharing Sites



YouTube is a video-sharing website served worldwide. It has 1.8 billion users every month. It is available in  76 languages. This site doesn’t require any registration to watch, comment, upload, liking, or disliking the videos. It allows users can watch the videos, share, upload, repost, comment, like or dislike and subscribe to the videos. It consists of movie trailers, teasers, shows, short films, documentaries, music videos. Mostly individuals upload their videos and different channels offered their partnership with YouTube and they can upload their videos in it.

Registered users can upload several videos and they can comment to videos. Unregistered users can just watch and like or unlike the videos. Videos which are inappropriate can watch only registered videos who are 18 years old. YouTube app is available for Android, iPhone and windows phone. This website runs with the help of advertisements. The maximum size of the video file is 128GB. For the best quality, we can upload MP4 video format. We can watch the videos at free of cost but for some video subscriptions, premiers and live streaming have to pay every month. It is strict with the copyrights of the videos and we can download and watch the videos through offline but cannot violate the rules.



Vimeo is one of the video-sharing websites where users can share, view, and upload videos. It was founded in 2004 and it mainly concentrated on short films and movies. It was the first web sharing site to support high definition video format. Vimeo basic is free of cost. Vimeo Plus is the monthly basis paid plan and other plans are on a yearly basis and it provides bigger space for the videos. The videos of this site look professional. Vimeo is blocked in China whereas in India and in Indonesia this site is blocked and again unblocked due to the rules of the particular countries.

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3.Daily Motion:

daily motion

Daily Motion is a video sharing platform founded in 2005. It is available worldwide, in 18 languages and 35 countries at free of cost. It has 300 million monthly users. Registration is not required to watch and like the videos but to upload and comment one needs to be registered in the site. The users can search, upload the videos using tags, channels and groups and the results will be based on previous searches. The length of the video file is 2 GB and 60 minutes.

In this site, the users can upload multiple videos at a time using Daily motion mass up-loader option. It is accessible through tablets, smartphones(Android) and connected devices. It allows users to browse videos and they can choose to watch the videos later. Here users can recommend videos to other users, can subscribe channels and may add friends.



Metacafe is one of the video-sharing websites and it consists of different categories of videos like movies, video games, TV, music, and sports. This website is founded in 2003 and it also served worldwide and is free of cost. It contains 40 million monthly viewers. The registration of the website is optional to watch the videos but to upload rate, and review registration is required.

This site is supported by the advertising companies of different brands. Metacafe will reward the video producer for their original video if they did not violate any copyrights, the video should be viewed 20000 times of U.S viewers and 3.0 or higher ratings will be awarded $5 for every 1000 views.



Flickr is a video and image sharing website founded in 2004 and is available in 10 languages. It is a commercial website and registration is required to watch the videos. It contains 87 million registered users. To upload the content the user should have an account on the site. The user can create a profile page on the site and they can be made their videos available to another Flickr user. Flickr app is available for IOS and android mobiles. It has 3 types of accounts i.e., free, ad-free, and double. The free offer allows 1 GB per video and the maximum length is 3 minutes. The ad-free options make users free from the advertisements. The double account provides twice the storage of a free account.

These are the Top Video Sharing Sites to build your business. If you have any queries regarding the same do let us know in the comment section below. You can also follow whatvwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more tips.

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