4 Best Ways to Improve your Writing

Want to improve your writing? Here are the best four tips to boost your writing performance.

Writing is a skill that one acquires through learning. The process of this learning is gradual. No one is born with the skill in writing. Even if you are talented and one of the best essay writers you need to strictly follow the rules. For you to have the ability to write well, you need to put more effort into it. Constant hard work improves these skills.

There is no shortcut to being a wordsmith. Whether you are self-employed or work in offices, a part of your day has to include writing. It can be in the form of tweets, reports, texts, or proposals. Research has it that people compose a lot of mails every year. The mails amount to approximately 40,000 words.

As it is evident that our communication requires us to write a lot, we need to improve our writing skills.

The following are tips that we can use:

How to Improve your Writing

1.Avoid Writing and Editing at the same time

The moment you settle to write a book or novel, avoid getting stuck on each sentence that you write. Avoid a situation where you are erasing more than you are writing. The situation may make your audience miss out on the content you were to publish.

Do not doubt the effort you put in writing down. Have a separate time to edit your work. You do not have to write a whole article in a short period. You can rest for some time, then come back to writing when you have a fresh mind. Good writing comes from the rewrites you make on your work. So, you should write when the internal editor in your machine is off.

2.Avoiding Throat-clearing

When one researches anything, you get enormous results. The results come from social media posts, listicles, and blogs. The internet contains a lot of unnecessary information. The content on the internet has inappropriate intros and a lot of babbling that you can avoid. Practice on improving your skills without utilizing unnecessary information from the net.

Make your points clear without adding fluff. Fluff words include the use of little, very, or rather. When you are not sure whether there is excess throat-clearing in your introduction, try erasing the first paragraph. Read again then see if they are still present. Fluffs distract the attention of your readers from the main message that is in your content.

3.Sharpening your writing skills

You need to read more than you write. The reading helps in sharpening the writer’s toolbox. Reading also makes it easier for one to enlighten themselves with other writing styles and the generation of new ideas. You can also engage yourself in reading extra writing topics. Guide articles from other bloggers play a role in improving your writing skills. You should have a wide vocabulary knowledge. It simplifies for you on how to choose the tools to use at a given time.

4.Use of Grammarly

You can execute the above tips by using Grammarly. Grammarly is one of the best free grammar checker tools. You will get assistance with grammar and your spellings. As a writer, you can improve on how to create clear and concise ideas and improve your vocabulary. Grammarly also ensures that your content sends an accurate and intended message.


When you follow the above steps, you get to improve your writing skills. Do a lot of practice in your vocabulary. Commitment to writing is also a key pillar to successful writing. In the long run, it results in the composition of great content to the viewers. When your audience gets good content, your viewership may increase. With time, you become a master in the skill. Rewards may follow your way as it is every writer’s dream.

It is must to use Grammar checker tools like Grammarly.

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4 Best Ways to Improve your Writing-FAQ

IS there any app to improve my writing?

Grammerly is the best solution to improve your writing skills.

How can i write better?

By avoiding the writing and editing at the same time and throat clearing you can write better.

How can i sharpen my writing skills?

The reading helps in sharpening the writer’s toolbox. Reading also makes it easier for one to enlighten themselves with other writing styles and the generation of new ideas.

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