Virtual Assistant: The complete details you need to know

Don’t know what is Virtual assistant? Want to start a Virtual Assistant business? Here is the complete guide about Virtual assistants. This tutorial will tell you what is virtual assistants, how to start a virtual assistant business, what is the cost involved in starting a VA business, and more.

Who is the virtual assistant?

In short, we call virtual assistants as VA. However, a VA is a person who works remotely and handles administrative tasks. The main point of working as a VA is that you can work from home without any time restriction. Thus, due to immense popularity, the industry is overgrowing. As a result of this growth and hype, you can take it forward and convert it into a business. So, it means you can work individually or as a team.

Moreover, if the workload is increasing day by day, you can outsource jobs because it’s the best way to expand the business. The VA also requires tools like invoice generator software, etc., to complete the job.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Here are the following jobs that you can perform as a VA:

  • Managing Email correspondence
  • Organize calendar
  • Data entry
  • Financial planning
  • Customer support
  • Graphic designing
  • WordPress website management
  • Digital marketing
  • Sales performance management
  • Invoice generation
  • Business marketing
  • General administration
  • Specialized services
  • Business management

So, it’s a perfect business idea to take one step ahead and make money. But it’s vital to step into this field with the proper skill set.

Key factors involved in VA business:

Before taking a start, it’s vital to know about the key factors involved and help you grow further. So, here are the questions that you shouldn’t ignore:

  • What type of job are you going to do?
  • Do you have any previous experience in the same field?
  • What would be the size and duration of the projects that you are choosing?

On the other hand, you should figure out the skills and tools that are vital in building a new business. But it’s also essential to figure out the cost for perfect planning.

How to start a virtual assistant business?

If you are wondering about starting a virtual assistant business, we will break down the whole process. But at first, here are steps to follow to begin VA business:

  • Decide the name for your business
  • Decide the rates for the services you are going to charge
  • Register your business with concerned authorities
  • Design the business plan that will help you to take it forward
  • Develop the strategy that you will use for marketing
  • Make a network to promote your services
  • Advertise your business to make clients
  • Search for the referrals that will bring more customers for you
  • Use the right tools to start serving

Note: Before deciding prices, ensure you are charging according to skills and experience. Later, you can increase costs with time by improving your skills.

Pros of starting VA business

Here are the following my favorite advantages of taking a virtual assistant as a full-time job or business.

  • You can take a free start
  • You don’t need a specific degree
  • Have the liberty to work with a flexible schedule
  • Work on your terms
  • You can set your rates
  • You aren’t bound to any location

Breakdown of estimated cost to start VA business

The requirements are fundamental to creating a virtual assistant business. But the price may differ with the fact that you want to create a small, medium, or large-scale enterprise. Here is the estimation cost of all these types:

Business SizeEstimated Cose
Small scale business$8,000
Large scale business$48,000
Medium scales business$27,000

Apart from this, there are other things with the mentioned cost that you require during the process:

1. Cost to register business


The first thing you need is to fulfill the registration cost of the business. So, it will take a few hundred dollars as initial expenses. We can break down the formation cost into the following categories.

  • The business patent cost could be around $5,000-$15,000, and it depends on the size of the business.
  • It will help if you bear the cost in the account of business insurance that is around $500-$25,00
  • Apart from this, the lawyer fee starts from $2,000

In addition to this, business license fees, trademark registration, and business setting up take different costs.

2. Software costs

Software costs

If you are running a virtual assistant business, then it means software plays a significant role in running and establishing a business. For instance, you may need software like an invoice generator or sales performance management tool to sort out business-related activities. Sometimes, you will have to pay the price to buy the membership of this software for uninterrupted working. So, here is the estimated cost of some famous software:

IT software$150-$2,000
CRM software$12-$300
Payroll software$200
Accounting software$50-$200

Apart from this, the software selection depends on the skills you are selling in your virtual assistant business.

3. Office expenses

Office Expenses

If you are remotely managing a VA business, then you don’t have to incur these expenses. But if the business is at large scale, then you will have to incur the costs in the account of:

  • Rent for the space
  • Cost of the utility bills
  • WIFI & internet

But the expenses may vary according to the area where you are living or doing business. So, you will have to keep a margin in this.-

4. Website development

Website Development

If you aren’t using any freelancing platform, you will have to develop your website to capture more business. So, in this regard, you will bear expenses like:

Web design$200-$6000
Web development$10-$1,000
Web hosting$80-$500
domain name$20-$500

But the expenses may vary according to the experience of a web developer. Apart from this, the rate may vary based on your personalized requirements.

5. Unanticipated expenses

Apart from the overhead costs and expenses, there are many other things that you need to cover. So, here is a glimpse of all those unexpected expenses.

  • Employee cost
  • Equipment supply and buying cost
  • Technology expenses
  • Repairing expenses
  • Advertisement cost
  • Affiliate marketing cost
  • Training cost
  • Professional membership costs
  • Outsourcing cost and time

Best Virtual Assistant Services

Video Tutorial

We Provided this article in the form of a Video Tutorial for our reader’s convenience. If you are interested in reading, skip the video for now and watch it after the completion of reading this article.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr-Virtual Assistant

Fiverr is one of the best and popular freelancing websites that helps both job seekers and service seekers. On this website, Virtual Assistants create their accounts and post their experience in the form of gigs. Choose the Virtual Assistant from the available services to fulfill your requirements.


  • Popular across the Globe
  • Lots of Professionals
  • Flexible to use
  • Free to create profile
  • Best way to showcase your works

2. Upwork

Upwork Virtual Assistant

Upwork is a freelancing website that allows you to find the best Virtual Assistant at a very reasonable price. everyone knew that Upwork is an open platform to post-service requirements and get the service providers as well. You can choose the virtual assistant by looking into his/her previous works and years of experience.


  • Easy to find a Virtual Assistant
  • Availability of n number of options
  • Flexible Price Range

3. Time etc

Time etc Homepage

Time etc is a US-based Virtual Assistant service started by Barnaby in the year 2007. He started this service to make the people get out of the time-wasting tasks and start thinking about what really matters more. People call Time etc as the best overall Virtual Personal Assistant Service. All this is because of its quality service. The assistants who passed the company’s toughest 10 stage selection process are selected and employed. So according to your requirement, they match you with the best one.

The Assistant will be very flexible with you and work as you with all the trust. They provide you with a dedicated US Assistant. They will work from home and communicate via email, text, phone, and more. More than 22,000 entrepreneurs discovered the difference between a Time etc Virtual Assistant and other virtual assistants.

Highlights of Time etc

  • Dedicated US Virtual Assistant
  • Verified Experience
  • Convenient Timezone
  • Branded email
  • Real-time time tracking
  • Switch plans anytime
  • Expert support


Time etc is available in 4 different plans, such as Ten hours, Twenty hours, Forty hours, and Sixty hours. The prices of all the plans are displayed in the below screenshot.

Time etc Pricing

4. Assistant is the most commonly used website to get its services done through the bidding process. The process of hiring a Virtual Assistant is completely different from other websites. People looking for a Virtual Assistant will make a post with their requirements. If you meet the requirements, just bid with the amount that you are willing to do it. Finally, one best profile among the total bid profiles will be chosen.


  • Bidding Process
  • Free to create profile
  • Lot of services are available
  • Best platform for independent talents

5. My Tasker

My Tasker Homepage

My Tasker is one of the best and top-notch virtual Assistant services available in the present world. It provides all the required features to feel the users comfortable with the Virtual Assistants. It provides its services irrespective of the size and nature of the company to overcome the problems with its smart techniques. If you are looking for the best and perfect virtual assistant for your company, then My Tasker is the stop for you. A dedicated virtual assistant will be provided to you and they assist you all the time virtually.

Highlights of My Tasker

  • Various Experts at your Service
  • Round the Clock Service
  • Confidentiality of Information
  • Special Support
  • Accountability
  • Overseas Advantage


My Tasker Pricing

6. Belay


Belay is a VA service that has high qualified Virtual assistants and that is why Belay is the best choice if you are looking for a high qualified VAs. Getting a virtual assistant from Belay is very simple and easy. Consult them and explain your needs clearly. Then they will find the best match for you. A dedicated Virtual Assistant will be employed for you and they start working to grow your business.

Along with the Virtual Assistant service, Belay also provides some other services like Virtual Bookkeeping Services, Website Specialist Services, and Social Media Strategist Service.


  • Research & Reporting
  • Inbox & Schedule Management
  • Book Travel & Expense Reporting
  • Project Coordination
  • Social Media
  • Light Bookkeeping


Belay provides its services at a very reasonable price and ranges from $6 to $10 per hour. The price ranges from $26 to $45 per hour if you have chosen the Virtual Assistants who have experience of 5 years and more.

7. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands Homepage

Fancy Hands is a US-based Virtual Assistant service best for short or occasional tasks. This is the most affordable virtual assistant service. You can choose the virtual Assistant as a dedicated assistant or a delegate of occasional tasks. These Virtual Assistants are highly qualified and keep your information confidential. If you are looking for the best affordable virtual Assistant for short or minimal tasks, then this is the best choice for you.

Highlights of Fancy Hands

  • Scheduling
  • Text Messaging
  • Rollover Requests
  • Recurring Requests
  • Accessibility
  • Referral credits
  • Usage Stats


Fancy Hands VA service is available in four different plans, such as Small, Medium, Large, and XL. The prices of all four plans are displayed in the below screenshot.

Fancy Hands Pricing

8. WoodBows

WoodBows Virtual Assistant

The WoodBows is one of the best Virtual Assistant services that aims to free up the time of business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives as much as possible. This provides its services at a very reasonable and affordable price. The WoodBows provides you with a dedicated Virtual Assistant and they are good at problem-solving and taking the right decisions. They assist you around the clock and never disappoint you with their idealogy and actions.

Highlights of WoodBows

  • 24/7 Client Support
  • 10+ years experienced virtual professionals
  • 1000+ clients served
  • No Tax Complications
  • Easy to hire


WoodBows provides its Virtual Assistant Service in five various plans such as 4 hours, 10 hours, 20 hours, 40 hours, 80 hours, and lifetime. All these plans can be purchased Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, and Annually payments. The prices of all the plans and payment methods are listed below.

  • Weekly Payment
    • 4 Hours Weekly – $49/week
    • 10 Hours Weekly – $99/week
    • 20 Hours Weekly – $189/week
    • Full-Time Plan – $359.2/week
  • Monthly Payment
    • 20 Hours Monthly – $225/Month
    • 40 Hours Monthly – $399/Month
    • 80 Hours Monthly – $699/Month
    • Full-Time Plan – $1299/Month
  • Quarterly Payment
    • 20 Hours Monthly – $199/Month
    • 40 Hours Monthly – $349/Month
    • 80 Hours Monthly – $599/Month
    • Full-Time Plan -$1099/Month
  • Semi-Annually Payment
    • 20 Hours Monthly – $191.6/Month
    • 40 Hours Monthly – $341.5/Month
    • 80 Hours Monthly – $583.2/Month
    • Full-Time Plan – $1066.5/Month
  • Annually Payment
    • 20 Hours Monthly – $183.3/Month
    • 40 Hours Monthly – $333.3/Month
    • 80 Hours Monthly – $574.9/Month
    • Full-Time Plan – $999/Month

Best Virtual Assistant Companies to Work

The companies listed below are the best Virtual Assistant Companies to Work

  • Beacon Hill Staffing Group
  • Belay
  • Boldly
  • Cardinal Financial
  • CSI Companies
  • Equivity
  • Kelly
  • My BLTR
  • Profit Factory
  • Randstad

Virtual Assistance Websites

1. 24/7 Virtual Assistant

24/7 Virtual Assistant Services

24/7 Virtual Assistant is a leading website that helps you in finding the best virtual Assistant to complete your work uninterruptedly. It delivers virtual assistants with extraordinary capabilities and skills to complete various tasks. All the available virtual assistants are well educated and qualified from reputed universities.

Capabilities of Virtual Assistants

  • Administrative works
  • Customer Service Support
  • Book Keeping
  • Data Mining
  • Email Marketing
  • Live Support
  • Web Development
  • Word Processing & Data Entry


24/7 Virtual Assistant provides its services in two plans, such as Offshore Plans and US Plans. The prices of both plans are listed below.

  • Offshore Plans
    • Entrepreneur – $299
    • Professional – $499
    • Office – $699
    • Executive – $899
    • VIP – $1099
    • By the Hour – $15
  • US Plans
    • Entrepreneur – $399
    • Starter – $749
    • Professional – $1049
    • Office – $1399
    • Executive – $1999
    • VIP – $2549

2. Task Virtual

Task Virtual

Task Virtual is the best Virtual Assistant website that provides its services to top-notch. This is an Indian website and provides services starting at $7 per hour. Task Virtual is well in completing the daily tasks in a very organized way and allows you to concentrate on growing your business.


  • Wide Service Range
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Dedicated Team
  • Professional Expertise
  • Industry Experience
  • Best Talent & Resources


Task Virtual Pricing

3. VaVa Virtual Assistants

VaVa Virtual Assistant

VaVa Virtual Assistants is a US-based website that provides highly skilled professionals who can help you in growing your business to the next level. These VAs are ready to provide services all the time to decrease the burden on you. Getting a Virtual Assistant on this website is very easy, just choose the plan and priorities and that’s it. Thereafter, Virtual Assistants start working for you and you can move your focus on other things.


  • Data Entry & Processing
  • Email & Calender Management
  • Project Management
  • Travel Booking
  • HR & Customer Support
  • Personal Assistance
  • Bookkeeping

4. Virtalent


Virtalent is a UK-based VA website that delivers top professional Virtual Assistants to their clients. All the VAs present in their company have an average of 15 years of experience before including them in their team. They match you with the best suited VA, who can understand and work according to your requirements.


  • No Amateurs
  • Tailored Match
  • Proper 5* Support
  • Provides sales support to warm up potential leads


Virtalent Pricing

How Do I Become a Virtual Assistant for free with no experience?

Everyone thinks that only the experienced people fit the role of VA. But in general, everyone has to start their career in any field with no experience. The main thing is to learn the problems and situations faced at the starting stage. Making them as guidance and moving forward will help you to grow in your field.

When it comes to the Virtual Assistant role, you can start your career as a Virtual Assistant for free with no experience. Basically, VA is the job of helping the clients by accompanying them in their works virtually. A VA has to be an online supporter in solving the issues of the client involved in Administrative Tasks, Marketing, Social Media Managing, Email Marketing, and much more.

Mostly, at the time of business expansion, a company thinks of having a helper to take care of the process and tasks. As it is a very sensitive thing, companies prefer to choose a trustworthy and accountable person to handle their business. So, if you are looking for the role of VA, showcase your talents by creating profiles on freelancing websites like, Fiverr, Upwork. Or else, you can simply apply by visiting the company website who are looking for VA for their business.

How To Become Amazon Virtual Assistant

An Amazon Virtual Assistant is a person who assists and supports you in providing information regarding Amazon business virtually in the form of voice or text. There won’t be any constant structure of employment for Virtual Assistants as regular employees have. Because of uneven tasks and jobs, VAs are employed as full-time, part-time, even also as a contract-based.

Basically, Virtual Assistants are also known as Freelancers as they are paid even at an hourly rate. Hiring a VA to assist you in the tasks or skills that you are not good at will make your day productive. Likewise, Amazon VAs are hired when they have a lot of repetitive tasks and looking forward to extending their support team which doesn’t involve the full-time employees.

Amazon FBA hires VAs from the reputed Virtual Assistant companies and there are a lot of Virtual Assistant Companies to provide the VAs with the required skills. Among them, preference will be given to the certified VAs. They also find VAs in freelancing sites like Fiverr and which are known as the best freelancing sites till now.

Tasks of a Virtual Assistant in Amazon

If you are really want to become a part of Amazon FBA as VA, then you have to know the tasks of a Virtual Assistant in Amazon FBA.

  • Customer Support
  • Optimising Search results with Keyword
  • Run Campaigns in Social Media
  • Graphic Designs
  • Product Research for best deals


In the end, it’s vital to mention here that the virtual assistant business is a smart choice if you want to do your own business. But if you don’t have enough skills, then many online courses will help you polish your skills. So, start from your home with ZERO cost and expand the business after getting experience.

I hope this tutorial helped you to know about the What is cost to start a Virtual Assistant Business. If you want to say anything, let us know through the comment sections. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

What is the cost to Start a Virtual Assistant Business – FAQs

What type of business is virtual Assistant?

A Virtual assistant business provides administrative, technical, or creative assistance to companies, consultants, or small business owners.

Are Virtual Assistants in Demand?

Virtual assistants are in demand.
According to the recent data, the average salary for virtual assistants in the US is $4000. This is set to increase with the growing demand for more skilled VAs as businesses all over the world move online.

Can a 16-year-old be a Virtual Assistant?

Since being a Virtual assistant is work that can be done by anyone and it doesn’t require much training, many people are looking to become a Virtual Assistant.

Do virtual assistants pay taxes?

It’s important to pay tax. If you’re a freelancer or virtual assistant you usually have to file your own tax with the BIR.

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