Top 11 Turnitin Alternatives

Plagiarism detection is one of the essential tools that college students might require. We all know that the most commonly used software for plagiarism checking is Turnitin. However, always remember that finding a Turnitin alternative is also significant. This article will shine light upon some Turnitin alternatives that you might use.

Top Turnitin Alternatives

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1. Originality.AI

Originality.AI is one of the best alternatives to Turnitin. With the launch of AI tools such as ChatGPT and others the need to check for Original content has increased. Original or not plagiarized content now means both that the content has not been copied but also that it was not generated by an AI. Originality.AI is the only plagiarism-checking tool that also includes AI detection. 


  • Checks for both Plagiarism and AI Detection
  • Easy to use ad-free interface
  • Google Chrome extension (free)


  • Limited free trial
  • Premium tool – not ideal as a free tool

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2. Grammarly

Grammarly Homepage

Grammarly is mainly known as the software that helps correct your grammar and expression in the document. It might be surprising to know that Grammarly also acts as plagiarism detection software. Although plagiarism detection in Grammarly is free of cost, it only helps detect 1% of the overall plagiarism. Let us now look closely at some pros and cons of using Grammarly.


  • Free of cost
  • Easy to use and navigate around the software
  • Sleek design
  • You can also correct your grammar and vocabulary


  • Only checks 1% plagiarism that’s why not reliable
  • The free version does not show the percentage of plagiarism
  • The monthly plans are expensive for the premium version

3. CopyScape

CopyScape Homepage

CopyScape is another plagiarism detection software that might be an alternative to Turnitin. The best part about CopyScape is that it is available in both free and paid versions. You can select whichever version you want and relax. If you are opting for the free version, paste the specific URL in the search bar. The tool of CopyScape will instantly look for similarities in less time.

Another feature of the website is that you can compare two URLs for comparing different web pages. The premium version is a little more advanced. You can copy and paste the text and look for similarity issues.

4. WriteMyEssayForMe

WriteMyEssayForMe Homepage

Now let’s talk about a website that works in all directions. College students lead hectic life. They have to manage their studies and extracurricular activities simultaneously. WriteMyEssayForMe is a writing service that is the jack of all trades. If you need a plagiarism-free paper writing service that will solve all your assignment-related problems in one go, go to the website and order your essay. You will be amazed to see the responsiveness of their customer service. Instead of finding a plagiarism detection service, eliminate the absolute need for one.

The writing service is known for hiring experienced writers worldwide to make your essays one of a kind. Every essay will come with an authenticity report that will satisfy you to the fullest.

5. Paper Rater

PaperRater Homepage

Paper Rater is another popular plagiarism detector. As the name suggests, Paper Rater helps detect plagiarism issues in a document. This software has an integrated grammar checker to help refine the document. The plagiarism checker is free of cost, and the software is also decent. You can copy and paste the document and hit “Get Report”. Paper Rater will instantly generate a report of authenticity.

Uploading a file might also be an option, but it is only given to premium users. The app also contains an automatic proofreading system that analyses the text for grammatical and delivery issues. So you are getting the best of both worlds at one price.

This free plagiarism checker is one of the best in the market. You can easily acquire it and let go of all your worries.

6. Plagium

Plagium Homepage

Plagium is also free of cost and provides a decent plagiarism detection service. However, you have to donate to acquire this service. Many users use Plagium because it helps the needy. When you enter the document that you wish to check, the site will easily show some duplicate sites. This means that it is very accurate compared to other websites. The only con that this site might have is that it cannot identify authentic content websites. It might not matter to many students, but still a little un-feasible.

7. Unicheck

Unicheck Homepage

Coming back to plagiarism detection services, Unicheck is also a viable option. Unicheck’s insightful examining framework checks messages against 40+ billion extraordinary pages (the most excellent online data sets utilizing ongoing web search and open-access vaults). Reports are produced naturally, smoothing out work and giving instructors more opportunity for key and intriguing assignments.

That is why, alongside the developing capacities of the checker, Unicheck likewise offers free answers for the instructive area to advance the academic capabilities in the whole world. More than 1.5 million users worldwide use this platform and benefit from its high-end plagiarism checking services.

8. Scanmyessay


Like the name, scan my essay is also one of the most reliable plagiarism checkers of all time. It’s a free download, so you won’t have to worry about paying a fee. This service is currently offline due to some technical issues but does decent plagiarism checking. It is worth checking this out due to its high-performing software.

9. Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma Homepage

Plagiarisma is also a free plagiarism-checking website that also helps in correcting the grammar of the document. This multi-functional tool supports over 190+ languages and also provides re-writing services. There is an option to copy and paste the text you want to check, along with another feature that helps you extract text from URLs. Having multiple options to upload the document creates feasibility for its users and makes this software one of a kind.

There are many different platforms where you can use Plagiarisma like Windows App, Android App, and Blackberry App.

10. PlagScan

PlagScan is a tool that helps you check your document free of cost, but the price will come into consideration when you want to check 2000 words in documents. It has a decent checking service where its algorithm works like a charm to check for copying issues.

Its premium version is also not that expensive. The price to check 6500 words is $5.99, which is not that costly. Said that you get what you pay for – yes, quality checking and flawless reporting.

11. ProWritingAid


Another fantastic service is Pro Writing Aid. This service offers a variety of tools that are more affordable than Turnitin grammar checks. You can check for grammatical and deliverance issues in this service, and you won’t even have to pay a hefty fee. A free and paid version for this website acts as the perfect substitute for Turnitin free online checker. Thousands of students use this service and are never disappointed.

We all know that Turnitin dominates the plagiarism checking market by a more prominent factor. However, sometimes, it can get too costly for a college student. It might be beneficial to check out the software above and look for something more affordable. Make sure that you double-check each website and go for the premium version if necessary.

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From the above-discussed alternatives, I strongly recommend choosing Originality.AI because it detects AI-generated content as well.

You can go with Grammarly if you are looking for a free and easy-to-use alternative to Turnitin.

And, if you want to have premium usage then I suggest you go with the pro version of ProWritingAid. It provides you with all the professional tools and options at a reasonable price.

I hope this tutorial helped you to know about the Top 10 Turnitin Alternatives. If you want to say anything, let us know through the comment sections. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

Top 11 Turnitin Alternatives – FAQs

Is Unicheck as good as Turnitin?

Reviewers felt that Turnitin meets the needs of their business better than Unicheck. When comparing the quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that Unicheck is the preferred option.

Who Bought Turnitin?

In March 2019, Advance Publications acquired Turnitin, LLC for US$1.75 billion.

Is 40 similarity on Turnitin bad?

When your work is referenced and presented properly, a 40% similarity score is acceptable.

Is Grammarly Safe?

Grammarly is safe to use. Your writing is securely backed up and encrypted and you’re unlikely to encounter any security or plagiarism issue.

Is ProWritingAid for free?

Yes, there is a free version of ProWritingAid. However, it is less powerful than the premium version and has a 500-word review limit.

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