What is a Smartphone? 7 Must have features in smartphone

Want to know What is a Smartphone? In this tutorial, you are going to learn about the most common device we are using in our daily life that is smartphone you will also learn about most prominent features in the smartphone

What is a Smartphone?

What is a Smartphone

A Smartphone is a mobile which comprises and performs the characteristics and functions of a computer typically with highly advanced features such as an internet, voice messages, video camera, media player, Blue tooth and the most important feature is the Touchscreen and it mainly works on the popular operating systems such as Andriod, Symbian, iOS, BlackberryOS, and Windows mobile there are many important features in a smartphone let us know about top 7 most features in a smartphone which made users get addicted to the smartphones.

                    7 Must-have features in a smartphone

 1. Screen Size :    

screen size

When it  comes to the  smartphone design Screen size plays a pivotal role many users tend to use large-screen devices in both for the personal and business purposes the ideal screen ranges from 4.0 to 5.0 inches which provide the following advantages to the user such as  easy to handle, easy  to carry, lightweight, more visibility etc.

Phablets are used to read ebooks and watch videos with a clear vision of the ideal screen size improved multitasking it helps the people to read who have poor vision.

2.Screen Resolution :

Screen Resolution is basically the number of pixels in it the individual squares that can be seen on the screen is called as pixels the more the pixels are the more quality a screen has and a clearer display by which the major advantage exists as the screen resolution will be directly proportional to the clarity the ideal smartphone has 720p display and a pixel density of 300ppi. The major differences in the display can be seen between LCD and AMOLED screens the LCD provides greater accuracy and color saturation than the AMOLED screens.

3. Camera :


The most common and useful feature in a smartphone is Camera Nowadays a cellphone without a camera is useless in the mid 90’s the camera was not up to the level of the normal camera the quality of a normal mobile camera is way less than the normal camera But after the introduction of smartphones the quality of a camera has become a way better and close o the normal phone by which we can save the cherishing moments to be engraved in the photos the latest and upcoming mobiles are having better cameras  to find a better camera mobile click a snap and checkout the quality of a photo, read the online reviews of a mobile camera, check out both front and back cameras and flashes. The videos quality may vary with the photo quality so record video through a camera and check its quality too.

4.Software Features :

software features

The most trending and very important feature which makes smartphones different from normal phones is its software features  the people becomes addicted to this software Features too easily that the life without a smartphone has become difficult the live example is SAMSUNG GALAXY which has the most developed and advanced features which made it the highest used phone in India before buying any phone on the basis of software feature basis check the following things : check whether the given software feature is available or not, check whethere the given software feature is working or not, google it and find the way to use it and determine whether it is useful to you or not and make the best benefits of it. 

5.Battery life :


Even though you have all the excellent features in a smartphone without a proper battery life your smartphone becomes mere useless so the battery life has become one of the prominent features of a smartphone the ideal battery life of a mobile phone should be minimum 250mAh battery and 180hrs of talk time which gives a smartphone a full day use.

6.Memory and processing power :

People tend to save their favorite music and videos in smartphone where the use of  Memory and processing power exists The more the memory is the more storage of the files can be done by which it becomes one of the important features of a smartphone they are two distinctive classes of devices high-end devices which consists of 2-3GB RAM and Quad Core Snapdragon 600 or 800 Processor and the other one is midrange devices which consist of 1-2 GB RAM and Dual Core Snap S4 Pro Processor

7.Accessories :


we have to check whether the smartphone comes up with the additional gadgets which would be an added advantage such as USB charger, screen protector(sometimes) and earphones the more the accessories the more the advantages of the smartphone. smartphones typically have a greater variety of cases, screen covers, stylus pens and other accessories. if you want to save money and land on good accessories. You will find all kinds of covers, cases and design customizations for smartphones

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