4 Tips To Find People On Facebook By Name

You can Find People On Facebook By Name or through your friend’s list. This article will give you possible methods to find someone on Facebook.

In these days, everyone is browsing Facebook to time pass. Facebook, is an American social media and social networking service it is one of the most popular social networking sites. This social networking platform helps us to find people which we missed in school days, college days, and in workplaces. .We can access it from anywhere like bus stops, colleges, and also at workplaces with the mobile app. A lot of people using this platform for bad reasons such as chatting with unknown persons and disturbing other’s lives. As per the reports, this networking media has 2.2 billion users. This Report shows how popular this media has right!

People are using Facebook in cities as well as small villages through the mobile app. We can reconnect with our old friends with one-click on Facebook. For this, we need their name or surname to find easily. Lots of people are spending about 2 hours a day to scroll down for entertainment such as viral videos, memes, and photos of their beloved friends as well as family members on Facebook. Also, we do Facebook Group Chat On Desktop & Mobile.

Tips To Find People On Facebook By Name

If you are looking for any of the friends on the Facebook,  here we will help you to find them with step by step process. Follow these steps to find your friends.

1. How To Find People With Search Box?

Firstly, You need to open a facebook application in Google.

Then, you must enter your Email and password to open your account as we clearly shown in below screenshot.

f friend

After entering your details, it will redirect to your account.

You can find your friends with their Email id or with their surname or with their original name or with their school name.

You need to enter their name in the search box which we have shown below.


After that click on the search symbol to see the results.

Then, some results will appear on your screen related to your searched name.

You need to scroll down by clicking see all option (which we highlighted in below screenshot) to find your friend.

see all

This is the one way to find your friends.

2.Here Is The Another Option by “Suggestions”:

With this suggestion list, you can find your friend from your friend’s list.

fb friend

This will show all contacts of your friends with their friends list one by one.

You can send the friend request to your favorite friend by clicking the “Add Friend” option.


If they interested in you they will confirm your request. Find your Friends On Your Friends List?

Here is another way to find your friends on facebook i.e.., by clicking friends option that we have shown in below screenshot.

fb f

After clicking friends option, click on “Find Friends” option.


3.From Your Friends’ Friends:

This is the easy way to find the friends. Here are a few steps to follow.

First, click on your friend’s list.

fb f

Scroll your list of friends and select one.


Click on any of the friend’s list and find someone in common that you might have forgotten.

4.Filter Through Facebook Results:

If you are looking to find the people you are not aware of and you know just name then this is the easy way to find.

Just type the name or anything you are looking for.

Find People On Facebook By Name

By default, you can see people, pages, groups, events, networks, etc. on the results page.


Now, by using filter results on the left-hand side you can click what you want.


Once it has done, then only those results will appear on the page.

That’s it find it and add to your list.

Easy right! If you are trying to find people on Facebook by name, just use these simple techniques. If you have any queries regarding this, do let us know in the comment section below. If you like it, do me favour by sharing it with your friends. Please follow whatvwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more technical tips.

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