What is my MAC Address? 6 Ways to find MAC on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, & iOS

Want to know what is my MAC address? Do you have this question in your mind? Don’t worry, it is very easy to find MAC address on all devices. This guide works on all versions of Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, and Linux.

Before going to find the MAC address we need to know some details of the MAC address. So I am giving you some information like what is MAC address and why we need MAC address.

What is my MAC address?

MAC (Media Access Control) address is just an identification number of network adapters. A network adapter is a device through which you can connect your PC with other devices or networks. Examples of network devices are Ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

Your PC or Laptop must have these adapters. Every device has a particular number that is called a physical address. This physical address is called a MAC address. See more details from Wikipedia.

A PC, Smartphone, and anything that connects to a network will have a unique identification number known as MAC (Media Access Control) address. It is also the hardware address of the Network Interface Card (NIC) of the PC. A MAC address is assigned by manufacturers and embedded into the device’s network interface card and it’s permanently tied to the device (like Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth), which means that a MAC address cannot be changed.

When your device detects a router, it sends out its MAC address to initiate a connection. This is where the IP address comes in and your router will assign you an IP address so that you can connect to the local network. MAC addresses are permanently burned into your device while IP addresses can change depending on your location. In simple words, MAC address is used in the local network whereas the IP address is used to identify network devices all around the world.

The MAC address consists of 6 pairs of digits and characters that might or might not be separated by hyphens 05-A8-34-C3-67-B4 or 05A834C367B4. Generally, we don’t need such information but sometimes we might need a MAC address to identify a device or configure networking permissions on a router. Or there’s a chance you’ll need to know your PC’s MAC address to diagnose or resolve some computer network errors.

When do I need MAC address?

When you enable MAC filter in a router, you need to enter your device’s MAC address on that router. In most cases, you may need the MAC address of WiFi.

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There are many ways to find the MAC address on a system with a network connection. Here, we will walk you through five different ways.

Note: Make sure your device is connected to the local network before getting started.

1. How To Find MAC Address In Windows Device using Command Prompt?

You can find MAC address through Command Prompt.

  • Press “Windows + R”. Now you will see a Run dialog. You can also open the “Run” dialog from the Start menu.
  • Type “cmd.exe” and click on Ok.
What is my mac address

Now you will see command prompt.

Type getmac /v /fo list is shown in the below screenshot. There is a space between getmac,/v,/fo, and list. Hit enter. (You can also use the command ipconfig /all. This command will give you more details but those are unnecessary, when you need only mac address.)

What is my mac address

You will see your network devices names and their mac address near “Physical address”.

My laptop has three network adapters Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. So the above command showed three devices and their corresponding mac address. Usually, desktop PC does not has Wi-Fi, so it may show only two devices.

Probably, you may need the WiFi adapter’s mac address. Just see “Connection Name”. Move to Wi-Fi and note down the physical address. It is your mac address for the WiFi adapter.

2. How to Find MAC address on Windows using Properties?

Click the network icon and click ‘Properties’ under your network.

MAC address using windows

A popup appears and your MAC address can be seen with the name of ‘Physical address’.

MAC address using windows3

3. How to Find MAC address on Mac?

MAC address Mac

1. Open the Spotlight search from the menu bar.
2. Enter ‘System Preferences’ in the Spotlight search to open the System Preferences window. (OR)


 3. Click on Apple menu from the top menu bar and select ‘System Preferences’.


 4. The ‘System Preferences’ window will open.
5. Select ‘Network’ from the Internet & Wireless category and the Network window will open.


6. The Sidebar menu displays different network interfaces such as Ethernet, WI-Fi, etc.
7. Select the specific network interface such as WI-Fi and the window will appear.

Find mac address on Mac

 8. Click on the ‘Advanced’ button.
9. A newly selected interface window ‘WI-Fi’ in this case will open.
10. Select the Hardware tab from the tabs available.
11. The MAC Address: is the one displayed in the window for the selected network interface.


Note: The MAC address should be kept very confidential and cannot be shared with anyone except with the authorized Higher Management and IT personnel. Since the MAC addresses are unique and permanent, they can be hacked by some malicious individuals. They can do some illegal activities and you will be blamed for the same. So make sure to keep the MAC address confidential and protect it.

4. How To Find MAC Address In Linux Device?

Open the terminal in accessories folder in Applications.

MAC address using Linux

Open the interface configuration and type ‘ifconfig -a’ and press enter.

MAC address using Linux2

Scroll until you find your network connection labeled as eth0, eth. And your MAC address will be displayed in the first line of the output.

MAC address using Linux3

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5. How To Find MAC Address In Android Device?

Open ‘Settings’.

MAC address using Android

Click on ‘About Phone’ button.

MAC address using Android2

Scroll down until you find the Wi-Fi MAC address entry. This is your device’s MAC address.

MAC address using Android3

The Bluetooth MAC address is located directly beneath the Wi-Fi MAC address. Bluetooth must be turned ON in order to see this address.

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6. How To Find MAC Address In iOS Device?

Open ‘Settings’.

MAC address using iOS

Click on ‘About’ button.

MAC address using iOS2

It displays information about your device. Scroll down until you see Wi-Fi Address and this is the MAC address for your iDevice. (This works on all iOS devices: iPhone, iPod, and iPad).

MAC address using iOS3


These are different ways to find the MAC address of your PC or smartphone that is connected to the local network. No software or app is required to find the MAC address. Whatever the device is, the above methods help you find it very easy and fast.

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What is My MAC Address – FAQs

Can I find MAC address from serial number?

A MAC address has nothing to do with a computer’s serial number. To find your MAC address, on Windows, open Command Prompt and type: ipconfig /all. The “physical address” under your network adapter’s section is your MAC address.

Why does my ISP need my MAC address?

Cable provides want to lock down their network by MAC address or they give you an IP address based on your Cable modems MAC address. … Your ISP is probably using DHCP to assign IP addresses to customer modem. To limit the use of their services to their customers, they use the customer’s MAC to assign the IP.

How do I change my TP Link MAC address?

1. Log in to your router.
2. On the left side go to Network Section.
3. Click on the MAC clone.
4. As shown in the screenshot now you will see 2 options clone or set new.
5. Enter the new MAC address and click Save.
6. If it doesn’t work you can use the Restore Factory option to change MAC to default.

Is a MAC address permanent?

A MAC address is unique and permanent. It’s embedded in each networking adapter by the manufacturer.

Can you reset a MAC address?

MAC address is the physical address of a network device and is assigned by the manufacturer. It is unique for every device. You can’t change a device’s MAC address but you can hide a mac address.

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