What is Chromecast? Where To Buy Google Chromecast

Want to know What is Chromecast? If you are looking for the use of Chromecast and where to buy it? You are on the right place. This enables users with a mobile device in personal computer to initiate and control playback of Internet-streamed audio-visual content on a high-definition television or home audio system through mobile. Moreover, it support the web apps that support the Google Cast technology.

Check out the features, architecture and other details regarding Google Chrome Cast here.

What is Chromecast?

Chrome cast is a hardware device developed by Google. It acts as the digital media player and used as the transmitter between the mobile /web apps and TV and the audio system. By using this, the internet audio/video stream of mobile or personal computer or Android devices will mirror in the TV and audio systems which supports Google technology. Google company released three chrome cast. They are 1st generation, 2nd generation & audio and Ultra.

The first generation is a video streaming device introduced in 2013 and its memory is 512 MB, storage 2GB. The second generation and audio is a chrome cast audio in 2015 and its memory is 512MB,2Gb storage. Chrome cast ultra released in 2016 which supports the 4k resolution and HD range.

Chrome cast Architecture

The architecture consists of two parts. They are the sender(mobile, Android device, IOS) and receiver (Television, the audio system which is connected to Chrome cast).

  • Sender application has to initiate the process of casting on their device(android, IOS, P.C )to stream the content on the receiver.
  • Receiver application should insert the chrome cast device and it helps to display the content on the screen, allows the receiver to receive messages from the sender and the control is on user(sender) hands.

Chromecast Set up:

After connecting the chromecast port to the TV and power connection adapter to connect the WI-FI. The android or P.C will detect the chrome cast connection, then the sender should click cast on mobile or P.C, it will mirror the content of the video and it is controlled by the mobile handset.

Difference between Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra?

The chrome cast supports up to 1080p whereas the chrome cast ultra supports HD quality and its cost also differs. The functions of both the versions are similar but chromecast ultra has a built in port for LAN and it requires external power source.


It offers two methods to stream the content. First one is to use mobile and apps that supports Google technology and the second is to mirror the web services that are displaying in the android device and P.C. This process will be initiated by using the ‘CAST’ button in the users android device. When the streaming content is not available then the chrome cast will display personal image, satellite images, and weather forecasts.

When the content is streaming on the TV, the user can use their mobile for other tasks without interrupting the streaming video.

E.g.: While watching the video on the TV user can search on the internet without any disturbance. 

By using chrome cast audio devices users can play multiple chrome cast audio devices simultaneously in different locations by using Google home mobile app. This feature makes chrome cast as the low-cost alternative when compared with the others. It works by using Wi-Fi connectivity. The apps available at the time of chrome cast launch are YouTube and Netflix and they are supported by Android, IOS, and chrome web apps. To enable chrome cast, the other apps should get the access of chrome Software Development Kit(SDK). It allows streaming access from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and Google play.

How to stream videos on TV using Chromecast?

To watch the videos on TV, the Android device/IOS or P.C acts as the sender and they search for the receiver device which has the casting application will receive protocol from the sender and displays the content on the TV. Both the sender and receiver should have the same Wi-Fi connectivity.

Need for the Chromecast

If we subscribe services like Netflix, Hulu, then we can watch those videos in either mobile or personal computer, I pad only.  we are unable to watch those on the TV screen, if we switch to chrome cast it will be accessible to the TV also. So that the streaming videos can watch in any screen.

Difference between chrome cast and Mira cast?

Chromecast and Miracast technology have similar functions. Chromecast is an external hardware device connected to TV HDMI port whereas Miracast is an inbuilt HDMI connection. Unlike chrome cast, Mira cast acts as a receiver also. Miracast technology is available in smart mobiles and TV only. As smart TV and mobiles are expensive and people are unable to buy those models but they want to use this technology. For that, another alternative they have is chrome cast which is of low cost and have similar features.

Where To Buy Chromecast?

Interested in buying the Chromecast after knowing its fabulous features? You can buy Chromecast at any of the online stores like FlipKart, Snapdeal, Paytm and offline stores like Reliance Digital, Croma. But the best place is WalMart.

You can get Chromecast, Power Cable, Power adapter in the box after purchasing it. In order to use the Chromecast you must have TV with HDMI port, Wi-Fi Network, compatible computer or mobile device.

Price of the Chromecast:

First generation chrome cast price is $35, second generation and audio price is $35, Ultra chrome cast Price is $69.We can buy chrome cast at Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, BestBuy.com.

Great right! Then hurry and buy this amazing product and enjoy its unique features. If you have any queries regarding the same do let us know in the comment section below.

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