What Is Two Factor Authentication?

Want to know What is two-factor authentication? Everyone needs strong security for their accounts, systems, and information. Then the best security method that comes to mind is two-factor authentication.

If you don’t know about two-factor authentication and how to implement, don’t waste your time lets go through the article. This article will give you complete details about 2-factor authentication and the methods to implement it.

What is Two Factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is a method which is used to provide additional security to the user’s systems, account and information. In this method, the user needs to go through two stages of verification. Usually, whenever the user gets into their system or mobile they need to rely on email id, password, phone number. Everyone come across one phase i.e., user id and password or pin which is used in various activities  like email, bank account, online transactions, Facebook, etc..Previously this method is highly authenticated as there is less usage of internet or online transactions, so people use their accounts, not in regular period of intervals and it will be difficult to check or log in to their accounts frequently as they need to undergo some process. You must Enable Two Factor authentication For Gmail to protect it from hackers.

Why Two Factor Authentication?

In this digital era, internet usage is high and everything is linked to online either it is related to personal or professional, work can be done sophistically without any mess from anywhere and everywhere in the world. For that, they need to enter user id and password frequently, whenever they logged into their account. The frequent usage of the password will make easier for the hacker to access their account without their consent which leads to corruption of the data.

In two-factor authentication, the user needs to add one more authentication step along with the user id and password i.e., OTP, phone call, Email, fingerprints, biometric or eye retina which is known to the user only. This will ensure user a secured account which cannot be accessed by the unauthorized user.

How To Implement Two Factor Authentication?

To implement two-factor authentication i.e., OTP, phone call, email user needs to download particular software into their mobile or system and for the bio-metric user has to get additional hardware setup for the identification process.

One Time Password:

One time password is a keyword generated by the system and it will be sent to the users mobile no. or email id which is given at the time of registration. This method will be secure and free of cost, makes users more effective.

Example: Net banking users have high usage of this method because there is more chance of hacking their account. Before the transaction, OTP will

be sent to the authorized user i.e., a 4 digit or 6 digit number and the user has to enter that OTP (within the 15 minutes else it will be invalid,) then the transaction will be done successfully.


  • Security will be high
  • The OTP cannot be encrypted until and unless it is in the system.
  • Disadvantages
  • The OTP will be available only 15 minutes.

If there is a bad network and the person is not able to log in to the account, then there are the chances of getting access into the system by using the same OTP within the time.


The phone call and SMS make users aware of the person’s login into the account. Whenever the user login to the account the system make sure that whether the user has authorized user and for assurance asks for valid identification.

Eg: In Banking sector this method is more reliable and most of the users are using and aware of this system .i.e., when the user gives cheque to the person the bank authority is checking about cheque authentication by calling the user with the given information. After the users assurance only they are issuing the cheque to the end user.

Advantages :

  • Easy process.
  • Less time-consuming.
  • Free of cost.
  • Disadvantages:
  • Every time has to carry a mobile.
  • The network may not be available in every area.
  • The message may not be reachable on time.


The physical appearance comes under biometric i.e., fingerprints, facial identification, eye retina etc. This method provides more security to the user because these cannot be forged and only user has access about these factors. For this method user has to give his/her authentication factors of finger prints, facial expression, eye retina which will be stored in the data base of the system. It will helps in proper identification of the user.

Ex : This method is mostly used in industries and companies which consists large number of people. This method ensures the person log in and log out time to the management. The person has to give their bio-metric  after entering into the work area and before leaving the work within the time schedule of the company.

Advantages :

  • Most Secured Method
  • An unauthorized user cannot be able to access their system.
  • Disadvantages
  • This method may cost high.
  • The person needs to give their bio-metrics for recognition which is not comfortable for every user.

Hope you have understood the What is two-factor authentication process and its uses. If you have any queries regarding the same do let us know in the comment section below. Please follow whatvwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more information.

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