Windows 8 PC review: Pros and Cons That You Need To Know

Want to update or degrade your Operating System to Windows 8. So before installing Windows 8 you need know about its features, pros and cons. My Windows 8 PC review gives you a complete idea about the positive and negative of Windows 8. In this article, I will give you my experience while using Windows 8.

In my point of view, it is an excellent operating system. We know every item has some plus points and some minus points. In this article, I am going to discuss the merits and demerits of the Windows 8 operating system.

Positives of Windows 8 PC

  • Its look is completely different from earlier versions of Windows. We will feel the difference. It gives the thumbnails of all programs on the start screen. If you don’t want to start a screen, you can go to the normal desktop.
  • The search is very easy. It is a very effective tool in Windows 8. You can search for files, software, and settings. For example: – Assume you want to uninstall a program. In earlier versions you must go to the control panel then programs after that, you need to uninstall the particular program. In Windows eight just go to the Start screen and type uninstall the program. Don’t ask me where to type. Of course, there is no particular place to type, you just need to press keyboard keys. Windows automatically search, and you can directly enter into Uninstall a program window. Like this if you want to change any settings, just type in the start screen like in Google search, it will give you a particular program.
  • We will feel a smooth transaction from one program to another program. Visual appearance is too good in Windows 8.
  • Multi-tasking is very smooth. You can run two applications on the desktop simultaneously. I can say it is not two windows, and it is two applications. In Windows 8 everything is an application. Even the desktop is an application.
Caution: You should not buy Windows OS from any other eCommerce stores. Because, when you buy Windows from Microsoft store, then only you will get Microsoft support help.


Negatives of Windows 8 PC

  • It is slow.
  • It occupies too much RAM. Even at first start, it takes more than 1 GB RAM. To use Windows 8 efficiently, you must have 4 GB RAM. We can use it with 2 GB RAM, but when you run any applications, it will get stuck.
  • It has IE10 which is excellent in appearance but slow. When you run Internet Explorer in Windows 8, it takes more than 250 MB RAM. It is recommended to use Google Chrome or any other browsers for accessing webpages, etc.
  • You don’t find shutdown options on the desktop. Of course, you can solve this problem by creating a shutdown shortcut manually on the desktop. You can also solve this issue by updating windows 8 to windows 8.1.
  • No start icon on the desktop, it is also solved by updating to Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 is a free update provided by Microsoft.
  • Desktop widgets are not there. You need to install widget software. With desktop widgets, Windows 8 speed will be decreased further.

Is Windows 10 better than Windows 8?

Definitely Windows 10 better than Windows 8. Always latest versions include the old version features and some more new features. Below are some features of Windows 10. If you want you can read 5 Must know features in Windows 10 for complete details.

  • The start button is back which is not available in Windows 8.
  • Internet Explorer turned into Microsoft Edge.
  • Microsoft apps with desktop window functionality.
  • The notification action center will display all notifications when you want.
  • Improved Cortana search will work as your personal digital assistant.

Does Windows 8 Still work?

Even though you did not update to Windows 10, you can use Windows 8. But always older versions are targeted by hackers. So you must not use Windows 8. Just upgrade to Windows 10 for better security and performance.


If you want to experience the new visual treat, go for Windows 8. If you want high-speed, don’t go for it and stick to Windows 7. Want to buy Windows 8, I can recommend you to purchase the latest version of Windows from Microsoft store only.

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